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Frustrated with timing of the universe…

June 25, 2017


The universe has been a tad bit frustrating of  late–mostly for the impatient over achievers who bust their bunny-rabbits and then wait for the fruits of their labor to blossom and then…get the big game called for rain!

I know, I know…usually, I say ‘just chill out and let the universe do what it needs to do and get out of the way’! It’s not that anything is wrong, per say. Life is good, family is great, job is well…I’m grateful…Jupiter is finally direct and so things can start to move forward.

Yes, I am both grateful and…impatient. Which is probably why spirit sent me a church sign on the way home the other day that read: “HAVING FAITH MEANS HAVING FAITH IN GOD’S TIMING AS WELL!”

They are notorious for keeping me in line with immediate sarcasm.

As for the book? More and more are reading it and finding out the truth!

Its’ like the slow build inside a volcano. The agencies and attorneys have the information–I know, because I gave 2 formal reports and sent them the book, now re-released and filled with even MORE DIRECT EVIDENCE; including eye witness testimonies and the most recent positive identification of one of the killers. Yes, its’ all out there for the FBI, GBI, CIA  to read and for lay folks to buy and consume. No more hiding behind law and corrupt court and government officials. The Columbus Stocking Strangler case has been a complete farce! A man sits in prison while the killer sits in ______________, going to fairs and the cops know it!

Want to know where? He could be your neighbor, or the man that fixes furniture, takes his dog to Walmart, goes to the theatre! Folks are watching him even as this is written. What was your favorite little ditty again?

“Ring a round a rosie, a pocket full of posies..ashes, ashes…we all fall down!” Or, maybe we just get old, wear diapers, take heart medication and shit in our drawers every time we see a cop car drive by or recognize our profile in  this blog:

The artist!

The poet!

The lunatic!

The fool!

Get me now, boys? You have been identified! Remember, the dead tell no tales–they tell the truth!

Think Netflix’s, “Stranger Things” series is just a fairy tale or that the CIA and their secret programs are all made up?

Let’s talk about the CIA’s MK ULTRA programs, the Presidio, Michael Acquino and our killers. Lets’ talk about Chicago…Boston…Denver…San Fransisco…Texas…Columbus…and the children in Michigan and Atlanta! All of these serial killings and brutal cases are connected and many more — only not to the men sitting in prison today for them on DEATH ROW or LIFE, as Mr. David Rose of Vanity Fair would have you think!

The real killers are free in various forms…some dead, some who faked their death and the other still walking among you. Wake up Columbus!!

Do your home work America…read the book…get to the truth!



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