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Columbus Stocking Strangler continued…

August 31, 2018

The case of the Columbus Stocking Strangler, and his execution now several months spent, no longer finds itself in the headlines of the Columbus Ledger Enquirer…it no longer breaches the lips of those in the know, or those who never cared…it remains but a footnote in the annals of criminal history and social ignorance.

With many books and articles having been written either by locals or those with a superficial understanding of the totality of the case, take a moment and ask yourself what have their bombastic prognostications has brought you?

The truth?

Do you have any more clarity about the case… the evidence or the motivations by those hell bent to see Carlton dead? Not even Carlton got what he had hoped for or understood how his death was already sealed with the lips of those who knew the truth and refused to share it.

So, what do you have after all the years and all the lies about this case?

Nothing…the man is dead and yet the secrets surrounding his decades long fight to stay alive and the reasons why, still hidden from view. Was he innocent or guilty?

I propose that he was both; guilty by association and innocent of actual hands on participation. Unfortunately, guilt by association is still guilt and that’s what the officials counted on. But are they not guilty by association as well?

Let’s think…

Because that is the real question you must now ask yourself.


Because while Carlton had an association with Lee Bayard-one of the real killers of the Columbus matrons…so, did the father of the DA who had Carlton executed…and so did a local historian, several members of the high court, including other lawyers, multiple business owners, school superintendents, certain detectives and a plethora of high-dollar rollers in both Atlanta and Columbus’s social circles.

The truth is, Columbus was an incestuous hub of perverted underground depravity and but one of the hunting grounds for a series of killers who coordinated with one another and with those who needed their participation in such activities to remain free from discovery. Your DA, recently highlighted for extraordinary efforts to solve so many cases, should have read something more akin to her ability to hide and manipulate exculpatory evidence and place key players in positions where they could more easily continue the charade of justice being parsed out in search of higher ambitions and freedom from detection.

And yet the same old questions will haunt them every step of the way.

So, why didn’t they test the bite mold evidence in the Gary case? It would have been so easy. A forensics expert witness (Odontologist) in Atlanta had already committed to doing so, until he refused to lie for the Prosecution.

And why didn’t they accept and openly admit the gross difference between their crime scene shoe-mold of size 8-1/2 -9, and the actual foot of the deceased… a size 13-1/2? That’s a 4-5 shoe size of discrepancy! The proportional differences between an average man of 5′-8/9″ and a much taller man of 6′-2/3″!

And why didn’t they do a better job of dispelling the hundreds of questions surrounding the disparity of their suppositions vs the original witness statements, which clearly made no mention of Carlton Gary, but did of a local landscaper, Lee Bayard who was seen in and/or around the immediate areas of several victim crime scenes just before the crimes were committed?

So, why were these individuals allowed to enter counter-intuitive information into courts about other cases as precedent and patterned behavior, but then refuse to follow that patterned behavior to the other cases who mirrored the exact patterns and deviated patterns of the Columbus kills? And when Carlton’s involvement in those cases was successfully discredited by other courts and ensuing evidence… why did Columbus practitioners of the law disregard their conclusions and keep them secret?

Why? Because it would show that the Columbus kills were but a series of stepping stones both from other cases—to other cases by more than one killer. Cases their ‘caged killer’ in Carlton, could not have committed while incarcerated.

And what about the DNA? The magical DNA that supposedly appeared on evidence in Columbus and in Atlanta in a completely unrelated case…and then disappeared when testing was available for a potential match to the killer or his dismissal?

Now here’s the thing. You think this case stands alone? It does not. Columbus officials and some other individuals’ want you to think that because then, they can claim they have served you well and given all the information available on this case… that you, the citizens of the city, are now safe.

But are you?

Ignorance is not bliss…it’s simply ignorance.

How many other cases from that time frame in and around Columbus are all connected to one another by a mysterious thread of mutual exploitation that aligns these killers and a handful of your compromised officials to one another?

So, what do you really know about the infamous 1970’s murders of Wynnton? The facts, as presented through the limited and bias lens of your local rag? The unwitting bravado of back-hall whisperers, who have always suspected there was so much more to the web of deceit and death that bound some members of your courts and local law together and share in the innocent blood shed of those who died?

What if I told you that there are things about Carlton Gary that even I could not have explained before his death, but now understand in the wake of his demise? That there is more information — new information and evidence that explains his connections to the killers and to others, who were involved with more cases in Georgia and beyond?

Do not be lulled into a false sense of closure by those who want to close the pages of their books on this case and claim that they have gathered all the facts, that can be gathered. Myopia and chaotic dystopian mindsets serve no one well, without facts and evidentiary segues to clarify. That’s why blinders are called blinders. They keep those who wish to be blind of the truth safe and ignorant of the extended fingerlings of corruption that surround them. Those who wish you to see this as a one-hit wonder are the very people who display either their ignorance of this murderous mosaic…or they are purposely trying to close the book to further investigations.

LORDS of the HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR, is a hefty read that takes you from the cultic influences of your killers–openly displayed in your Historic District… to other cities, symbols and serial killings committed beyond your manicured lawns. It is an intellectual challenge, but when you see how the evidence discovered is cross-referenced with other corroborated anomalies, witness statements and vetted evidence…you will be glad you didn’t put it down.

This book is not a dear diary edition of a 1970’s summer’s distraction…or a bathroom novel whose superficial information flushes from your mind, as easily as your last night’s dinner. It is a serious compilation of critical physical evidence secured by the author through multiple sources and forensic methods, meant to serve both reader and law enforcement alike in understanding the complexity of this highly motivated and sophisticated cabal of killers and the cases they can be connected to.

Find out how intimate details of crime scene reports, and ME notations are corroborated by an unlikely individual found half a country away; who as part of this murderous partnership, subliminally disguised his intimate knowledge of these and other murders –including actual physical evidence of each crime scene, blatantly displayed within his art. Understand their connections and that your local law and the FBI not only know of this cabal of people but has corroborated the fraudulent declaration of death by one of the two remaining living members.

And so why do these men still walk the streets without fear of arrest and condemnation? In reading this epic dossier, you will learn just how high the allegiances go… beyond local, state and national organizations, you will see the tethers that bind them to one another and a perverted secrecy which has been defended by death.

It is said real research requires real staying power and with recent communications secured through other potential victims, we have been encouraged and professionally supported by the voracity of the evidence documented within this tome.

Review the obvious, consider your own questions first… and then reach for the book that addresses them all.

Find out what is meant by an American Poet Lauriat’s line, ” …her Kings, fools, poets and lunatics…” and how even as his intellectual lemmings surmised a more legitimate segue, he was calling out the monikers of these killers; a cabal that even he ostensibly claimed to be part of in one of his final works.


*Available now at and on Kindle

The novel that contains information that recent Netflix, History Channel and Discovery Channel documentaries unwittingly support and validates.

Netflix: Dr. Frank Olson’s, Wormwood

History Channel: Hunt for the Zodiac

Discovery Channel: American Ripper; H.H. Holmes


(*The next novel in the TRUE CRIME series, THE DEAD LINE: TRUE CONFESSIONS OF A DIXIE MAFIA ASSASSIN, is under outline and carries the story of the Columbus kills into new chapters of research, with a new perspective that has been demanded by newfound evidence recently discovered.)

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