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What happened there Charley?

July 30, 2011


Ok… so some days you hit pay dirt and some days you just hit dirt. On those days in my
case, it generally rains and I just end up muddy! Thus, my efforts on the literary end of things have produced much the same. I know you are scratching your head and saying to yourself… ‘Now what is she talking about?’ and that’s ok. Just know that today I got muddy- without pay and we shall move on. Or, maybe I am premature in my assessments and Charley has something else up his sleeve I have yet to divine! I look at his face for clues.

So my gray eyed wonder… what have you got brewing in your little brain now? I can feel it in the air, swirling about your 8×10 head on my desk. Your Mona Lisa smile is making mischief in the cosmos- I can feel it and it makes me unnerved.

Charley is up to something and I am curious to see what he has in store for me. Why? Because a cardinal passed in font of me this morning and I have not seen one in weeks. A small feather fell before me the afternoon before and another black cat (who did not cross- but sat anxious) crouched at the bend in the road as I drove by on my way home from work last night. Waiting… waiting…warning. Maybe it was the black cat from Julie’s Halloween story. Anyway…as Mercury is about to go retrograde on me again, I feel as though I spin wheels and produce no yarn to warrant such effort. Each day, I write, I read and each day I wait for
confirmations. Exhausted both emotionally and psychically the other night, I opted just to write a short blog and not to work on the book. The very next morning on my way to work, I passed a church whose sign read:

“What are
you waiting for? They need you now!”

Now, while hundreds of people I am certain passed that very same sign that morning… I am equally as certain that it did not scream at them in the same way it had at me! Let me translate for you dear reader…“Get back to work T. A.! Charley,
Jessica, Roxanne and the Mot need you now!” So at the risk of alienating family and losing sleep, I returned to my template that night and tried to move forward.  As you know, I have been diligent in my daily exercise of literary muscles and kept pace to the best of my human ability… but to what end?

Why can’t
the sign scream at me, “Hey you-Good job! Keep going. I got your back and you are ten seconds from liberations meant to ease your stress and further your dreams!”

Now that’s a freaking sign I can get into!

Instead, like rotting carrots dangling in the wind before the waning rabbit- Charley baits me with cryptic quotes and
prognostications that I know he understands, but I in my primitive intellect cannot always translate with absolute understanding and conviction. So let me think aloud and let’s see what comes through.


“…the 19th
by the river…”

I read the line over and over. I look into those eyes and I can feel him telling me, “Come on kiddo. You know what this means. Think… think! The 19th– get it?” and so I try.

“Is this
back in 1966?” I ask.

He smiles,
but doesn’t say a ____________ thing. I hate that about him sometimes!

I repeat it
over and over– out loud this time.

“The 19th by the river… the 19th by the river… the 19th…”

“OK. Let’s assume it was the 19th of… what? September maybe? September 19th,
1966?” I ask. He ignores me and allows me to process.

Something happened on the 19th by the river. There is only one river in this equation. The river that separates Brooks County from Lowndes County. The river where Charley’s body was found…the Withlacoochee River which acted as border between their equal corruption. What happened there that night, Charley? Who was there with you? Tell me Charley! Who was there?

My muse bids me to think about such an ethereal calendar and then I remember Hazel. God love
that lady!

Curious now, I scramble to get  her journal and then jump between Hazel’s journal and this
blog. She mentions a day later in September where several women whose husband’s worked with Charley had come to her house to visit and stayed for coffee. She wondered after the fact if they had originally come to tell her about Charley
and G, but chickened out.  There is also the mention of Charley telling Hazel he had coffee with several folks that
day… G being one of them!

So again I ask the 8×10 again to talk to me.  “The 19th by the river…huh?” Hmmmm. Next in Hazel’s journal she writes about Charley’s Birthday being on September 21st and what she had given him for his Birthday- but in that same vein of information she writes about the lighter that appeared with him days before! The lighter that the Federal officer’s claimed G gave to him. Is this where and when you met her for the lighter Charley???? Or did someone else give you another lighter, because on October 6th you bought another lighter from the Morris Pawn shop for $3.00? And that lighter was in a bag that the Regional Supervisor of ATTD
(ATF at the time) was frantic to get back from Hazel. Infact he demanded she return it to him! Odd, huh? Why would a man who works in Moultrie worry about a lighter bought from a pawn shop in Valdosta?? Had he been there recently… or maybe somebody else had been to Valdosta who lost a lighter that was exactly the same as the one Charley bought… for evidence???

Hmmmm……This lighter just keeps coming back into vogue!

I remember the river and the areas just beside and below the bridge. I went there searching for something that might render a clue or an impression. Julie and I actually drove down to the river’s edge and got out and walked. There is a trail that you can drive your car down on. Rutted with the tracks of too many redneck Cadillac’s, it boasts little more than pockets of muddied gravel and obstacles of larger stones…lying hidden beneath the tree line and bridge… it is mostly out of view.

What happened there Charley?

 Tell me… I cannot process without more information.

The day has now turned as gray as your yes, my coffee is hot and the music inside my headset mellow and inviting and though I would rather curl up like a small kitten on my couch and purr beneath a comfortable blanket… you bait with those eyes and I
am recommitted to you once again. Dear friend, occasionally I must remind you that I on the other side of your veil frustrate at broken words and faded photographs. I do not understand it all and try as I might to keep both faith and head above such troubled waters- I reach for a lifeline I can hold onto and feel solid about.

Talk to me
Charley… talk to me!

So I now apologize to you…

July 28, 2011

July28, 2011

Last night I spent several hours at my desk writing. Needing a moment to stretch, I took the dogs out for a short walk. The air was ripe and balmy and huge clouds had billowed high above their lower banks so that only the tips of 3 or 4 were embroidered in tinges of brilliant gold and burnt sienna. It was almost biblical in its expression and to compliment… the fire flies had begun their nightly dance. As I stood there and watched for the 4-legged one’s to do their business… a firefly flew right in front of my face and lit. It startled me so, and my immediate and natural reaction was to bat it away.

No sooner had I made contact than I tried to retreat. Nonetheless, my knee-jerk reactions had set the little creature off course just the same. With remorse, I apologized. A little more than a week ago, Charley appeared to me for the first time. Having never had that brand of psychic encounter, I did much the same. Statrled, I screamed and batted at the ethereal figure before me. Later when I consulted R, I understood it to be Charley in the exact form I had been speaking to for over two years now- the silhouette of the G-man in my 8×10 on my writing desk.

So I now apologize to you, dear friend. I was frightened- that’s all. Like the sudden appearences of fireflies, I must learn that the path and the timing is of your choosing…not mine. Come back. I shall wait again for the chance to view such wondrous transformation with as much joy as when I see the fireflies of my youth.

Have a good day Charley!

The curtain will fall…

July 27, 2011


Message from Charley:

The 19th by the river…

Jessica’s father was tied to__________________. State Farm guy.

The curtain will fall…

The answer is coming…

The person who did the make-up…

_____________’s name in the news paper…


Do you know whose name that would be?

I do!

A little over a year ago…

July 27, 2011

July 26,

A little
over a year ago, my husband almost died, my daughter got married and I heard
about Roxanne for the first time. A year ago I promised I would bring her
murderers to justice…

A little
over a year ago, my husband almost died, my daughter got married and I heard
about Jessica for the first time. A year ago I promised I would bring her
murderers to justice…

A little
over a year ago, my husband almost died, my daughter got married and I heard
about the MOT for the first time. A year ago I promised I would bring his murderers
to justice…

A little
over a year ago, my husband almost died, my daughter got married and I figured
out who the shooter was. A year ago I promised Charley I would bring his
murderer to justice…

My husband
is alive…

My daughter
is married…

Roxanne is

Jessica is

The MOT is

Charley is

Grim is
nervous… and so are most of the people involved who are still alive.

A year ago I
made a promise.

Justice will
be served… and soon!

It takes a village…

July 23, 2011

July 23,

It takes a

This case
has gone from a small-town mystery to a suspected statewide conspiracy
involving people from as far south as Valdosta,
to the northern outskirts of Atlanta.
It is even plausible that it involved participants just across the
Georgia/Florida border. It may have only taken one man to shoot Charley… but
it took him and several others to stage the crime scene. Add that to the 4 in
flannel who did their best to snuff out the lives of two young women and beat another
man so brutally that he died of a heart attack…. toss in a handful of several
local law and perhaps federal law enforcement officers and sprinkle with a few
state court officials who averted their eyes and kept their yaps shut… and
you have a small- but exceptionally corrupt village!

While I have
never been a fan of Hilary Clinton… she may have gotten this one right! It
appears it really does take a village after all! Who knew?

but that’s just the beginning!

It may have only
taken a village to commit these murders, but it has taken an entire statewide
conspiracy and 46 years to cover them up! Say what you will- you gotta admire
professionals and after all, they did do a might spiffy job of this for quite
sometime now.

Isn’t it a
shame they’re all about to find out- it didn’t work? Course… that’s just the
ones still alive; the dead ones already got away with murder- though I’m
betting they didn’t once they got to the other side. Karma’s a real bitch! Back
to the live ones- think how old you all are now.  Hmmmm… Spend your golden years in prison!
Sounds like a really bad travel ad or even better, a really good title for
another book, huh? Even still- sucks for them. You build a family- a career- a
legacy… all based on lies. What will your wives and ex-wives think? What will
your children and your grandchildren think of what you did to another human
being? Most of your cronies are dead- they knew but they held their tongues
till the graves. You’ve got no one left to feign your innocence to- but the
innocent themselves. How will you explain yourselves to them?

I killed
this man because he knew things about me I couldn’t bear the world to know? Say it with me, Grim.


Well… my dear lads- the world will know now and very soon. Charley’s calendar
is running short of pages to turn.

A riddle for

What does
the date July 21st, the Grim Reaper and Albert Einstein all have in

You wouldn’t
believe me if I told you… but I will… soon!


She whispered in his ear…

July 20, 2011

She whispered in his ear…

‘Tell the truth. Your father is dying… tell the truth…do it.”

July 21st, 2011


Yesterday a large black feather …

July 17, 2011

Exhausted from writing… I went to bed very late last night, only to be woken an hour later by a dark ethereal figure hovering at my bedside.
Later, my mother appeared to me in a dream and looked frightened.

Yesterday a large black feather felll before me and a black cat crossed the road on my path home. If I were a betting man (LOL) I would wear a cross, say my prayers and not go outside tomorrow morning…
But you know me!
I’ll let you know how tonight goes and then make my decision after that!!!
Until later then…

We are but a breath apart in death…

July 16, 2011


It is just seconds shy of midnight and while I have been writing now for hours… I am compelled to stop before slumber and write to you all to tell you how blessed I am. This week I have been privileged again to accompany another great soul into the hereafter and while I was not close to this woman… I know what waits beyond for her and wish her well in her travels.
As for those who have already passed, I am here for you. Charley has spoken some this week. He tells me that the 17th will bring a shift to this investigation and I am eager to see where it will lead. I have also heard from another source that has recently crossed, and for whatever Karma she now serves… we will all benefit as she is helping me with Charley’s murder. She knew of Jessica and Roxanne and while she was not gracious in her appraisals of them on this plane- I am certain now she sees they were but young women lost to the way. She tells me Roxanne was murdered on the 7th of October at the base of the tree where everyone carved their names- the one so near to the clubhouse that you can see it from there. She shows me that and that the number 77 is also significant. What badge did that number grace? And on whose chest was it worn? And she wanted the men to know about Albert too. I need only ask…
You cannot hide from me. M will tell me what I need to know. She tells me about the coffee can- the coffee grounds in the F/U message that was sent to Hazel- (Charley’s widow) in the kitchen of Charley’s home. She talks about the loose canon with the penchant for Russia Roulette- the fourth in flannel!

And while M is doing her best to help from afar, my mother sends wishes that we let our worries and concerns about the events on Valentines Day go- the Valentine’s Day in the year of my father’s death. This she gives as message for my sister. For me, she laughs and tells me to fix the blind in my laundry room that has been driving me nuts.

I have so much to be thankful for. I have my family and my faith… and while those of you who worry that I have some how crossed the line… fear not. I am more grounded now than ever before in life. I know that love does not end at what we perceive as the end of life. We are but a breath apart in death.

Thank you Charley…
Thank you Rachael…
Thank you both for teaching me that I have so much more to do with my life than what I have already done.

I was writing about you today, Grim. You always said you wanted to be in a book. Well baby- you got in it alright! It’s not really the part you’d thought you’d play… but then you never really knew… what it was…I knew!

What do the B-52’s, high ranking state officials, 1966 and Valdosta all have in common?

July 9, 2011


What do the B-52’s, high ranking state officials, 1966 and Valdosta all have in common?

Don’t you just love the oldies? I know several folks in Valdosta who really dug them… and some who buried them! Care to dance, Grim?
Now let me see… where did I leave my dancing shoes?
Oh yes, down by the tree where everyone carved their names. You know- not far from the clubhouse. I can even see it from here.
No… silly me. That’s not where I left my shoes! That’s where I was beaten and strangled.
Maybe I left them in the lake?
Hmmmmm…. no. That’s where I was before they moved me.
Gosh… guess I’ll just have to wait for them to turn up!
But don’t bother to go looking for them, Grim. I already know where they are.
Hmmmm… kinda makes you think doesn’t it?
If I know… guess how many other people know now too???
C’mon Grim… sing it with me!
The love shack is a little old place where___________ and ______________ can get together!!! Love shack baby!

Title: The B-52’s – Love Shack lyrics

If you see a faded sign by the side of the road that says
15 miles to the… Love Shack! Love Shack yeah
I’m headin’ down the Atlanta highway,
lookin’ for the love getaway
Heading for the love getaway, love getaway,
I got me a car, it’s as big as a whale
and we’re headin’ on down
To the Love Shack
I got me a Chrysler, it seats about 20
So hurry up and bring your jukebox money

The Love Shack is a little old place
where we can get together
Love Shack baby, Love Shack bay-bee.
Love baby, that’s where it’s at,
Ooo love baby, that’s where it’s at

Sign says.. Woo… stay away fools,
’cause love rules at the Lo-o-ove Shack!
Well it’s set way back in the middle of a field,
Just a funky old shack and I gotta get back

Glitter on the mattress
Glitter on the highway
Glitter on the front porch
Glitter on the hallway

The Love Shack is a little old place
where we can get together
Love Shack bay-bee! Love Shack baby!
Love Shack, that’s where it’s at!
Huggin’ and a kissin’, dancin’ and a lovin’,
wearin’ next to nothing
Cause it’s hot as an oven
The whole shack shimmies!
The whole shack shimmies when everybody’s
Movin’ around and around and around and around!
Everybody’s movin’, everybody’s groovin’ baby!
Folks linin’ up outside just to get down
Everybody’s movin’, everybody’s groovin’ baby
Funky little shack! Funk-y little shack!

Hop in my Chrysler,
it’s as big as a whale
and it’s about to set sail!
I got me a car, it seats about twenty
So c’mon and bring your jukebox money.

The Love Shack is a little old place
where we can get together
Love Shack baby! Love Shack bay-bee!
(Love Shack…Love Shack…)
Love Shack, that’s where it’s at!

Bang bang bang on the door baby!
Knock a little louder baby!
Bang bang bang on the door baby!
I can’t hear you
Bang bang on the door baby
Bang bang on the door
Bang bang on the door baby
Bang bang
You’re what?… Tin roof, rusted!

Love Shack, baby Love Shack!
Love Shack, baby Love Shack!
Love baby, that’s where it’s at
Love Shack, baby Love Shack!
Love baby, that’s where it’s at
Huggin’ and a kissin’,
dancin’ and a lovin’ at the love shack

Roxanne just loves that song- Jessica too!



Guess who’s talking now?

July 8, 2011

I just love feathers! One has fallen in front of me everyday for the last three days and another fell in front of me this evening on the boat… but it was what information was received before the sunset swim that made my day.
Welcome back Miss M… I have missed you!!!!!!

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