So I now apologize to you…

July28, 2011

Last night I spent several hours at my desk writing. Needing a moment to stretch, I took the dogs out for a short walk. The air was ripe and balmy and huge clouds had billowed high above their lower banks so that only the tips of 3 or 4 were embroidered in tinges of brilliant gold and burnt sienna. It was almost biblical in its expression and to compliment… the fire flies had begun their nightly dance. As I stood there and watched for the 4-legged one’s to do their business… a firefly flew right in front of my face and lit. It startled me so, and my immediate and natural reaction was to bat it away.

No sooner had I made contact than I tried to retreat. Nonetheless, my knee-jerk reactions had set the little creature off course just the same. With remorse, I apologized. A little more than a week ago, Charley appeared to me for the first time. Having never had that brand of psychic encounter, I did much the same. Statrled, I screamed and batted at the ethereal figure before me. Later when I consulted R, I understood it to be Charley in the exact form I had been speaking to for over two years now- the silhouette of the G-man in my 8×10 on my writing desk.

So I now apologize to you, dear friend. I was frightened- that’s all. Like the sudden appearences of fireflies, I must learn that the path and the timing is of your choosing…not mine. Come back. I shall wait again for the chance to view such wondrous transformation with as much joy as when I see the fireflies of my youth.

Have a good day Charley!

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