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Want to know what I got for my birthday?

May 20, 2017


Want to know what I  got for my birthday?

I couldn’t tell you before because up until now, it had to remain a secret. But now, since certain papers were signed and permissions were given …and since we know how our Columbus and beyond killers love to plant clues and play with puzzles and ciphers…here’s a few for them to wrap their little heads around!


When is a rose not a rose?


When it’s a grave marker?

Now, let’s try another!

When is a car not just a car?


When it’s used to abduct potential victims.

Now, let’s try an even better one!!

When is a photo not just a photo?


When it becomes a form of positive identification!! Happy New Year! (That’s a clue!)

Don’t you just love playing this game?

They have…since 1945, for one of them and up and through 2017 for another. Now here’s a bonus question. It won’t get you any points because technically–you’ve already lost. But here goes anyway.

Do you know what the world loves about sociopaths?


They are never as smart as their ego’s tell them they are! So, shall I send you a copy of the book and you can find out what else we know?*

It’s no problem, really.

We have your address!


Available on today, with updated information and evidence!

(*All case file information and evidence have been turned over to the appropriate authorities in advance of the publication of this book.)

I gotcha…a day in infamy!

May 1, 2017


The other day a feather!

Yesterday an angel song!

Today I turn 59…

I know!

How the hell did I get here so quickly and where will life take me from here?

Well, let’s see…

Before I look forward, let me take just a second to look back and thank both the universe and those I love and who love me, for all the support and joy they have brought to my world. Gratitude, my dear readers, is only half of everything…forgiveness is the other half! That being said, let me also thank all those people who treated me with less respect than deserved or were unkind in either word or thought against me…those of you who used or casually wrote me in or out of your life, according to what I could or could not provide for you…why? Because each of you contributed to the person I have become and for that, there can be no regrets. At 59, I am fearless and motivated…hungry for life and happy for its blessings…blessed with gifts I may not have tapped into if all of life had gone perfectly smooth or wonderfully uneventful.

No longer the naive young child or the chatty coquette, I am still number 7…still the dream trader…the seeker of the unknown and the matronly warrior who now follows both her gut and her dreams without doubt or delay. Could I have said this twenty years ago? Not really. I was who I was, but things were in the process of being revealed to me and while I prayed for greater insight and earth shattering changes…I never expected the lessons to come through the form of death.

The death of my parents brought me to places I could have never imagined and placed me on a divine path that has served my psyche well and now, serves others even better through my writing. Their death also brought me to other people’s deaths…victims.

Working on cold case murders and diving headlong into another’s  pain, helped me to more effectively cope with my own and I am grateful to both dead and alive for allowing this process to bring me adventures beyond my wildest imagination.

Want to know more about what this process has brought me?

Go to and look up my novels…

The Danburg Diary

The Thin Gray Line: A true Crime Investigative Memoir

Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir

Aging is awesome; it provides you with a sense of divine timing and gives you the gift of intuition and a lessened level of tolerance for wasting one’s time…no more Mrs. Milktoast! The game is on and so it’s no longer useful to be patient, while others twiddle their thumbs and either hide or protect their secrets! So, Columbus, Georgia… Boston, Chicago, Oakland-California, Texas, Colorado, Florida, and many, many more places…you had better hang onto your hats because this latest novel is about to rock your world!

As for the killers? Time for you to know the circle is closing in on you. Those who could protect you are no longer effective or alive. Those who claimed they were dead, are being watched and so while you make light of your perceived feigned vulnerability and chortle about your sly deceptions …I laugh at your naivete.

Have you read the book yet? No?

Let’s talk about the following! How do these words hit you?

Columbia…red…green…ligatures…maps…Boston….Atlanta…stranglings…Zodiac…red shorts…green shirts…Coyote Road…San Fransisco…Oakland…Vancouver… poets…fools…landscapers… California…triangles…The Mikado…Texas…Maine…Michigan…Memphis…boys… girls… bicycles…wires…ropes…pink roses…butcher knives… blue plates and white dogs!

The game is over boys! How about we just cut to the chase?

Want to know who the Columbus Stocking Strangling killers really are, Columbus, Georgia?



Aint it awesome being 59 and talking to the dead!?

Watch your doorsteps, boys…maybe I’ll just send you an autographed complimentary copy of the book and you’ll realize before you’ve even finished the first page…I gotcha!

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