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Stay tuned… more to come!

October 23, 2013


Things are definitely up in the cosmos of late. This past weekend I was driving through the country and enjoying the brilliant day and warm colors on a small trip with my husband when a truck went past us. Not a small truck mind you- but a very large truck that never slowed-it just barreled past us. As usual, I had been noticing a flurry of patterns of numbers and letters on all the cars, signs, etc…before this truck and so- I did as I always do and took note.

The front license plate of the truck that passed did not contain any numbers, which I thought was odd. But what it did contain was a name. I will not print the name for obvious reasons, but noted that it was in all CAPITAL letters. That’s probably why it caught my eye. The name was significant to many of the key players in the book and so I smiled. My husband had no idea why, so I explained…

” You know how this works by now, so don’t laugh. They showed me that name because they are trying to tell me something about one of two people- or perhaps both of them, because the name was _______________.”

He laughed.

I gave him a look. Surely by now he understands that this is how it works for me and that there is no reason to continue to fight or second guess things, so I laughed right back and told him to just wait. I promised that I was meant to see that name for some reason and so decided just t remain open. Less than twenty-four hours later, I received a message that contained information about, ______________________.

Yep! Sure enough- the exact name plastered across the face of that truck’s front license plate!

When I saw the information- I called my husband and told him so. He laughed again- but deep down I know that even if he doesn’t get all  this stuff- he totally knows it happens and does so with great regularity.

So, that’s how it works and it works well as I learned some valuable things! Of course I cannot share the message with you- but none the less; it did my heart good to know that the cosmos continues to find reason to provide me with information, continues to provide validity for my efforts and those of others as well…for that, I am grateful.

Stay tuned… more to come!

So, let me ask you…

October 15, 2013


I continue to be amazed at the influx of information the book is bringing forth from all coners of Valdosta…I hear now that it was almost a waste of time to give the book a title, as it appears it is whispered about here and there…in corners of parking lots…ailses of grocery stores…counters at bars…tables at restaurants…

Have you read, ‘The book?’

So, let me ask you…

Have you read…”The Book?”

Read the book and let me know what information you mayhave. Together we will fight for justice.

The book- Thin Gray Line by T.A. Powell. Now available at



October 9, 2013


Today, 47 years ago just outside of Valdosta, several men and one woman took the life of a father, husband and friend– all to hide their illegal activities and the disappearance of a young pregnant woman. This is your chance to stand up for that man and for the 3 others victims who lost their lives in a conspiracy that has lasted over 4 decades.

Valdosta… I ask you now to look at your spouse and your children; think about how different your life might have been, had they been ripped from your hands or you ripped from theirs.

Now, pick up the phone- call your local paper and your local law and demand that they read the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE; A TRUE CRIME MEMOIR and then get on top of this case before these people are allowed to spend another moment of their life free- wandering your streets, sitting in your restaurants and laughing behind your backs.

I have given you tools and information enough- it is now your time to pick up the pieces and take up the stand to join this fight!

Share the book with everyone you know and tonight at 9:35, bow your heads, say a prayer for forgiveness and promise Charley that you will not give up, as I have not given up.

I have not forgotten Charley…I am still working on your behalf.


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