Today, 47 years ago just outside of Valdosta, several men and one woman took the life of a father, husband and friend– all to hide their illegal activities and the disappearance of a young pregnant woman. This is your chance to stand up for that man and for the 3 others victims who lost their lives in a conspiracy that has lasted over 4 decades.

Valdosta… I ask you now to look at your spouse and your children; think about how different your life might have been, had they been ripped from your hands or you ripped from theirs.

Now, pick up the phone- call your local paper and your local law and demand that they read the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE; A TRUE CRIME MEMOIR and then get on top of this case before these people are allowed to spend another moment of their life free- wandering your streets, sitting in your restaurants and laughing behind your backs.

I have given you tools and information enough- it is now your time to pick up the pieces and take up the stand to join this fight!

Share the book with everyone you know and tonight at 9:35, bow your heads, say a prayer for forgiveness and promise Charley that you will not give up, as I have not given up.

I have not forgotten Charley…I am still working on your behalf.


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