This morning I took the dogs out early, steam rose in tiny tendrils from the lake and I thoroughly enjoyed the chill in the air, but it did not compare to the chill in my blood when I came back inside, sat down at my desk,  opened an envelope and began to read…

The INQUEST VERDICT for Charles G. Covington, November 2nd, 1966 and filed in the office of _______________, December 8, 1966:

“They said Charles G. Covington was,  on a date unknown, issued a certain .38 Special Colt Commando pistol, serial number__________; and that said pistol was issued to Charles G. Covington by an agency of the Federal government for his official use…”

Really? Because the Feds never knew about this and the widow never saw this gun before her husband was shot with it. Also, why is the date of issue”unknown?” If the Feds had issued it- wouldn’t they have known where and when?

Later it goes on to read…

“That the hereinabove-referred to pistol was found under the body of the said Charles G. Covington; that two shots had been fired from said pistol…” and later still it continues with, “…We further find that, from all the evidence presented, from the results of the ballistics test and medical evidence presented, from the location of the said Charles G. Covington’s body, from the evidence pertaining to the absence of any struggle, from the lack of any other evidence indicating foul play…”

Ok, so let’s stop right here. How is it that almost 47 years after this man’s death we seem to have all the evidence that proves this to be a farce and yet it was not presented to anyone back then?

Let’s take a good look at those, “Ballistics” tests? They suggest that the test confirm two bullets from the same gun; but that’s only if they never saw page2!  Hmmmm… so does this prove that the original page 2 from the GBI Crime Lab Report that holds the key about the different signatures on the bullets which definitively PROVES BEYOND THE SHADOW OF A DOUBT that 2 guns were used to kill Charley…were missing at the time of the INQUEST?How could this be? Such stellar investigative work had them close the case in little more than three weeks! Surely they would have known about the two guns then, right? How did this little nugget of information escape the purview of lawyers and judges, huh? How did the FEDERAL files not ever contain this page? Or the state’s files? Want me to tell the folks how, Grim? Want me to share how all of this was manipulated, from the body at the crime scene to the paper work in the halls of the capitol?

How is this that only one person had this on file? Page 2 clearly showed the truth about the bullet fragments and the fallacy of the statements recorded…so why did nobody ever bother… even years after the death of Charley… ever bring this forward? There are NO STATUTE of LIMITATIONS on murder in this state! How could they have so epically failed in their duty to pursue further evidence and truth? How did this page never make it out of a file for 44 years? Or to the state… or to the Feds?

Shall we talk about your connections on high? Shall we ask why this document never made it into any files- save for one that you have been sweating blood over for 3 years now?

Shall we ask who removed it then… in 1966 when it would have helped to point fingers at the real killers in this case?

Also, let’s look at the “lack of struggle” issue. Seriously? Because I had a high ranking state court official tell me , “off the record” of course, Charley was shot in  self defense- that there was a struggle between him and several officers and that’s how the gun went off.  So how  do you walk something like that back?  The top and bottom shells were spent in this pistol and any idiot knows that you cannot shoot yourself twice in the head without a credible void pattern somewhere and then fall directly forward onto the weapon-still holding it, legs and shoes perfectly straight-aligned with the edge of the road and with hat and a flashlight at your side. The inconsistencies are mind-boggling and I cannot imagine the mental gymnastics performed to make this _____________ fly.

But the best indictment on this page comes at the very end:

“…and from the opinions of the investigating officers, we find that the said Charles G. Covington died from self-inflicted gunshot wounds…”

From the opinions of the investigating officers…how convenient! Which officers might those be?

So which one of the investigating officers couldn’t read a ballistics report properly? Which one of the investigating officer’s thinks it takes a flashlight to find your own face in order to take it out? Which one of the investigating officer’s thinks that if you refuse to take statements the night of the crime and then ask minors to sign paperwork 10 days later that it is OK to not let them write their own statements- but better to not quibble over details like what they REALLY saw and sign ones already typed for them? Which investigating officers forgot to make the statements match the photos? Or the weather… or the evidence even?

And which idiot thought that just because they said so…SUICIDE was the OBVIOUS answer to all the questions the widow asked? Or even to the questions I ask now and in the book?

Ding- ding-ding…Survey says?  All of the investigating officers on this case! But not just them- how about all the others behind the scenes who did their best to try and clean things up as they discovered their mistakes and failed miserably to plug all the holes in their Swiss cheese explanations. People in high and low places… officers and agencies with offices that manipulated and maneuvered paperwork and files. So many trails left behind to follow kids…so many mistakes made along the way.

Justice has an obligation to follow through on this- so did and does the law, but you must demand it of them, Valdosta.

Demand that the law finish their job. It is not this generation of law officers that committed the crimes, but it is this generation that has an obligation to this town, to this family and to this man’s legacy to finish this for him… to change his DEATH CERTIFICATE from suicide to homicide and to bring this case to fruition. The book was written so that others might take up this cause and move it forward, as there are other cases waiting for me in the ques and I have need to be about bringing whatever peace and closure can be met to others.

Charles G. Covington did not commit suicide. This we know- this the evidence will help prove.

He was great man, but not great enough to be able to die twice. Nobody shoots themselves twice in the head; once through the underside of the chin and the other through the right temporal lobe  and then takes another minute or two to line themselves up with the car lights, roll up their sleeves- different levels for each “photo” mind you, and then scuffs the backs of their shoes only to then take another minute or two to make certain that all his hand remains on the gun under his belly- his arms bent at just the right angles… or rather several different angles in several different pictures…and that legs line up straight to the road-perfectly perpendicular!

OR… the best and my favorite reveal of these photos; that the victim falls so perfectly- EXCEPT for the fact that the pools of blood- supposedly his- never actually touch or even come close to being from the actual source. That is quite a trick, especially in the pouring rain, don’t you think kids? Especially considering that his body could be the ONLY source of his blood!

Now, I know you were under a lot of pressure that night, Grim. You and the others. So many things to do… so many lies to concoct, cars to move, evidence to destroy and things to hide. Like maybe other people…maybe other bodies? The other gun? Other witnesses? But seriously, kids…what was this? Amateur night at the OK Corral?

So now I ask you…which one of the investigating officers would like to take credit for all that stellar investigative work that led the INQUEST to believe Charley killed himself? Or rather, how many investigative officials did it take to try and mask enough evidence to make it seem as if Charley might have killed himself?

Grim, how stupid do you think the folks of Valdosta are?

So let’s ask some tougher questions this morning, because I grow weary of your insolent silence on the matter, Grim. How many years can  former law enforcement and court officials get charged with for obstructing justice? Tampering with evidence? Lying under oath? Withholding evidence and then conspiring for 47 years to conceal the truth about a murder… or wait… not just one murder…but perhaps several? Let’s not forget about Jessica, Roxanne and the MOT! Who by the way has been documented and is on file!

I couldn’t get you to keep quiet in the beginning, but now so silent? Why?

This is your chance to go on record. Correct me where I am wrong. I am an amenable sort…just tell me where I am off here and I will happily correct my suppositions. Wake-up, Grim and call your buddies too! The four horseman ride and they ride for you, my sorry old man. Your legacy will be your lies. I promised I would not quit in this search for justice for Charley, especially just because the book is done. I even made that clear in the book. Did you not look at the last page?

It read:


That’s right…open ended, just like this case. And just like the souls of those you helped snuff out- I will not rest until they can rest! The anniversary of Charley’s murder is but weeks away. Consider your options and then, CONFESS and be at peace with your decision to do so. It will be your saving grace in the end… without it?

I fear Hell awaits your arrival with baited breath.

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