Someone talked to Charley…


Happy Official Autumnal Equinox!

That being said, just know that information has been coming through of late and that shoe I mentioned? The one I thought dropped the other day…that was a slipper. The real shoe dropped within the last 48 hours and it is not necessary to linger about that as it is more important for me to know what that entails than you. But thank you Charley and Happy Belated.


So someone talked to Charley 24 hours before his death. Together they had a conversation about a man nick-named Red something… a man named H____________, and another man with a red door. Charley told this person about a personal change that would be occurring for him in two weeks, which put that at about October 23 or 24th of 1966. He also told this person about what he suspected and said that something huge was going to go down later in February of the next year-1967. That was why he felt he had more time to investigate what he thought was going on. And there were other things  mentioned too… a note written by that person about their conversation that night and left in a book. A book that still exists. A man who sat in a wooden chair by a bathroom at the end of a hallway in a room with wooden slats where the man with the red door and the piercing eyes used to sit, while others  drank and played poker…the man who left muddy wet prints outside Charley’s office that night.

So what was it you all had planned for February of 1967, Grim? Another victim? Something to do with the Presidential Race of that year? Or, maybe something closer to home?

I will have to root around and do some more homework… but I will figure it out.

Oh, and last night they keep mentioning the letters L and T.  And then again today, they mentioned the letters L and T  several more times. What’s up with that?

Stay tuned…

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