C’mon Valdosta! What doyou say?


I apologize for the breech of delay…

It has been an exceptionally busy week for me and between the production and academics and my trip to join up with other writers who are forming a Sisters In Crime Low Country Chapter… I have been betwixt and between roads everywhere across the state and left with very little time to simply compose a cohesive thought. Even now I have a great many pressing things to do and yet… I must pause in the midst of my activities to tell you that yesterday a wondrous gift was given.

When last I wrote, I wrote you about my message– the one about the other shoe dropping. Well, yesterday I believe I heard it fall! Of course I would love to tell you how and by whom it was dropped- but, as I promised, the book may be done, but the investigation lives on!

We are but 22 days from the anniversary of Charley’s death and only a few days from his Birthday and I am anxious to give him some sort of a gift! What shall it be?

A Confession?

News about another victim?

Another clue?

Another chapter published here for all the world to read?

I have a very extensive following on this blog now Grim- -even on TWITTER– thanks to you. And the more you ask people questions about me down there- the more they tune it…the more books fly off the proverbial shelf! I have to tell you, Grim ole boy- YOU are my best agent! YOU are my best source of advertising!

The more you panic. The more you skulk between the past and present… the more they watch your every move. They tilt their heads now to catch a glimpse of the scar under your left eye and wonder if Rox could talk- what she would say about you. If Jessica’s baby had been born… who would she look like? They watch how you slip in and out of buildings- curious about how you spend your time and money and wonder? Is today the day he confesses? Is it really his family money… or it is really years of blood money now being spent?

How many bank accounts are there… how many deposits and withdrawals? How did you all hide all that money? Moonshine on the rails…drugs and guns on the roads… gambling debts and moonshine profits in the freezers…diamonds hidden within a store?

The more they read the book they wonder- which grave locations are veiled and which clues have been left untouched- waiting for somebody to dig… or poke their way around.

Where is the spikey fence with the swamp nearby?

Where is the old tree with the carvings and the series of little lakes?

Where is that old country club pool?

Why… maybe they could dig up a souvenir or two- a bone even- just to help loosen your jaw?

Why… they could even use your personal favorites, if you’d let them: Remember the compass and bloody shovel? You still got ’em?

They ask: How is it two girls went missing and nobody ever asked a question? How is it a body went from beaten, to dead, to buried in another city in less than 72 hours? What were their families told? Who explained the bruising? How do you drown with no water in your lungs… or breathe with a shovel slammed into your face? When the parents asked the questions- did you call them whores or misguided waitresses? Did you tell them about the porn? Did you say anything about the__________ you all made with them? Or did you smile your crooked smile and tell them they got tired of that sandy little burg- dusted off their shoes and decided to move on? Did you say that you saw them leave town with someone else? Were you even able to look them in the eyes? Wouldn’t they like to know had happened to their children? To their sister…daughter…father… brother… or uncle?


So what are you going to do when everyone eventually starts to ask you questions about, “the book?” What will you say? What will you do? Tell them that I am the liar? They already know so much is true. Everyone knows Charley did not commit suicide- IT WAS MURDER!

Your cronies cannot save you now- they cannot even save themselves. People will ask you about the TRUTH and you can’t touch them Grim-because you no longer have the power to erase them. Your, ‘good ole boy’ days are long gone. You can’t have people removed and not have others ask what happened now. The book is out there-warts and all. So, with no place to hide but behind your curtains… what good does that shiny little badge, that torn hat and those dusty acorns do for you now, hmmm? Not much I’ll wager- no power left in them now. They are little more than tarnished trinkets- that’s all…a symbol of your gangly youth, verbose ego and lack of morals.

You have no power over Valdosta any more, Grim and it is high time for them to take it back for themselves.

So let’s talk turkey…

When are you gonna just give up the ghost- (no pun intended) – and tell the truth about what you and Einstein and the farmer in the dell conspired to do that night? G is dead… the shooter is dead… the others are dead. When are you going to finally tell the truth about how you tried to cover it up and then confess to the 47 years of lies after that you told to try and protect yourselves from discovery? Nobody is left to save you. They will turn on you, Grim- they must- in order to save themselves.

Everyone else has confessed to their sins…





The Shooter…and the tens of others that are mentioned in the book. We know the witness statements were… Oh, let’s just say… less than truthful. Ballistic reports don’t lie…neither does evidence. Two bullets- two guns!

Do you really want to drag this out any longer? Eventually you may have to spend more of your energy to prove your innocence, than I might have to expend in order to prove your guilt. Think about it. This is your chance. Go big or go home Grim! You said you wanted to be in the movies- but are you really ready for your close-up, because you just might get the chance.

The more the book gets passed around- the more folks will no longer ask about your innocence. Their eyes will glaze over when you speak and suspicion will continue to follow you everywhere. The store, the doctor’s offices…local museums…Need I go on?

Valdosta- won’t you join me? Let’s give Charley a well-deserved Birthday present this year.

Call your local paper…call your local law offices and tell them you want this case re-opened at the local level as well. Those of you who have more information, step out of the shadows and into the light of truth. Drag Grim and the others kicking and screaming to the courthouse of public appeal and ask that they explain why they committed such crimes? What did it garner them in the end?

Each one, like the ones before will pass over and then what lies will they try to tell their maker? Let’s help them find a way to come clean before it is too late.

C’mon Valdosta… a present for Charley! What do you say?



One Response to “C’mon Valdosta! What doyou say?”

  1. Wayne Cowart Says:

    I am the son of the lead investigator of the Covington case. I have all the original pictures, hand written notes, ect. that my dad produced during the investigation. Ms Powell contacted me during her investigation but I didn’t know her hook has been published until 9-19-13. I’m looking forward to reading the book and hope it is consistent with the facts. My dad died in 1973 but his national reputation remains as one of the best investigators of his time. I’d like to speak with Ms Powell but no longer have her contact information. I’m preparing for an interview with Inside Edition ( they contacted mevthis week) regarding an interview about my career experiences but I’m considering discussing this interesting story. Pls pass this message to Ms Powell so she can call me at 229-834-3657. Thanks.

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