What’s with the fish?


Ok. So what’s with the fish? Every time I check into my admin slot on this blog, somebody has pulled up the blog about the DEAD FISH!

It cracks me up…who knew a dead fish would be so alluring to folks! Stay tuned- that’s for the next book about the Dixie Mafia! Whew baby- now that’s gonna be another ride as well. But for now, let’s concentrate on this one!

Why? Because this is a WILD ADVENTURES kinda ride- isn’t it Grim?

Or should we ask Roxanne about that- seeing as she stares at that thing all day long! Oh sorry- that’s for safe keeping in the book… and now in the heads of hundreds of Valdostan’s who are reading the book and cannot believe this has happened! Believe it children–your sandy little burg was one free ride for the badges. They did what they wanted to whom they wanted and then buried it all underneath…Uh- Oh! There I go again, giving away half the book! My bad. Guess you will just have to read it to find out WHO and WHERE and HOW and WHEN.

That being said, I have been a bit beside myself, trying to be good and waiting for, “time to catch up to me” I believe that is the way it was worded. That time has now come. It’s called HARVEST time Grim and you know what that means? All the good deeds you have done will be balanced against the bad. So how are the scales looking for you these days? Hmmm… I can see- or rather hear through the grapevine that, that’s become a bit of a concern for you, hasn’t it?

You, Einstein and the Farmer in the Dell have just about used up all your superficial “Atta-Boys.”  Time for the “Oh- sh…ts” to take over and that my dear man is why they say KARMA is a BITCH.

So, last night I went to bed and just before I closed my eyes, I asked for more information. Basically this has been a somewhat quiet month from the cosmos, although the stars portend that closer to the end of the month is gonna be beyond interesting. But just the same- I dog them, just like I dog you and asked for further guidence. Even though I was up several times throughout the night…nothing came through. Frustrated, I finally decided patience was my only option and fell back asleep. About an hour or so and just before the dawn I heard that old familiar whisper begin. Only this morning, instead of being somewhat cryptic- they simply blurted it out.

“The other shoe is about to drop!”

Yep… that’s what they said. Now part of me, I confess, was a bit worried that I had heard them wrong. Usually there is a bit more consideration to deal with. As in, I have to think harder about the potential meaning of the locution. You know, like the time they said, “The little guy will be the one to take them down.” Now originally I thought that meant “take them down- like take them out…but that wasn’t it at all. They literally meant the little guy would be the one to take them down. Oh, take what down you ask? Well I know you are reading the book so you will find out towards the end.  Anyway- let’s get back to last night- or rather this morning.

There was no hesitation- no reconsidering what the message meant. It meant exactly what it said:


Now the only question I have is… who’s shoe?

Yours, Grim?

Or mine?

Harvest time baby…harvest time! We reap what we sew.

Don’t you just love this time of year? Makes me think about some of the other clues:

“The crow tried to scratch out Grim’s eye…the scarecrow goes up there this time every year… the metal unicycle in the yard… the man who has a ladder by the house…the swamp across from the fence… they rolled something into it late that night…”

Or was it…”they rolled someone into it late that night?”

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