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MURDER has no STATUTE of LIMITATIONS in the state of Georgia.

July 31, 2013


The stars seem incredibly active theses days.

The day before, two very large black feathers crossed my path. Yesterday, another and this morning as I was rushing through fog and drizzle to get to my car…another, smaller and grayer version was discovered beneath my feet.

In the last 72 hours I have seen more feathers and heard my angel song more times than over the last few months combined; for this I am very grateful, as I can feel the tides beginning to turn. The angels have asked me to be patient to trust the process and know that in order to achieve my ultimate goals, that I must allow for the cosmos to align all things with precision before moving forward.

The book is doing very well- so, thank you citizens of Valdosta and keep up the good work! Each time a new person is introduced to this case, a new reader seems to bring another set of potential witnesses into the fold and I am both honored and humbled by their dedication to find justice for Charley and the other victims. Remember, as you read the book- please take notes- discuss with others- surrender any information you may have to help move this case forward and then…please write a review and/or comment and post it on for my perusal. This will help circulate information about the book and we will be collectively closer to changing the legacy of this man’s life’s work. Remember- Charley’s DEATH CERTIFICATE still reads SUICIDE. That is a lie and we must all work together to change it to reflect the truth of what happened to him out there on the Clyattville-Nankin Road on , October 9, 1966.

Federal Treasury Agent, Charley Covington was MURDERED that night in cold blood and his DEATH CERTIFICATE should read, HOMICIDE.

Caught between investigating the remnants of Charley’s case and bridging the gap between the start-up of next one…I sit atop a very short fence, with very little time to stall. School begins again in another week and although one would assume the summer months for me have been relaxing – that would be wrong. Since April, it has been a whirlwind of academic, personal and professional obligations and marketing efforts.  To be truthful, I have been relatively quiet in my approach to getting the word out about this book, as information has continued to pour in and I am more interested in moving the case forward these last few months than monitoring sales. But the time for bold and daring action is now upon us.

Ads and interviews will now begin in higher circles and this case will be showcased in  as many mediums, (print, radio, etc…) as I can both afford and solicit.

The time to bring this case and this book to public light beyond this blog has arrived. Please continue to reach out with your information and know that I will not rest while the remaining four in flannel walk your streets. You should not either Valdosta…you should be calling  your local papers, soliciting your local law to help bring this travesty to justice. Perhaps this is the message the feathers have been trying to get me; that being patient is one thing…letting this go is another!


MURDER has no STATUTE of LIMITATIONS in the state of Georgia. Those guilty of committing and concealing this crime should be called out  and brought to bear.

Grim, I would do the honorable thing and confess before the others sell you out first for the potential lure of immunity.

THE THIN GRAY LINE by T.A. Powell. (Now available in both paper back and KIndle version through

What’s next?

July 28, 2013


Last night I had another locution…


I am happy that Mercury Retrograde is finally over and that this great “Star of David” alignment will be taking place in the skies on Monday night. bearing that in mind, I shall watch with great interest as the stars do their magic. With the locution fresh in my mind, I awoke with a new sense of confidence in what we have been able to accomplish thus far in this case, so when I took the dogs for a walk this morning… I was pleased, but not overly surprised when a small feather fell into my path. (This is another sign of a message on the way.) After rousting my mate, we headed out in search of coffee and breakfast! When I got into my car– what song do you think came on the radio? Yes sirree- my angel song! Another confirmation that something is about to happen.

So, do I know what the heavens have planned for me next? Not really, but I am prayerful that the right people are reading the book now, remembering what events surrounded that night and putting the pieces of the puzzle together. Maybe even people in higher places than I can imagine.

This time I will not speculate– I will simply place the outcome in God’s hands and hope for the best.

Stay tuned…

Classified ad for Valdosta…

July 25, 2013


So yesterday I saw a feather…

Today I began to design an ad. Thinking about this one for the Times- Not the New York Times mind you, but another paper a little closer to home.

It begins…

“In the summer of 1966, in Valdosta, a young waitress from the American Legion Club went missing. Three months later, so did another one…but not before a man had been beaten to death in the Daniel Ashley Hotel and a Federal Treasury Agent shot to death out on the Clyattville-Nankin Road. Looking for more information on any of them…got some? Please share!”

Now that’s a classified ad, eh Grim!

Review THE THIN GRAY LINE by T.A. Powell

July 21, 2013


If you have bought and read the book about my investigation in to the 1966 murder of Charles G. Covington (Charley’s): THE THIN GRAY LINE by T.A. Powell,  or even if you have read someone’s copy of the book and wish to comment on the book…

Please post your REVIEW and/or COMMENT on the AMAZON.COM site beside the book purchase info.

Help me , help you Valdosta.

(THE THIN GRAY LINE , Now available in digital and paperback through

Two years into this investigation…

July 21, 2013


Yesterday I talked about deadlines…

Two years into this investigation  we were shown the date of 7/21 as a day on a calendar circled, with the word ARREST in red, raised and scrolling atop the calendar page three times. Each year I have worked and waited with anxious patience (I know that is a paradox…) to hear something from Valdosta about an arrest…a confession…a plea bargain… an anything!

Today I spent the day doing everything and anything to keep my mind off the fact that it was 24 hours before my faith wold either be validated or I would be a fool for another year. Curious enough, a film I wanted to watch did not record the first time at 8:00PM- but lucky for me it came on again at 9:45PM. Tired as I was, I decided to stay up and watch to till the end and now I know why…

One of the last lines in this film was in response to someone who at the last minute, turned down the job of a lifetime…a job that would have brought them both fame and money and the dream they had been chasing their entire adult life. When asked why- the character said, I suddenly realized it didn’t seem that important anymore. The other character smiled, as he was in love with her and did not want her to leave… but I digress. His response to her was  this:

“There are more tears shed by prayers that have been answered, than by those that have not.”

The woman looked him in the eye, smiled and said, “Quoting Saint Theresa?”


Saint Theresa is the patron saint of all writers. Saint Theresa is my patron saint.

Is it possible that I was meant to spend an entire evening watching this show, just to hear the last 20 words of the story? The message was obviously meant for me. So, Friday my radio spells out the word FAITH. Tonight the universe tells me that perhaps the unanswered prayer is better than answered and I am almost too tired to care anymore. So here at 11:55 PM, on July 2oth… just 5 minutes from my long awaited miracle…maybe it’s not important anymore if somebody gets arrested for killing Charley. Maybe in the end, this book wasn’t supposed to be about that. Maybe the message of divine forgiveness and contact with those we love who are no longer corporeal is the bigger message and that was all this journey was supposed to be about.  Now just 3 minutes before July 21, 2013 I must learn again that I have no control over what happens with this story.

I have written the book- given all the evidence that can be gotten without further assistance from the law and can literally do no more than what I have already done. In the end I have kept every promise made. I promised Charley I would help solve his murder and I have. Can I prove it? READ THE BOOK! I promised myself I would write his story and I have. Everything I promised I would do, I have done and I should be proud of the dedication and the tremendous work and the purity that went into it.

It is now midnight…July 21st and while I am almost too tired for faith, I must believe that all this was for something.

Good night…


The letters that appeared…

July 19, 2013


Today I was reminded of something… a reason why this all began so long ago.

Earlier today I realized what date it was and how close it is to the date July 21st. Now, it is not important if you do not remember why that date is so important- just yet, for I will remind you later. Or, you can read the book and figure it out for yourself.

Nonetheless, in my infantile reasoning of the timing of events, I felt that I would come up short again this year on a specific and greatly anticipated deadline. Well, not me exactly– but somebody else who would miss this important deadline coming up. So, as I often do when I get to the end of my rope–I began to doubt and in my doubt, began to forget that all things are possible with enough faith.

I will not lie to you…this has been a very long and difficult journey.

So, as I sat at a red light in my car and looked at the clock to see the time, I thought I heard a familiar riff in my angel song and went to  turn the volume on my radio up. Still concentrating on my doubt and preemptive disappointment and the approaching date, I turned the dial only to find that in fact it was not my angle song, but the song, “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson. Now why is this important? It is important because although the song had no real meaning, other than I thought it would make a good background piece somewhere in the movie I know this book can eventually become…it was important because my focus remained on the tuner read out display panel just long enough to see something unusual.

Now, my car is pretty nice- but it does not tell you the name of the song that is playing- it just gives you the radio station and the time. So I am accustomed to seeing only the call letters of the stations I frequent, such as 102.1, B98.5 or WSB FM and/or WSB AM Talk Radio.

The time was 4:11PM.

The letters that appeared were not of any radio station I know. They were as follows:






I sat at that red light and could not believe what was before me. I adjusted the volume; same song, same station, but no matter…the display panels till read FAITH. The light changed, the car in front of me moved and I was forced to look away. When I looked back, Kelly Clarkson was still singing- but the word was gone and in its place was: B98.5.

Life is full of small miracles we tend to try and explain away- but I won’t. Perhaps God does have every intention of helping a deadline to be kept and it is only my lack of faith that has clouded my acceptance.

In my excitement, I called R to tell her what had happened. The same deadline had been rolling around in her head lately as well. So with faith… I will try to stay less in my doubts and more in my acceptance and get out of God’s way!

As for the deadline?

“We shall see…we shall see.”

The storm is building…

July 17, 2013


Patience…patience they whisper.

The storm is building.

If you crane your neck, you can almost hear it approaching the horizon.

Have faith they say…all will not have been in vein. Each book now has another reader…each reader another clue…each clue another answer.

Justice is coming…justice is coming!

The word is getting out…

July 13, 2013


The word is getting out Grim.

The book is here.

The book is available.

The book tells them all about it.


They read…they remember…and now they are talking too! All of them…the butcher, the baker- the candle stick maker. Did I say the butcher? Hmmmm… there’s that association with the diamonds again. Gosh I love a good rhyme!

What’s that you say? A newspaper article? Why, that just might be the very thing to help this story reach the rest of Valdosta, Einstein!

What a brilliant idea! Grim would like that too- it will be the best way for him to stay in the spotlight and we all know how much he loves that old spotlight!

So, Valdosta…who wants to write the article for this story? Or maybe just a Rant or Rave?

THE THIN GRAY LINE:  True Crime Memoir, by T.A. Powell. (Available on in digital and paperback. Please review the book when through.)

Let’s tell how Charley’s murder really went down back in 1966, Grim. Let’s tell the folks about how you got your scar, ripped your hat and why the bloody shovel and the compass are still associated with you after all these years. Or how about the swirling lights at the lake where a pretty young blonde lay twisted and bruised in the waters below.

Valdosta- don’t you want to know what happened to your young girls back in 1966?

It’s such a good book Grim, you really should read it. Maybe I should just send you a copy. Would you like that? Well, keep an eye on your mail box old man. A gift may be arriving any day! Don’t know how you will be able to explain this one away to your wife- but you’ll think of something. You always do.

Choose carefully Valdosta…

July 11, 2013


It is 7:11 PM on 7/11 and there is something  very telling about that. The cosmos has been anxious of late, trying to relay information. As stated the other day, the veil continues to thin and the spirits are restless.

I am currently listening to the music which will be the background for the book trailer currently being produced for this book. It will be out on You Tube within 10 days and that should get the sales of this  book popping even more. t is important that those over 50 in Valdosta buy and read this book , as they are the ones most likely to remember either their parents or grandparents talking about this case. It was 47 years ago that Charley was murdered, but I guarantee that those who live din Valdosta at the time heard all about it. What they didn’t hear about were the three others that were murdered along with him to protect the guilty.

Urge everyone to read the book and give any info they might have to the appropriate authorities.

Remember…there is no statute of limitations for murder in the state of Georgia. Those that committed the crimes can still be prosecuted for their part in this and the other murders committed to hide why they needed to take Charley out of the picture. There are other victims; victims whose families never knew where they went or what happened to them. The papers never reported them missing because the law never told them they were gone.

Think Valdosta… if you had lost a daughter 47 years ago, wouldn’t you want to know what happened to her and where she is so you can bring her home and finally lay her to rest? Do you really want these men to have lived their lives in false glory and reward… to literally have gotten away with murder?

Read the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE: A True Crime Investigation Memoir by T.A. Powell…recognize the players from 1966 and bring them to justice. You may contact authorities or use the contact on this web site, but remember these few men left are still alive. They live in your community where your children go to school, your wives buy their groceries and your husbands go to church. Choose carefully who you wish to walk among, sleep beside and live next door to Valdosta. You still have a chance to help put these men behind bars.

Help me, help others bring these people to justice!


Now available through in both digital and paperback. Please feel free to review the book when done.

The veil continues to thin…

July 8, 2013

7/8/ 2013

The veil continues to thin. Last night another message came through, though a bit fuzzy at first. It all statred when my husband and I were watching TV. Sunday nights are afavorite for us as we watch, The Long Island Medium. Ten minutes intoithe show, our little white dog (the Westie that sees dead people) began to respond to something or more likely , someone in the air above us. This went on for some twenty minutes before she calmly came to lie down at my side. We finished the show and then went off to bed. Not knowing who it was, I said a small prayer for calrity.

Then just before dawn, the message came through with something about, “Pay attention to the letter J in a box,” or  “the letter J on a box.” I sent the whole morning confused as to what it might have meant.

Then I got an email.

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I understood what it meant.

Charley has been very busy of late. You too Valdosta!


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