The letters that appeared…


Today I was reminded of something… a reason why this all began so long ago.

Earlier today I realized what date it was and how close it is to the date July 21st. Now, it is not important if you do not remember why that date is so important- just yet, for I will remind you later. Or, you can read the book and figure it out for yourself.

Nonetheless, in my infantile reasoning of the timing of events, I felt that I would come up short again this year on a specific and greatly anticipated deadline. Well, not me exactly– but somebody else who would miss this important deadline coming up. So, as I often do when I get to the end of my rope–I began to doubt and in my doubt, began to forget that all things are possible with enough faith.

I will not lie to you…this has been a very long and difficult journey.

So, as I sat at a red light in my car and looked at the clock to see the time, I thought I heard a familiar riff in my angel song and went to  turn the volume on my radio up. Still concentrating on my doubt and preemptive disappointment and the approaching date, I turned the dial only to find that in fact it was not my angle song, but the song, “Catch My Breath” by Kelly Clarkson. Now why is this important? It is important because although the song had no real meaning, other than I thought it would make a good background piece somewhere in the movie I know this book can eventually become…it was important because my focus remained on the tuner read out display panel just long enough to see something unusual.

Now, my car is pretty nice- but it does not tell you the name of the song that is playing- it just gives you the radio station and the time. So I am accustomed to seeing only the call letters of the stations I frequent, such as 102.1, B98.5 or WSB FM and/or WSB AM Talk Radio.

The time was 4:11PM.

The letters that appeared were not of any radio station I know. They were as follows:






I sat at that red light and could not believe what was before me. I adjusted the volume; same song, same station, but no matter…the display panels till read FAITH. The light changed, the car in front of me moved and I was forced to look away. When I looked back, Kelly Clarkson was still singing- but the word was gone and in its place was: B98.5.

Life is full of small miracles we tend to try and explain away- but I won’t. Perhaps God does have every intention of helping a deadline to be kept and it is only my lack of faith that has clouded my acceptance.

In my excitement, I called R to tell her what had happened. The same deadline had been rolling around in her head lately as well. So with faith… I will try to stay less in my doubts and more in my acceptance and get out of God’s way!

As for the deadline?

“We shall see…we shall see.”

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