Choose carefully Valdosta…


It is 7:11 PM on 7/11 and there is something  very telling about that. The cosmos has been anxious of late, trying to relay information. As stated the other day, the veil continues to thin and the spirits are restless.

I am currently listening to the music which will be the background for the book trailer currently being produced for this book. It will be out on You Tube within 10 days and that should get the sales of this  book popping even more. t is important that those over 50 in Valdosta buy and read this book , as they are the ones most likely to remember either their parents or grandparents talking about this case. It was 47 years ago that Charley was murdered, but I guarantee that those who live din Valdosta at the time heard all about it. What they didn’t hear about were the three others that were murdered along with him to protect the guilty.

Urge everyone to read the book and give any info they might have to the appropriate authorities.

Remember…there is no statute of limitations for murder in the state of Georgia. Those that committed the crimes can still be prosecuted for their part in this and the other murders committed to hide why they needed to take Charley out of the picture. There are other victims; victims whose families never knew where they went or what happened to them. The papers never reported them missing because the law never told them they were gone.

Think Valdosta… if you had lost a daughter 47 years ago, wouldn’t you want to know what happened to her and where she is so you can bring her home and finally lay her to rest? Do you really want these men to have lived their lives in false glory and reward… to literally have gotten away with murder?

Read the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE: A True Crime Investigation Memoir by T.A. Powell…recognize the players from 1966 and bring them to justice. You may contact authorities or use the contact on this web site, but remember these few men left are still alive. They live in your community where your children go to school, your wives buy their groceries and your husbands go to church. Choose carefully who you wish to walk among, sleep beside and live next door to Valdosta. You still have a chance to help put these men behind bars.

Help me, help others bring these people to justice!


Now available through in both digital and paperback. Please feel free to review the book when done.

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