The veil continues to thin…

7/8/ 2013

The veil continues to thin. Last night another message came through, though a bit fuzzy at first. It all statred when my husband and I were watching TV. Sunday nights are afavorite for us as we watch, The Long Island Medium. Ten minutes intoithe show, our little white dog (the Westie that sees dead people) began to respond to something or more likely , someone in the air above us. This went on for some twenty minutes before she calmly came to lie down at my side. We finished the show and then went off to bed. Not knowing who it was, I said a small prayer for calrity.

Then just before dawn, the message came through with something about, “Pay attention to the letter J in a box,” or  “the letter J on a box.” I sent the whole morning confused as to what it might have meant.

Then I got an email.

It wasn’t until this afternoon that I understood what it meant.

Charley has been very busy of late. You too Valdosta!


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