Another message…


Note the double 7’s in the date today. All 7’s are always a welcomed sight for me and today bearing two of them, the potency and joy is doubled.

Last night I received another message. Now the reason why I like to write them here first is because it gives me a chance to post and ponder them before something happens; as there can be skeptics to this sort of thing who like to call, ‘ hindsight is 20-20’ if you don’t. OK, so just before dawn I asked for guidance in this case, as well as life in general and they gave me a message in numbers:

 “The 9th C or the 9th  in C, will be the first of 3 reveals of the 7.”

Now the 7 could stand for many things. There was a number 7 involved with Jessica’s death; the number 7 and a shovel. Remember the clue, ‘ the 7 of Spades?’ Of course- the shovel was a metaphor for a spade. Maybe Jessica is about to reveal something- or somebody will remember she went missing! Or  the number 7 could stand for something else. For those of you who do Doreen Virtue’s,  Angel Numbers 101, you will understand that the number 7 means basically, that “…you are on the right path and that the outcome will exceed your wildest expectations…” Now, I don’t know about you, but I’m up for a bit of good news after the recent disappointments and let downs of June! And since my wildest expectations in this case are pretty wild- this ought to be absolutely outrageous! Add that to another previous locution written about within the book: “Suspicion, Conviction, Salvation” and I am all ears!

That being said, and with today being the 7th of the 7th month of the year and the eve of the New Moon in Cancer on the 8th- I expect that something significant with this case may soon come through. It could be that the 9 in C could be relating to the New Moon in Cancer; that would be Tuesday, as in the 9th in C. Or, it could be related to something else I have yet to divine. Just the same, I am intrigued by the segue given– “…the first of 3 reveals of the 7.”

Regardless, this should be quite exciting and I am anxious to see what the universe has in store for this case.

Numerology and astrology suggest that with the New Moon in Cancer, things will be both ending and beginning over the next few days. Things like; some may just wake-up tomorrow and decide to quit their job to take another more exciting or more challenging job, if they are unhappy or unfulfilled where they are currently at…or some may decide to get divorced or move forward with a new relationship. This month of July after the New Moon is all about change and relocation of energies; even moving short or long distance is on the table for discussion.

Maybe even you, Grim.

We must learn to live in the moment, while still keeping ourselves prepared for the future. I look forward to my future with great curiosity and hope that the four years+ of work on this case does not go either unappreciated or its information disconnected. There is so much information in the book for you my dear readers; most of it veiled a bit, so take your time in reading and absorbing it and then get back to me about what you know- or about what I might have gotten wrong.  I do not mind being corrected for truth’s sake- but not for ego’s sake.

A prominent citizen of your town once told me to, “Back off this thing and quit digging! Innocent people will be hurt.”

He was right. Innocent people were hurt. Charley, his wife and his children.

A man died.

Then two girls and another man.

Enough is enough…isn’t it?

How many needed to be removed to keep your precious money gain in tact?

Innocents were hurt…are being hurt and they deserve to know who by.

Your hour has come Grim. Tell the truth before all of Valdosta has read the book and you have nowhere else to hide- or no one else to listen to your side of the story.  I have asked you for the truth for over four years now. You could have delivered it to me at any time, but you chose to do otherwise and gave me the old bait and switch. Folks in 1966 may have bought in to that shiny badge nonsense, but not now. It’s a shame really…but a trust was broken.

Perhaps the first reveal has something to do with you, Grim? Maybe somebody else in the four in flannel has heard about the book- maybe they have even read it and figured out who you are. What to do now? People will know about you…about what you have done…about the other victims…what was done to them…where their bodies were buried or hidden.People are not stupid, Grim. They will figure it all out and those who are old enough to remember things, will finally put it all together and second guess everything else you have ever done in your life.

The murder was just the beginning.

The conspiracy was meant to cover it up- bury it for good– but you know the dead.

The book speaks for those who can no longer speak.

It begins to unravel now.

Each day another few books fly off the shelves. Each day another reader who reads it to the end will tell another person and so on, and so on…

You have one last chance to set the record straight. Call the authorities soon, before someone else makes that call. There are at least three of you left who know the truth who are still alive. Which one of them will go first hoping for immunity? Who can you trust now?

“It is about fraternal protection” you scream inside your head…”Fraternal protection, dammit! Nobody will rat me out-nobody!”

But who will be the first to break the code? You? Mr. Muddy Boots? The Farmer in the Dell? Who will finally want to make their confession and meet their Maker with a cleaner slate?

Think Grim-think!

The hours go by so slowly these days. Who is reading the book now? Your neighbors? Your friends? The people in the grocery store- the church-the gas stations?  A reporter here or there who wants to scramble  to be the first to break the local story?

Why do they look at you so differently?

Too much information is out there now for folks to stop talking.

Charley wants the world to know he would not have abandoned his children.

Roxanne wants you to explain your scar to the citizens of Valdosta, Grim.

Jessica wants to know why it was so necessary to take her out?

The MOT wants others to know he never  hurt them- he was just forced to watch.

The attorney hid the truth and wanted to protect the remaining innocent… he just forgot the first set of  innocents in this case were Charley’s kids… not his or yours, or all the others. He too, should have told the truth back then and brought it all to trial.

What will you tell them now, that they do not already know or suspect is a lie?

“The 9th in C will be the first of 3 reveals of the 7!”

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