Everyone learns at a different speed…


Lesson for the day? Learn to release…learn to let go.

The time has come for us all to accept gracefully what we cannot control and divine a plan for what we can. The more we continue to evolve, the more we become sensitive to everything about us-including one another. Be kind, be patient and do not fear the changes that will take place once you  begin to let go of old beliefs or relationships that no longer serve. This is your month to reclaim your internal compass and power.

Do the emotional homework. Everyone learns at a different speed and so you must adapt to their timelines or leave them to their own learning. You cannot force understanding or acceptance. Learn to forgive and let go, so that you can move on to follow your dreams. My dream is to continue to help move this case forward and to share what I have learned about both life and death through this journey.

Support the information that comes to you and do the right thing with the information you receive. This is a time of healing. If you have information that can help move Charley’s case forward- contact the correct authorities or reach out to me and I will get your information to those who can be trusted to do the right thing. It is time to speak your truth, tell what you know- but do not imagine things that did not happen. Attest to only that, that you would publish in a public format- to that which is true.

Trust that all this has happened to bring spotlight to victims and a chance for those who are guilty to correct their errors. Give them the chance to rewrite their own endings.

The Thin Gray Line by T.A. Powell

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