Yesterday was a diamond day…


Happy 4th! Yesterday was what you might call a red letter day… a diamond day or more precise… a three feather day. Yes- three feathers- right there on the beach before me. Why? Well, the cosmos had a lot to say apparently. Not to mention some people who had lots of information  to share, which bids me look closer at several folk who were allowed to stay out of the spotlight for a variety of reasons I am not willing to post here. This information not only helps move this case forward, but also helps me move forward too. I am grateful Valdosta. Thank you.

You see other information came in yesterday too which now explains certain situations and behaviors of late. While disappointing on one level- it frees on another and allows me to walk away from certain situations without  the tether of misguided emotional obligation. That being said, I will be able to walk forward into the next adventure with greater ease- even while I am still in the process of solving this one.

Still solving this one you say?  Yes…well, perhaps not solving- but clarifying.

Though the book is written and many of the clues are contained within it- not all of them are. You see my dear readers, there were over 200 more pages to this book before they were edited out. Those pages had many more clues and impressions- more information about certain people, places and their importance/significance or involvement in this case. But at 490 pages…the book and suppositions could not go on forever. At least not in the same way  the investigation can! What the book has done is greased the joints of frozen jaws, long held clenched by fear.  People who knew something was not right about Charley;s death, but could not put their finger on it. People who saw or heard things that made no sense back then, but with the book now realize what they saw.  They can now help tell the story about who was there that night and how others might have been involved.

For instance… let’s look at the MOT. This man was beaten to death, or at least to the point where he suffered a heart attack from his beating. After all, he was 61 years old and could only stand so much abuse. Now- who went missing a 61 year old man? He must have belonged to somebody? They said in Augusta- but i could never find anybody who knew this guy. So somebody else must have gone missing a 61 year old man. Nobody? Ok, so who worked in the Daniel Ashley Hotel back then?  Who was a maid, or a patron? Who saw the bruised body of a man removed from one of the rooms taken by gurney to a local morgue? This was on October 15, 1966. Who worked the hotel then? Who worked at the morgue then? Who did the transport? Who did the transfers? Who sent this man to Augusta and then who attended his memorial? His death is a matter of public record- yet nobody seems to know this guy. Well, except for Grim and Boots and the Farmer in the dell. They knew who he was.

Ok, so how about Charley the night of October 9, 1966? He was transported to a morgue and then to a different funeral home? Who worked there then?  Who did hair and make-up for the funeral homes in 1966? Who pasted make-up all over the lacerations on Charley’s arms, before they slipped them inside his shirt and burial suit? You know who you are…what you saw.  If you can recall… step forward now. What did you see?

Yes, yesterday was a three feather day… a grand trine…a diamond day, if you will. And you know what they say? Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and yesterday they were mine!

A year ago that kind of stuff drove me insane. Clues about random loose diamonds and one ruby! Who thinks of these things?  How did R come up with that out of the blue?  And then- somewhere else  out of the blue, R came up with something about a pineapple upside down cake?  (BTW’s, that’s my favorite cake, Rox. Used to beg to get it for my birthday cake each year.) Those silly dead people just like to show her all kinds of things. So what do you get when you mix them together, besides a kick ass cake with a delicious pay off? Hmmm…

It all gets so confusing, but that’s not all they show her. There was something about  freezers and butcher block paper. Who puts butcher block paper together with cake and loose diamonds?  Let’s see.  Cake is cake, but diamonds are currency. Add currency to butcher paper and you have frozen money-frozen assets! Yes sirree…that’s the old fashion way to hide the illegal gains! Wrap it in butcher paper, call it something else and then stuff it in a freezer so nobody will know! Eventually if you have enough,  you’ll have to turn it into something else to hide it. Something smaller- easier to hide. Maybe even  those loose diamonds.

Why? You can’t trace them, silly! It’s so, so…how shall I put this? So 1960’s, you know!  Wrapping money and putting it in your freezer like pork chops. Or rolling it and stuffing it inside a frozen orange  juice can. Gotta love the nostalgia, but at some point you’re freezer’s gonna run out of room!! What’s a criminal to do? Where do you find a large enough freezer for frozen meat and a slice or two of pineapple upside down cake all at the same time? C’ mon Valdosta… think! Where can you satisfy you more carnivorous needs while treating your sweet tooth… or buying toothpaste… or tuna… or lettuce?

Why a good ole grocery store, that’s where Valdosta. A good ole grocery store that had a bakery for Roxanne’s pineapple upside down cake and a meat department for…oh what was his name, Grim?  You remember. He was a good friend of yours, just like the other man who had a big freezer. He was a friend of yours too, wasn’t he? That’s what you told me, but I don’t think he thought so after his…you know… his accident. Good ole, what’s his name. He never saw it coming. Or did he, Grim?

So where can you find the answers to all these questions?  If you can’t remember, there’s a book out that might help you. It should have been called; Grim’s Fairytales , but it just didn’t look right on the cover so I went with:


Available now at in both digital and paperback format.


I told you yesterday was a three feather, diamond day!


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