Valdosta, tell me about the lady…


We are into another month and well on our way…

I have been gratified that so many are now stepping forward with information and according to numerology and the fact that yesterday afternoon I heard my angel song again- I feel confident that something both important and wonderful is about to happen. They say that an important message or phone call will come today and I am hopeful that whatever it is, will help move this case ever forward.

Again, I am grateful to you all for coming to terms with the insult of this case upon your community. If you are old enough to remember things; then perhaps certain things now make more sense for you and if not, you may be prompted to ask your elders what they might remember or know.

To those who have been left with little recourse to defend your actions…come to the table and either defend or deny your actions- but be prepared to explain them. This case cannot continue to go un-vetted. As stated before, in the beginning I thought perhaps all would play out before the book came out. In that way I could clear or clean up certain suppositions that maybe got the bigger picture, but blurred some of the finer points contained within it. But I was wrong…the book had to come first.

Valdosta, tell me about the lady who canned the pickled peaches…tell me about the boy with the compromised leg whose father figure stood beside a fire…tell me about the two girls from the American Legion Club who went missing…tell me about the pool… the diamonds and the lake with the swirling lights. Tell me about the exchange of shirts, the gun and the lacerated arms of the victim that saw only the make-up artists plying hands. Tell me why you prevent a widow from identifying her husband? Tell me why it takes 72 hours to allow her to visit his remains? Tell me about the car stuck in the mud that night…the red truck…the rain and the crime scene photos that show no rain. Tell me about the words that are not your own- the statements taken weeks after the murder.

Talk to me Valdosta.

This is your chance to help right a wrong and to rewrite a history so unforgiving to a family whose only desire was to enjoy one another, the fruits of their  labors and better the world they lived in.

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