The word is getting out…


The word is getting out Grim.

The book is here.

The book is available.

The book tells them all about it.


They read…they remember…and now they are talking too! All of them…the butcher, the baker- the candle stick maker. Did I say the butcher? Hmmmm… there’s that association with the diamonds again. Gosh I love a good rhyme!

What’s that you say? A newspaper article? Why, that just might be the very thing to help this story reach the rest of Valdosta, Einstein!

What a brilliant idea! Grim would like that too- it will be the best way for him to stay in the spotlight and we all know how much he loves that old spotlight!

So, Valdosta…who wants to write the article for this story? Or maybe just a Rant or Rave?

THE THIN GRAY LINE:  True Crime Memoir, by T.A. Powell. (Available on in digital and paperback. Please review the book when through.)

Let’s tell how Charley’s murder really went down back in 1966, Grim. Let’s tell the folks about how you got your scar, ripped your hat and why the bloody shovel and the compass are still associated with you after all these years. Or how about the swirling lights at the lake where a pretty young blonde lay twisted and bruised in the waters below.

Valdosta- don’t you want to know what happened to your young girls back in 1966?

It’s such a good book Grim, you really should read it. Maybe I should just send you a copy. Would you like that? Well, keep an eye on your mail box old man. A gift may be arriving any day! Don’t know how you will be able to explain this one away to your wife- but you’ll think of something. You always do.

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