MURDER has no STATUTE of LIMITATIONS in the state of Georgia.


The stars seem incredibly active theses days.

The day before, two very large black feathers crossed my path. Yesterday, another and this morning as I was rushing through fog and drizzle to get to my car…another, smaller and grayer version was discovered beneath my feet.

In the last 72 hours I have seen more feathers and heard my angel song more times than over the last few months combined; for this I am very grateful, as I can feel the tides beginning to turn. The angels have asked me to be patient to trust the process and know that in order to achieve my ultimate goals, that I must allow for the cosmos to align all things with precision before moving forward.

The book is doing very well- so, thank you citizens of Valdosta and keep up the good work! Each time a new person is introduced to this case, a new reader seems to bring another set of potential witnesses into the fold and I am both honored and humbled by their dedication to find justice for Charley and the other victims. Remember, as you read the book- please take notes- discuss with others- surrender any information you may have to help move this case forward and then…please write a review and/or comment and post it on for my perusal. This will help circulate information about the book and we will be collectively closer to changing the legacy of this man’s life’s work. Remember- Charley’s DEATH CERTIFICATE still reads SUICIDE. That is a lie and we must all work together to change it to reflect the truth of what happened to him out there on the Clyattville-Nankin Road on , October 9, 1966.

Federal Treasury Agent, Charley Covington was MURDERED that night in cold blood and his DEATH CERTIFICATE should read, HOMICIDE.

Caught between investigating the remnants of Charley’s case and bridging the gap between the start-up of next one…I sit atop a very short fence, with very little time to stall. School begins again in another week and although one would assume the summer months for me have been relaxing – that would be wrong. Since April, it has been a whirlwind of academic, personal and professional obligations and marketing efforts.  To be truthful, I have been relatively quiet in my approach to getting the word out about this book, as information has continued to pour in and I am more interested in moving the case forward these last few months than monitoring sales. But the time for bold and daring action is now upon us.

Ads and interviews will now begin in higher circles and this case will be showcased in  as many mediums, (print, radio, etc…) as I can both afford and solicit.

The time to bring this case and this book to public light beyond this blog has arrived. Please continue to reach out with your information and know that I will not rest while the remaining four in flannel walk your streets. You should not either Valdosta…you should be calling  your local papers, soliciting your local law to help bring this travesty to justice. Perhaps this is the message the feathers have been trying to get me; that being patient is one thing…letting this go is another!


MURDER has no STATUTE of LIMITATIONS in the state of Georgia. Those guilty of committing and concealing this crime should be called out  and brought to bear.

Grim, I would do the honorable thing and confess before the others sell you out first for the potential lure of immunity.

THE THIN GRAY LINE by T.A. Powell. (Now available in both paper back and KIndle version through

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