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The countdown appears to have begun…

May 31, 2013


The night before, I was shown the numbers 1,2, 1, 3 and 22- which I determmined to be 12-22-2013.

Last night they showed me something else…

There was a room, filled with golden clouds and in the middle of this room sat a wooden podium. On the podium lay a book with golden covers. As I began to walk towards it, somebody from behind  came forward and went to the podium. He opened the cover of the golden book and began flipping through its pages.  Curious, I watched from just above his right shoulder as each page turned, desperate to see what was written. The man continued to turn page after page without regard to my pleas to slow down so that I could read them. After a few seconds he suddenly stopped. I thanked him, leaned in to get a closer look and smiled. He smiled back and then got up and walked away.

Shall I tell you what I saw?

It was a calendar page with a date on it.

JUNE 14th


The countdown appears to have begun; but to what and for whom I do not know…yet!


“We are but a season…”

May 27, 2013


Last night they whispered in my ear…

“Expect the unexpected!”

That presents an interesting scenario as it did not say what it would be or how it would affect us. So we have a choice in how we respond to whatever it is. Remember, Karma is nothing more than lesson. It is neither good nor bad- it just is. For myself, I will pray that it is positive in nature and beneficial to my escalation.

“Expect the unexpected?”

I have learned the hard way this year to expect anything and everything. Why? Because change is difficult for many and we each respond to it in different ways. Some feel threatened and strike out. Some run and hide hoping it will pass over them without effect and some refuse to acknowledge that the only way to handle it is with grace and patience.

There are other factors that contribute to the cosmic confusion too. In Chinese Astrology, 2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake.  What does that mean? That means that this is the year of deception; that many people appear one way and act another. That each person has a different objective- agenda. That they cultivate secret alliances- have clandestine meetings and wage small wars behind your back.

How do you counter such misgivings and such unwarranted behavior?

You don’t.

You understand that they too have a need to exorcise their demons and let them be what they are. Your only job is to remain true to who you are and what your divine purpose is. You see, this is about the illusion of control. The less control you have, the tighter you cling…the tighter you cling, the less flexible you are and that makes change almost impossible.

I have wrestled with this issue  my entire life and been forced to relearn the hard way that  control, like fear is an illusion. That being said; I continue to strive to adopt the art of release and have made a conscious decision to let go of many things in my life that  no longer serve a positive purpose or present as toxic and detrimental to my evolution. This last decade has been about deconstruction and reconstruction.

What is it they say… “We are but a season?”

With the waning of spring  and the road greatly shortened to summer, the lesson of the season is rapidly changing and so too my sense of what this was all about.  This book has opened and closed many doors for me and I will do my best to respect each opportunity and dissolution it is providing. If I could orchestrate how this will all turn out I would- but alas, all I can do is pray that the readers will learn to recognize, appreciate  or mend something broken about their life through the epiphany of Charley’s death. That is my wish, though I am smart enough to know this book will come to have a life of its own and that is rightly so. Every story finds its own voice- writer’s know this instinctively and trust that the voice will guide them to the best application. This story is about the journey of discovery; discovery of murder, discovery of self, of forgiveness, and of accountability and one’s destiny. Its message is too important to try and smother with ego and will serve so many, on so many levels and in so many different ways, that it would be silly of anyone to try and direct  them all.  It is about catharsis and healing.

We are just this side of one eclipse and just on the cusp of another. Choose wise in these next few days dear readers,  as  June begins a new 12 year cycle. Follow your heart, dream big and make your life count for something. Awaken your desires and follow your higher self. Dare to be the person you dream you can be and find the power within  to forgive, forgive, forgive. It is the only way you can truly become who you are meant and to release  those things that hold you back.

The universe has our highest good in mind- trust it to lead you where you need to be.

Remember today to, ‘expect the unexpected.’  Be careful, think about what you really want at a soul level. What would you do or where you you be if you knew you couldn’t fail? Think and make a plan to move in that direction! Make a list of ten things you desire; place them in order of importance and then decide what you want vs what you really need- find a balance between them and find a way to make what happens this day to work for you and put you on that path.

It’s not just a holiday… it’s a new way to live your life!

To Paula,

May 26, 2013


To Paula,

You have been waiting a long time for this story to come out and I appreciate your patience. The book, “THE THIN GRAY LINE” will be out this summer and you will be notified as to where and when a copy can be purchased.

A reminder to all…

This book is not just about death, but about life- and the unprecedented relationship between myself, the victim and those who stepped forward to help with my investigation. This story highlights the inconsistencies of the original investigation and proffers rational segues to suspected rumors, known alliances and conspiratorial theories surrounding the death of Charley Covington.

Some who are uncomfortable with its findings, may come to call it fiction.

Some who are in the know, may come to call it truth.

Some may bury their heads  in the sand and say, “No, not here, not here.”

Some may shy from the sunlight and pray that they not be recognized for their part in this travesty.

Still others will read it with a keen eye and a historical perspective and find plausible segue to all that is offered and demand that it be followed to the end. For over 4 years I have asked  for your help. Many have stepped forward; to you I give great thanks. Many have walked away and begged not to be involved. Still, many others have given credible information. As always, there are some who have given misinformation with intent to delay, deny or confuse the facts. I thank you too, for it made me a wiser person.

The original manuscript grew to over 460 + pages of information before editing. Distilling the endless bits of information has been a monumental task.  In the end it will be up to you to decide what  you can allow yourself to believe or what you can become comfortable with as the truth.  While some have shared their historical perspective, others have denied history itself and continue to live within a bubble of fantasy.  To them I say, just because it is not within your personal purview- do not assume that it did not happen. Truth is stranger than fiction in this case, but you do not need to take my word for it. Several of your older citizens know the truth of what happened that night…  2 of the alleged  ‘4 in flannel’ walk among you still…ask them to tell the truth about what they know– not just what they feel they can afford to share in the light of  this discovery.

For those of you who will take umbrage with this book and its findings… to each his own.  Truth is a double edged sword: for even as it has the power to protect- it has the power to destroy and so too, to release  or to imprison.
I am an investigative author, trained in the Investigative Forensics field of study- not God. I have no desire to re-write history, but only to reveal it. Whatever truth can be gleaned from the totality of my experience and research will find its way through to the proper persons. It is necessary that I now, “Let go and let God,” as it were.  He will find the proper avenue for ultimate disclosure- not I.  I  have merely done what I set out to do and kept a promise to Charley and myself that I would not quit until the appointed hour.That appointed hour has arrived.

To be sure, I have used whatever means have been made available to investigate and this includes the use of both active and retired law enforcement, archival documentation/information, archival and contemporary interviews and psychic detectives. I understand that each  of us has a different comfort level with those things that cannot be  seen or heard by most.  But let us not  discredit the efforts of those who have given many years of their personal and professional gifts without profit to help me in this matter, simply because we may not  currently understand the significance or application of their gifts within such a cold case.  Instead, we should thank them for their endless efforts on our behalf  and respect that this is part of a  new process to reach justice.

This book exercises the demons of doubt surrounding  the original investigation and my placement within its resurrection and affords those with histrionic information to step forward and share what they know. To answer the questions no one ever bothered to ask them. This story is not always pretty. This story is not always kind-even to me. It is however, my experience, my truth and I share it with you without reservation in hopes that it will lead to a final resolution.  In the end… this book is about, ” THE THIN GRAY LINE” between what I believe happened that night on the Clyattville – Nankin Road and what can be proven in a court of law. You the reader, will ultimately be the judge.
I hope that answers your questions.

Remember when…

May 18, 2013


I have been writing all this month that May is the month of clearing out the old and letting in the new; warning that this was a time of great personal change for many especially for Taureans. I also wrote about the art of forgiveness and of bidding that which no longer serves us a fond farewell, so that the universe might be able to open new windows of opportunity for us, even as she closes many doors.

Often we are the block to our own happiness. We do not try out of fear or regret…but even as the month of May was about focusing on relationships and worn out views and beliefs, it was also about action. Clearing obstacles, letting go of excuses and being about our way to a new path. Everything changes and we cannot begin to write a new chapter in our lives without turning the page on the last one.

A  page has turned…a window has just opened and a door has just closed. Do you remember when I wrote about  the audio-voyant message that was whispered in my ear; “Someone is talking to someone?”  At the time I wasn’t sure who or about what. In fact, I wondered the next morning if I had actually heard it whispered at all… but knowing what has already been shown to me, believing has become a matter of faith. A faith that I am indeed being led and shown things both seen and unseen for a reason and while others may not understand- that does not negate its reality. The process is for me to simply trust what is being shared and feel confident that when it is time- I will understand what was meant. That being said: I patiently waited for the answer to who and what. Many days went by with nothing. In between great work loads and personal obligations to familial chores, I eventually forgot about the little locution until today. Today the  mystery has been solved and it has provided me with a new window of opportunity and the chance to close another door.
May is turning out to be a very trying, but empowering month.Whether it was meant as one or not…I have chosen to view it as  a gift. Thank you

A secret will be revealed…

May 14, 2013


What is it they say?

“Hindsight is 20-20!”

They promised that a secret would be revealed to me this month and indeed it just was! Way back in the early weeks just before Christmas, both Charley and G came through to R several times and talked about many things. G talked mostly about the silver two-tone car- the missing T and a man. Bust she also told R that the date of 12/12/12/ would be significant. In a reading or two earlier- Charley had told R the same thing about that date. Now, immediately I despaired because I spent that whole day waiting for something incredible to be revealed and nothing happened. At midnight I was no closer to knowing the true meaning of the date than I was the midnight before. The next day, I wrote about my disappointment in the blog and received some news that something huge did happen that day, that I just didn’t know about.  Thinking inside the box and not outside of it, I assumed that was the message and/or event intended. Foolishly, I  hung all my hopes on that one thing– believing surely that was  what the universe had instructed was the most significant thing that could have happened that day.  I perhaps even made it more important that it should have been, though to be sure- it was greatly significant. Why? This event was not only important to advancing the case, but it was supremely cherished as validation  for all my hard work . Thus, I assumed it was the only thing  the universe could have possibly meant.

Now to be fair, I should not be so hard on myself. After all, how could I possibly know that, that one thing, was not the only thing that the universe would see fit to put out there on that day? And when you learn what it is- you will agree I coud not have known it at the time.

This is what I love about this process. In my effort to be efficient, I greedily assigned a limited purview of time to the universe to complete its tasks and deliver my rewards. Out of impatience or ignorance I assigned a human time-line to a heavenly directive; when in fact, I should have put down my personal stop watch and allowed the universe to deliver what it wanted in its own time frame- -not mine. And in fact- -the universe did just that as now five moths later, I finally understand why the 12/12/12 date was so important and why  this one thing could have only applied to me.

Once again the universe is trying to remind me to have faith in the process and to not jump the gun (no pun intended)  or assume meanings of things or impressions prematurely. The one thing that happened to somebody else on that date was absolutely important for them — but that’s not what the universe was trying to bring to  me.

What they were trying to bring me was something so completely different– something so inherently singularly unique and perfect that it could only have been meant for me and nobody else. I know you are confused and you want to know what it is, but you must be patient in the same way I should have been. Patience, patience, patience…trust, trust, trust! This is the mantra I should repeat daily to keep from missing the gifts being brought to me.

Now, why do I say, “Hindsight is 20-20?” Because, here it is… 5/14/2013 and I just had my Ah-ha moment about something that happened in December! Naturally because of what it is, I can’t tell you…I could only show you.

That being said:

It is exactly because of what it is that  you will have to wait to see it, for reasons that will become obvious  to you later!

Have a great day!

Have faith…

May 11, 2013


With respect to the recent upheavals brought about by the  May 9/10 solar eclipse and the recent locution of, “Someone is talking to someone,” now made more clear to me, all I can say is…

Things are happening and they are happening in the manner in which has been ordained for the betterment of all involved.  Things must be allowed to follow their own path, so be patient and grant them a wide birth. This month is all about clearing our slates-closing things out- it is about endings and new beginnings. Many are changing their  jobs, their homes, adventures, relationships. Clearing out old and worn understandings- letting go of outdated emotions that tie you to the past, but do not allow you to understand it. Let go of anger and regret. If you find yourself frustrated, perhaps you are holding onto things that no longer serve you out of fear- fear of the unknown. Let them go-allow them to pass by or through you gracefully. What is ahead of you will be better for you in the long run, but that does not mean you should not learn from that which is passing. Allow what has transpired to show you the way to a new understanding. Be still so that you can learn from what is being shown you.

Sometimes the cosmos forces things for us; endings that are not gracefully accepted or anticipated, are often forcefully executed on our behalf  in order to move us forward. Human nature is to hold tight to the comfortable- the easy- the predictable. Life is not predictable. Things change- people change and it is a never ending circle. Most things are meant to end, in order that a new experience can be accommodated or a new understanding can be achieved.  I write this because so many friends and family are going through similar upheavals in their lives this month. People from their past are popping out of the woodwork- job opportunities dropping out of the blue- circumstances separating people to prompt them forward, homes being changed or relocated and everything seems to be moving at such a fast rate everything is becoming a blur.  That being said…

Hold on kids, because May has two more eclipses before it is all finished with us this month. Just keep positive thoughts in mind and know that the universe brings us what we need to achieve what is best for us. Graceful acceptance is the best advice for this timing. Have faith that all is being handled to achieve the greater good and listen to your gut. We only fear what we do not understand. Trust the process, as they say and do not give up 5 minutes before your  miracle is to arrive.


May 8, 2013


Last night locutions (whispers) were received again as I lay in bed between sleep and awake.

“Someone is talking to someone,” they say. I asked for clarification and it was simply repeated. “Someone is talking to someone.”

Eventually we will all know who.

Cover art chosen…moving onward.

Hang on to your hats!

May 5, 2013


Hang on to your hats kids! Today is 5/5… I am now 55 and the number 555 has been in my face all week. CHANGE…CHANGE…CHANGE! Also, today I heard my angel song at 2:02 and we all know what that means. Something is about to happen…something in 24 hours from now will be hugely different…something big will  happen and I am so ready for the pendulum to swing back my way on this thing. I have stalled this as long as I believe I can, trying to accommodate everything and everyone…but the truth refuses to be bartered away for everyone’s comfort and I get the feeling that the time has come to share what has been discovered and prompt what still needs to be deciphered.

Check the stars children! Today is noteworthy for a variety of reasons astrologically for all- especially Taureans and the angel song has never disappointed before. I wait with baited breath to see what the universe has in store for us and pray for my delivery! Something or someone was in my bedroom the other night on  5/1/2013 and while I am always happy to share my space, my dog was all over the place. That night I was shown several things, including the repeating numbers 777, 444, and 222. Also, the negative pattern of a dragonfly was highlighted on several walls of my bedroom. Spiritual folk get this. For those of you who do not immediately understand and are curious-GOOGLE it. Look for the symbolism of the dragonfly and I think you will find it both timely and appropriate in regards to this book. (BTW’s: This was in response to my asking for ethereal help about the cover art for the book, before slumber.)

Share your thoughts? What would you place on the cover of this book? The confirmed title is: THE THIN GRAY LINE, by T.A. Powell.

Think in regards to a line being crossed. You will understand more when you read the book. Stay tuned my dear readers, because the messages being sent from the universe says it is time. I am waiting on one word, from one source. Say a  prayer that this is the answer I have been waiting for.There have been many obstacles this past year…many thing s to consider, but it is time for life to move forward for everyone.

Remember- if you have anything to tell me about Charley, Grim, Mr. Muddy Boots, G, the pipe smoker, the shooter or the girls and the MOT…Speak now!

I will keep my ears open. I know you know more than you have been sharing, Valdosta. How do I know? Because I have not printed half of what I have learned and there are those of you who have learned and have backed away out of fear. To quote a man I once interviewed:

“…and we know more than we are telling you!”

Ouch! Who was that man Valdosta? If he is reading this along with you– he knows that I know and that will drive him crazy.

So tell me anything you have held back now Valdosta, because after the book comes out, it may be just a tad bit too late for publication… but not for the guilty to CONFESS.

Right, Grim?

Look at your own lives this year, dear readers and make something happen for yourselves. This is the year of , “I Can” and not “I could have…” or “I should have!”

Be bold. Be authentic and make your life count for something!

Four years of my life have been spent in discovery as trade for the rest of the remaining four in flannel? That’s a fair trade, don’t you think, Grim? And for those of you who have taken religious or personal umbridge with my use of psychic detectives…open your minds and hearts. There is more in earth and heaven than can be possibly understood.

As for Grim?

Are you getting nervous?

Dang, I sure would be if I were you!

Oh… by the way. Be careful driving. They showed a car wreck, sometime just before you realize that the truth is about to come  out and you decide to  confess. Golly, I can hardly wait!

Have a swell day.

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