A secret will be revealed…


What is it they say?

“Hindsight is 20-20!”

They promised that a secret would be revealed to me this month and indeed it just was! Way back in the early weeks just before Christmas, both Charley and G came through to R several times and talked about many things. G talked mostly about the silver two-tone car- the missing T and a man. Bust she also told R that the date of 12/12/12/ would be significant. In a reading or two earlier- Charley had told R the same thing about that date. Now, immediately I despaired because I spent that whole day waiting for something incredible to be revealed and nothing happened. At midnight I was no closer to knowing the true meaning of the date than I was the midnight before. The next day, I wrote about my disappointment in the blog and received some news that something huge did happen that day, that I just didn’t know about.  Thinking inside the box and not outside of it, I assumed that was the message and/or event intended. Foolishly, I  hung all my hopes on that one thing– believing surely that was  what the universe had instructed was the most significant thing that could have happened that day.  I perhaps even made it more important that it should have been, though to be sure- it was greatly significant. Why? This event was not only important to advancing the case, but it was supremely cherished as validation  for all my hard work . Thus, I assumed it was the only thing  the universe could have possibly meant.

Now to be fair, I should not be so hard on myself. After all, how could I possibly know that, that one thing, was not the only thing that the universe would see fit to put out there on that day? And when you learn what it is- you will agree I coud not have known it at the time.

This is what I love about this process. In my effort to be efficient, I greedily assigned a limited purview of time to the universe to complete its tasks and deliver my rewards. Out of impatience or ignorance I assigned a human time-line to a heavenly directive; when in fact, I should have put down my personal stop watch and allowed the universe to deliver what it wanted in its own time frame- -not mine. And in fact- -the universe did just that as now five moths later, I finally understand why the 12/12/12 date was so important and why  this one thing could have only applied to me.

Once again the universe is trying to remind me to have faith in the process and to not jump the gun (no pun intended)  or assume meanings of things or impressions prematurely. The one thing that happened to somebody else on that date was absolutely important for them — but that’s not what the universe was trying to bring to  me.

What they were trying to bring me was something so completely different– something so inherently singularly unique and perfect that it could only have been meant for me and nobody else. I know you are confused and you want to know what it is, but you must be patient in the same way I should have been. Patience, patience, patience…trust, trust, trust! This is the mantra I should repeat daily to keep from missing the gifts being brought to me.

Now, why do I say, “Hindsight is 20-20?” Because, here it is… 5/14/2013 and I just had my Ah-ha moment about something that happened in December! Naturally because of what it is, I can’t tell you…I could only show you.

That being said:

It is exactly because of what it is that  you will have to wait to see it, for reasons that will become obvious  to you later!

Have a great day!

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