Have faith…


With respect to the recent upheavals brought about by the  May 9/10 solar eclipse and the recent locution of, “Someone is talking to someone,” now made more clear to me, all I can say is…

Things are happening and they are happening in the manner in which has been ordained for the betterment of all involved.  Things must be allowed to follow their own path, so be patient and grant them a wide birth. This month is all about clearing our slates-closing things out- it is about endings and new beginnings. Many are changing their  jobs, their homes, adventures, relationships. Clearing out old and worn understandings- letting go of outdated emotions that tie you to the past, but do not allow you to understand it. Let go of anger and regret. If you find yourself frustrated, perhaps you are holding onto things that no longer serve you out of fear- fear of the unknown. Let them go-allow them to pass by or through you gracefully. What is ahead of you will be better for you in the long run, but that does not mean you should not learn from that which is passing. Allow what has transpired to show you the way to a new understanding. Be still so that you can learn from what is being shown you.

Sometimes the cosmos forces things for us; endings that are not gracefully accepted or anticipated, are often forcefully executed on our behalf  in order to move us forward. Human nature is to hold tight to the comfortable- the easy- the predictable. Life is not predictable. Things change- people change and it is a never ending circle. Most things are meant to end, in order that a new experience can be accommodated or a new understanding can be achieved.  I write this because so many friends and family are going through similar upheavals in their lives this month. People from their past are popping out of the woodwork- job opportunities dropping out of the blue- circumstances separating people to prompt them forward, homes being changed or relocated and everything seems to be moving at such a fast rate everything is becoming a blur.  That being said…

Hold on kids, because May has two more eclipses before it is all finished with us this month. Just keep positive thoughts in mind and know that the universe brings us what we need to achieve what is best for us. Graceful acceptance is the best advice for this timing. Have faith that all is being handled to achieve the greater good and listen to your gut. We only fear what we do not understand. Trust the process, as they say and do not give up 5 minutes before your  miracle is to arrive.

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