Remember when…


I have been writing all this month that May is the month of clearing out the old and letting in the new; warning that this was a time of great personal change for many especially for Taureans. I also wrote about the art of forgiveness and of bidding that which no longer serves us a fond farewell, so that the universe might be able to open new windows of opportunity for us, even as she closes many doors.

Often we are the block to our own happiness. We do not try out of fear or regret…but even as the month of May was about focusing on relationships and worn out views and beliefs, it was also about action. Clearing obstacles, letting go of excuses and being about our way to a new path. Everything changes and we cannot begin to write a new chapter in our lives without turning the page on the last one.

A  page has turned…a window has just opened and a door has just closed. Do you remember when I wrote about  the audio-voyant message that was whispered in my ear; “Someone is talking to someone?”  At the time I wasn’t sure who or about what. In fact, I wondered the next morning if I had actually heard it whispered at all… but knowing what has already been shown to me, believing has become a matter of faith. A faith that I am indeed being led and shown things both seen and unseen for a reason and while others may not understand- that does not negate its reality. The process is for me to simply trust what is being shared and feel confident that when it is time- I will understand what was meant. That being said: I patiently waited for the answer to who and what. Many days went by with nothing. In between great work loads and personal obligations to familial chores, I eventually forgot about the little locution until today. Today the  mystery has been solved and it has provided me with a new window of opportunity and the chance to close another door.
May is turning out to be a very trying, but empowering month.Whether it was meant as one or not…I have chosen to view it as  a gift. Thank you

3 Responses to “Remember when…”

  1. Bonnie Says:

    TA I cannot wait for the book to come out. You have done such a wonderful job and just know that this book will resolve this once and for all.

  2. Brownstone Literary Works Says:

    So much I wish I could share with you…

    That being said, thank you for always believing in me and know that I really do appreciate the faith and support you have given over these last 4 years. It means more to me than you know. The book will be out soon.

    Letting go and letting God choose the best path to justice….

    T.A. Powell

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