The countdown appears to have begun…


The night before, I was shown the numbers 1,2, 1, 3 and 22- which I determmined to be 12-22-2013.

Last night they showed me something else…

There was a room, filled with golden clouds and in the middle of this room sat a wooden podium. On the podium lay a book with golden covers. As I began to walk towards it, somebody from behind  came forward and went to the podium. He opened the cover of the golden book and began flipping through its pages.  Curious, I watched from just above his right shoulder as each page turned, desperate to see what was written. The man continued to turn page after page without regard to my pleas to slow down so that I could read them. After a few seconds he suddenly stopped. I thanked him, leaned in to get a closer look and smiled. He smiled back and then got up and walked away.

Shall I tell you what I saw?

It was a calendar page with a date on it.

JUNE 14th


The countdown appears to have begun; but to what and for whom I do not know…yet!


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