Who will be there for you…


Yesterday afternoon I heard my angel song…

Now we all know that when that happens! That means that something  is about to happen within 24 hours. Last night something else came through, but that is not for me to share here. It may be the precursor to greater things though and that makes me very happy.

May has finally left the calendar and June promises to bring things to a head and move us all forward from where we are right this minute. June also brings the summer solstice- which should be of great interest to our farmer in the dell. It rings in the longest day of the year and it promises to be just that for those in this case, as the book will force them to answer uncomfortable questions.

Getting nervous, Grim?

Alright- I’ll move on. OK, so yesterday when I heard my angel song I was so happy to know I had not been forgotten. In that same time slot the numbers 444 came through- a sign that angels were with me. The last time I heard it, a wondrous thing happened along with an inspiration to make a huge change in the manuscript. That same day I discovered the perfect piece of work for my cover art. Even more surprising was later when I found out the cover art’s date of origination- which amazingly enough matched the date of 12/12/12, spoken of by both Charley and G as a significant date for me. So you see, my dear readers…hard work, solid findings as well as synchronicity and divine guidance play a huge role in the discoveries surrounding this case. Guidance from my law enforcement mentors, from my academics and training in Investigative Forensics, my colleague R , my shepherd Charley and from other incorporeal resources continue to lead me to greater truths about this case, myself and other things even beyond the book. But the truth does not end with this book. I simply had to find a place in which to make a tidy ending.

Did you think that just because the book is now written that  the investigation is over? That perhaps, exhausted from my years of research I would walk away from this case? No sir…I have kept my promise to tell this story, but still need to continue my investigation until justice for Charley, the MOT, Rox and Jessica  is finally delivered.

You remember them, don’t you Grim? You, the shooter, the pipe smoker and Einstein…All of you had such memorable times with the other victims in this case. How about the lovely Jessica who went missing one HOT summer afternoon? Rumor says she was last seen by some one who watched her attending a bonfire. Gives you the willies knowing somebody saw you- doesn’t it? Then of course, there was Roxy; the beautiful blonde bombshell debutante. They say the cameras really liked her. She was last seen with you and others just beneath the lover’s tree. You know Grim- the one that everybody carved their initials in. Don’t you remember? The gash under your eye should be a good reminder. Want me to remind you how you got that? No? Well, let’s move on. Whose left?  Ahhhh… the MOT. Poor fella- got the crap kicked out of him one lovely afternoon in a hotel just because he knew too much. You see,Grim…just because the book is through, doesn’t mean that their stories end. The book ended because it had to- their stories don’t  end until they receive justice.

From the beginning my original intent was to merely read the files that were given me and see what could be done to get an idea for a book. The information contained in the documents was helpful- mostly for all the information that they DIDN’T contain. That’s right…omission can be even more descriptive than content. Now of course I could tell you what was the most impressive piece of omission, but then you wouldn’t need the book and quite frankly at this point…I need the book to stand on its own two feet, so that I can completely turn my energies to my next case.

That being said… I wanted to thank the many citizens and members of law enforcement; both active and retired ,who have stepped forward to help in this case. That is a sincere statement of gratitude. For those of who who held your tongues and kept the truth to yourself…you no longer have the right to comment on what has been discovered. You shed that right when you refused to step forward into the light, and by holding your silence while basking in the shadows of neutrality.

I understand those of who who held your tongues out of fear. Those of you who have real cause to be frightened…but those of you who wagged your tongues and merely condemned the efforts of others who tried to right a wrong, because you did not understand the method or  process used…how sad for you.  One day you may need a stranger to champion your cause and who will be there for you?

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