What have you gotten me into?


As always…

As always Charley and the angels never disappoint. The other day I heard my angel song and within 24 hours I had several things happen in regards to this case.

Have you ever been over something so often that you lose sight of the actual landscape of a thing?

In my attempt to greater veil some things within the manuscript, it ended up highlighting other things even more. I had what my dear colleague R calls an “Aha moment” the size of Texas. In other words, I had what I like to call a “Holy sh_____!” moment of an epiphany the size of Antarctica!

You know one of the clues was,’… that someone- some high ranking official flew into Valdosta the night of or the night after Charley’s murder.’ I have always had my suspicions between two folks, but until the angel song- never made the direct correlation to the proper suspect. Even using that terms sends chills down my spine. No wonder Grim thought he was untouchable.

Here is your clue: Besides the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, or the Baseball Hall of Fame, or the Football Hall of Fame…what other kinds of Halls of Fame are there?

The answer to this question and the question of who flew into the big V that night lies within the celebrated figures of a specific Hall of Fame.  The answer is a huge game changer that requires some serious prep work and another round of eyes. Charley once said- finding his killer was just the tip of the iceberg and he was right!

Welcome to my Titanic!

Oh my dear Charley- what have you gotten me into?

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