New moons…new directions!


New moon…new direction…new life…new news!

Charley has had much to say and show of late! But that’s the thing about new moons; they shed new light on things previously hidden and allow for things to heal.

Has something happened or somebody close to you done or said something you have not been able to understand? This new moon will shed light into the dark corners of misunderstandings and finally allow us to bridge gaps and make amends.

If offensive-apologize. If offended-grant forgiveness.

The new moon gives as¬† much as it takes away and let’s you know that the past is now behind you. Nothing survives forever in the dark so embrace the light. New moons ask you to leave the nonsense behind- stop doubting yourself and move on with your life. Take a leap of faith and do something brave…think something novel…become something fabulous!

This June promises to be one for the books…literally!

Stay tuned…

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