“We are but a season…”


Last night they whispered in my ear…

“Expect the unexpected!”

That presents an interesting scenario as it did not say what it would be or how it would affect us. So we have a choice in how we respond to whatever it is. Remember, Karma is nothing more than lesson. It is neither good nor bad- it just is. For myself, I will pray that it is positive in nature and beneficial to my escalation.

“Expect the unexpected?”

I have learned the hard way this year to expect anything and everything. Why? Because change is difficult for many and we each respond to it in different ways. Some feel threatened and strike out. Some run and hide hoping it will pass over them without effect and some refuse to acknowledge that the only way to handle it is with grace and patience.

There are other factors that contribute to the cosmic confusion too. In Chinese Astrology, 2013 is the year of the Black Water Snake.  What does that mean? That means that this is the year of deception; that many people appear one way and act another. That each person has a different objective- agenda. That they cultivate secret alliances- have clandestine meetings and wage small wars behind your back.

How do you counter such misgivings and such unwarranted behavior?

You don’t.

You understand that they too have a need to exorcise their demons and let them be what they are. Your only job is to remain true to who you are and what your divine purpose is. You see, this is about the illusion of control. The less control you have, the tighter you cling…the tighter you cling, the less flexible you are and that makes change almost impossible.

I have wrestled with this issue  my entire life and been forced to relearn the hard way that  control, like fear is an illusion. That being said; I continue to strive to adopt the art of release and have made a conscious decision to let go of many things in my life that  no longer serve a positive purpose or present as toxic and detrimental to my evolution. This last decade has been about deconstruction and reconstruction.

What is it they say… “We are but a season?”

With the waning of spring  and the road greatly shortened to summer, the lesson of the season is rapidly changing and so too my sense of what this was all about.  This book has opened and closed many doors for me and I will do my best to respect each opportunity and dissolution it is providing. If I could orchestrate how this will all turn out I would- but alas, all I can do is pray that the readers will learn to recognize, appreciate  or mend something broken about their life through the epiphany of Charley’s death. That is my wish, though I am smart enough to know this book will come to have a life of its own and that is rightly so. Every story finds its own voice- writer’s know this instinctively and trust that the voice will guide them to the best application. This story is about the journey of discovery; discovery of murder, discovery of self, of forgiveness, and of accountability and one’s destiny. Its message is too important to try and smother with ego and will serve so many, on so many levels and in so many different ways, that it would be silly of anyone to try and direct  them all.  It is about catharsis and healing.

We are just this side of one eclipse and just on the cusp of another. Choose wise in these next few days dear readers,  as  June begins a new 12 year cycle. Follow your heart, dream big and make your life count for something. Awaken your desires and follow your higher self. Dare to be the person you dream you can be and find the power within  to forgive, forgive, forgive. It is the only way you can truly become who you are meant and to release  those things that hold you back.

The universe has our highest good in mind- trust it to lead you where you need to be.

Remember today to, ‘expect the unexpected.’  Be careful, think about what you really want at a soul level. What would you do or where you you be if you knew you couldn’t fail? Think and make a plan to move in that direction! Make a list of ten things you desire; place them in order of importance and then decide what you want vs what you really need- find a balance between them and find a way to make what happens this day to work for you and put you on that path.

It’s not just a holiday… it’s a new way to live your life!

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