Hang on to your hats!


Hang on to your hats kids! Today is 5/5… I am now 55 and the number 555 has been in my face all week. CHANGE…CHANGE…CHANGE! Also, today I heard my angel song at 2:02 and we all know what that means. Something is about to happen…something in 24 hours from now will be hugely different…something big will  happen and I am so ready for the pendulum to swing back my way on this thing. I have stalled this as long as I believe I can, trying to accommodate everything and everyone…but the truth refuses to be bartered away for everyone’s comfort and I get the feeling that the time has come to share what has been discovered and prompt what still needs to be deciphered.

Check the stars children! Today is noteworthy for a variety of reasons astrologically for all- especially Taureans and the angel song has never disappointed before. I wait with baited breath to see what the universe has in store for us and pray for my delivery! Something or someone was in my bedroom the other night on  5/1/2013 and while I am always happy to share my space, my dog was all over the place. That night I was shown several things, including the repeating numbers 777, 444, and 222. Also, the negative pattern of a dragonfly was highlighted on several walls of my bedroom. Spiritual folk get this. For those of you who do not immediately understand and are curious-GOOGLE it. Look for the symbolism of the dragonfly and I think you will find it both timely and appropriate in regards to this book. (BTW’s: This was in response to my asking for ethereal help about the cover art for the book, before slumber.)

Share your thoughts? What would you place on the cover of this book? The confirmed title is: THE THIN GRAY LINE, by T.A. Powell.

Think in regards to a line being crossed. You will understand more when you read the book. Stay tuned my dear readers, because the messages being sent from the universe says it is time. I am waiting on one word, from one source. Say a  prayer that this is the answer I have been waiting for.There have been many obstacles this past year…many thing s to consider, but it is time for life to move forward for everyone.

Remember- if you have anything to tell me about Charley, Grim, Mr. Muddy Boots, G, the pipe smoker, the shooter or the girls and the MOT…Speak now!

I will keep my ears open. I know you know more than you have been sharing, Valdosta. How do I know? Because I have not printed half of what I have learned and there are those of you who have learned and have backed away out of fear. To quote a man I once interviewed:

“…and we know more than we are telling you!”

Ouch! Who was that man Valdosta? If he is reading this along with you– he knows that I know and that will drive him crazy.

So tell me anything you have held back now Valdosta, because after the book comes out, it may be just a tad bit too late for publication… but not for the guilty to CONFESS.

Right, Grim?

Look at your own lives this year, dear readers and make something happen for yourselves. This is the year of , “I Can” and not “I could have…” or “I should have!”

Be bold. Be authentic and make your life count for something!

Four years of my life have been spent in discovery as trade for the rest of the remaining four in flannel? That’s a fair trade, don’t you think, Grim? And for those of you who have taken religious or personal umbridge with my use of psychic detectives…open your minds and hearts. There is more in earth and heaven than can be possibly understood.

As for Grim?

Are you getting nervous?

Dang, I sure would be if I were you!

Oh… by the way. Be careful driving. They showed a car wreck, sometime just before you realize that the truth is about to come  out and you decide to  confess. Golly, I can hardly wait!

Have a swell day.

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