Everything changes…


I found a message today, tucked inside another message and also inside the number of blogs that have now been posted while reviewing this case. As of the last post, in which I meant to casually walk away, I have posted 555 messages to you. According to the Angel Numbers book- 555 signifies, ‘Huge changes are rumbling throughout your entire life… stay positive so that these changes will be as positive as possible…’

So what did I do? I feared change and began to doubt. How foolish of me to think that God would ask four years of my life and take me on the most fantastic journey of my life, so that I could hide such under a bushel basket of uncertainty and fear of the unknown. And uncertainty and fear of what? Everything that I have written has been within my own experience and who has more authority about my experience than me?

No one.  Just as I cannot presume authority over another’s experience- only over my reaction to that which is shown or taught to me.

So that begs the question yet again.

Why on Sunday are we brave and boast that God-our Source is all powerful and yet on Monday morning we recant and He becomes nothing more than a puff of smoke and wisp of wind to be contemplated and feared?  For who would place the universe’s fate in the hands of a puff of smoke and a wisp of wind? A fool… or someone who understands that the puff of smoke or the wisp of wind exists only at the behest of the Source from whence it came?

The universe is more than we can possibly understand, and just because we may sometimes see ourselves as limited- we should not project that onto the universe as well. I am speaking to myself here, as I have sat back and squandered a precious gift out of momentary fear of what might happen. My fear is an apparition. Something I created to excuse myself from trusting in the universe and my individual experience.

This book, this story  is based on my experience within in it and has become a matter of faith for me now. I must relearn to trust the process and myself, and the reason it was brought to me in the first place. I am a writer. It is not only what I do, but who I am and to do and be less is a betrayal of the gifts I have been given. So, in matter of days I will turn 55. I will be 55 and 555 signifies change and for want of becoming stagnant within the confines of my own life, I must follow these new winds to where they will and trust that the universe has greater peripheral vision than the myopic purview within my own.

We humans are fools. We believe that if we build a wall, we can prevent the tides from toppling it. That if we build a bridge, we can gap any distance without additional support. That if we contort the truth it somehow disappears completely. That what can be delayed, can always be controlled and prevented. But that is a mere charade. In the end, water will seek its own level and each one of us our own path. We are but a moment in each others lives for the connection of soul, the introduction of lesson, or the segue to another. I can accept this as part of the plan. Each story has a beginning, a middle and an ending- so too with our paths.

Everything changes…our lives,  our thoughts, our perceptions and our goals. Because another’s no longer matches that of our own, does that negate the value of our own personal experience, or our own goals and destinies? No…it merely means that a path has been divided-separated by our individual experiences  and that we need to respect and honor each path.

And so, try this day to gracefully acknowledge another’s path, while standing firm to continue within the guardrails of your own- knowing that you must honor the lessons brought you both.

As I approach a new month and a new year in my life, I must concede that this April has indeed been everything it was foretold to be; tumultuous, dividing and meant for introspection and preparation for the next chapter in my life .

An early Birthday wish for us all. Trust in your own path. Trust that it may not always follow the same arch as another’s and that my friend, is the true beauty of all experience–for the universe delivers us each what we must learn in the time and fashion divined and that can never be the same, for we are each unique and qualified to be the architects of our own lives.

Follow your truth, but never assume it is the same truth as another’s.

Be authentic.

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