Gather to yourself…


Alas… the winds of change have begun to turn these pages towards a new adventure and I am asked to find a way to gracefully allow what has been to follow a new course.  Life teaches  that no one person can stand still forever in one place and so as the days begin to warm and the skies to render more blue than gray, so too new life must be allowed to blossom where death and decay reigned for so long. Charley has been kind and afforded me introduction to another adventure and so I must be soon about my way.

The next project will find its way onto these page soon; for segues to new histories and old crimes never ceases and as I am led, there I shall go. Remember this too for yourselves when you feel the tug of something new. The wheel of life continues to turn; one day you are at its top and one day at its bottom, but no matter which station you find yourself- things will always change, for it continues to turn regardless your constitution and what has been must always pass to give way to what will be. Let go of what has been and embrace that which appears upon the horizon beckoning. Never regret — regret is a sign that you have not learned something as you passed that way.

So as you move from one chapter to the next in your life, enjoy your good times and embrace the more difficult as  a way of learning. It is all about the lessons, so take heed of what can be garnered. Gather to yourself the lessons and the memories and squirrel them away to teach yourself the power within your evolution another day when you have forgotten or lost your way.  Learn to let go with gratitude when the winds whisper that the time has come to find another path…another adventure…another way and another mystery to solve —accept, smile, pick up your bag of tricks and follow a new star. The one before you always appears brighter in the sky than the one you leave behind.

No matter what star I follow…Charley will always be there before me, waiting for me to arrive.

Like he told R… we are forever.

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