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April 2, 2017


Delays…delays…detours and more delays…

What can be taking so long in the deliberation about the appeal of Columbus Stocking Strangler, Carlton Gary?

Could it be finding the truth?

Now that Columbus has begun to read the book, Lords of the Harvest: A True Crime Investigative Memoir and they understand the corruption of those who originally investigated this case-things are happening! Take for instance; they now know of the association between the DA’s father and the true prime suspect of the dead 7 elderly women of 1977- ’78, as well as the potential 8th victim in 1980, Mary Sue Ogletree. They also know that the evidence was most likley tampered hidden on purpose…DNA potentially tampered with…justice denied…cover-ups manufactured and large scale connections to other cases veiled, to protect higher-ups and community leaders.

Let’s cut to the chase, Columbus…

They didn’t use forensics to secure that “miracle” fingerprint 8 yeras after these murders were committed– they used circumstance, opportunity and racial tensions. That’s right. No actual print on the evidence–just a print on a piece of cardboard, captured from a piece of tape. This print could have come from anywhere…at anytime, other than the time of the actual crime. What remains most crystal clear is that it didn’t come from the crime scene, at the time of the murder! But the footprints did…the infamous shoe molds too! And what of the bite mold and the bite marks left on the breasts of these victims?

How is it we can capture the bite or shoe evidence of those things the nights of the crimes and yet never have them tested? Why do we test an 8 year old print that nobody can confirm came from the actual crime scene–but we deny the evidence we know was taken at the scenes?

Hmmmm…so curious to me.

And, what about the original FBI profiles?

Remember? They said the killer was an angry, white homosexual male? What ever happened to that profile for that killer? How did we go from a middle -aged white male, who evidence provides worn a size 9-91/2 sized tennis shoe, crowded lower teeth and profilers’ and physological experts suggested suckled at his mother’s breast much longer than he should have, with homsexual tendencies and sociopathic over-kill methods… to a black man who wears a size 131/2-14 size tennis shoe, no crowded lower or upper teeth, who though, dealt with drugs and low elvel burglaries…actually got a spot on local TV commercials, because his smile was so bright and his teeth so straight?

Convenience and cover-ups, my dear readers!

So much easier to peg a black man for these crimes. Nobody ever wanted to think that a white man could have committed usch crimes against a elderly white women? Not there… not in the socially elevated and emotionally stunted jewel of mid- Georgia?

No… it had to be a black man! Even though everything and most of the witness statements and testimonies–most of those hidden from the jury, claimed it was a locally, well-known white man with a history of sudden and violent behavior, who knew these women–knew their homes and their weaknesses. Yes Columbus, your well groomed, loosey-goosey landscaper and his friend who likes to hide behind the walls of history, knows the truth  about those murders…at least one of them we believe, knows all the intimate details.

Maybe you could just ask them, huh? That might help move this thing along.

What’s that you say? These pillars of the community cannot be touched and the dark and mysterious, manicured landscaper is dead! Silly citizens…the landscaper is only dead, when it’s convenient for him to be! So, let’s get real folks.

Did you relly think that a nursing home in Florida was his final resting place…or a hollow box in Cordele, Georgia? A death that suddenly cropped up, just as they were about to announce the DNA results from these cases? Hmmm… the DNA that doesn’t even match the killer you have on Death Row?

Interesting timing…no?

What if,  just like his favorite mentor, H.H. Holmes did… he simply faked his death? What if he had help? Don’t believe me? Then why, when presented with an iconic drawing connected to another set of famous serial killings out west on the Californian coast..did his elderly friend fly into a frantic rage, pack a bag and catch a flight out to California to see this person, to let them know the that somebody else was on to them?

So, let’s get real folks. Did you relly think that a nursing home was his final resting place…or a hollow box in Cordele, Georgia? Like his favorite mentor, H.H. Holmes did… he simply faked his death, collected the cash and hit the road. Don’t believe me?

Really…just a small check of his travel agendas will confirm that. Want the year? The month? The day? Want his destination address? READ THE BOOK!!!!!

Your true killer is sitting very comfortably out west, my dears–laughing in his geriatric state at the silly shenanigans that continue to plague this case; enjoying the fact that nobody seems to care. Nobody, except his associate who cannot afford to leave Colunbus or die- ‘lest someone figure this all out and screw up the illustrious history they have created for themselves!

While your killer plays video games, his dear old friend keeps the surface of justice calm in Columbus, while the whiney landscaper complains about crappy service at his local Walmart, out there on the golden coast. Does the law know about this, you say?

You betcha they do…that and a whole lot more! Even the attorneys have been advised!

So where is this case at and why so many delays?

Who is moving in and who is moving out?

Who will catch a flight, as soon as they read this blog?

Who was involved with child trafficking…sexual parties…underground military MK-ULTRA programs and the debauchery of small town officials and their particular sexual perversions?

They wanted you to think this was a racial thing…a black man angry at his lot in life, goes crazy and kills a series of white women to get back at fate. They don’t want you to know that your streets were the playground for cultic activities, or for midnight hooded haunts amongst the Georgia pines. They don’t want you to know about the men who came to town to visit…your community pillars who played hide and seek with their freaky side out under the telephone wires in Harris County and tucked behind doors and curtains in the big yellow house… or the club downtown, which made them brave enough to share their stockings and their secrets and kill those who got in their way?

Read the book Columbus–educate yourselves! Your justice is not what you believed it to be. The 1970’s has a very interesting tale to tell and you should listen! History can and sometimes does repeat itself, but to be ready or to change it… you must be edified. Read the book and call out the freaks that carried your so-called justice and covered up the truths in your town. Call out the investigators that lied, the attorneys that covered the sins of their father, in order to cover the tracks of the truly guilty and what the reality of their crimes was all about.

“Do what though wilt!”

Hide or manipulate the evidence- whatever it takes to protect those involved! What was that?  Where is all the evidence they say they gathered? Why hasn’t it been tested…given to the right people? Why such a rush to bury this all again, and again, and again? How many graves must there be, before you demand the truth? Do not the corpses of these women deserve the right to tell their story?

Who professed: ‘As above, so below?’

What was the white rabbit, the pearl and the organe about?

What was red? What was green? And why were they so important to these two men from Columbus and their cozy cohorts from California?

Remember what they say…for every Goliath, there is a stone!

Be that stone, Columbus! Learn the truth about these two men and tell the world!

The landscaper lives and if nothing else, he committed insurance fraud…but prick his finger, check his DNA and you might find your search for the real Columbus killer is over!

And what about the others? The victims in Boston, California, Denver, Atlanta and Michigan? What about Florida and Texas?

So, how many died at this cabal’s hands?

Go to now and read what the book has to share…protect yourself from the lies they have told you for over a generation and keep the men who first lied about the truth from sitting in high places again, to pass false judgment upon cases connected to the killers. This is how they deceive you…one case, one lie, one falsehood heaped upon the other…all while they stacked the justice deck and distracted you with their pompous righteousness and race baiting platitudes.

If their case is so airtight…why did and do they refuse to test the bite mold…or the shoe mold…or tell the truth about the DNA samples…or rationaly explain how DNA from a Columbus victim got in the pocket lining of a jacket of a military coat that found in Atlanta years later on a BB gun handle in another case? A jacket that belonged to the killer?

And what about the contents of the suspect’s home? Why were some things kept and some quickly bought at the estate sale at the crack of dawn by this man’s attorney? What were they trying to hide or prevent from being seen?

Ask these questions…Columbus!

Ask why the DA never recused themselves, when the original prime suspect had been in business with their father? Why was this man mysteriously pulled from the list of suspects, when the list was targeting white men and not black? Who crossed his name off the list…when and why? How did they justify this, when every other witness statement gives his name and his description? This is noted in the files found again last January, 2017!


What other cases were scooped up by the little attorney, that could have worked on more contemporary cases to build her career? Why was such focus placed on cases from the distant past?

I’ll tell you why! Because that’s where the truth and the connections exist.

Ask them about the scarf of Kathleen Woodruff…the scheduled meeting with the killer by Florence Schleible or the reason for the staging of Mary Sue’s case… or even the phenominally awkward assumptions made about the evidence in the Curry family case? Who had a grudge against them all and who was seen leaving the Curry house, covered in blood? Not the husband…

Who owned the red sports car seen in the area, that the Sheriff disregarded? A red car seen in other settings?

What 6’3″ black man could have casually wandered the streets of your town in broad daylight with a tennis racket, twirling it in his hand in the 1970’s in the white neighborhood of Wynnton and not been picked up immediately? Be honest, Columbus…then get down to business! Why don’t we ask about the marks on the victim Schleible’s face and across her back… or bruising and breaking of their collective sternums, or even the fact that the tunnels under their homes may have been used at night for people and things other than rain, rats or sewer water?

Wake-up Columbus!

Why didn’t your law enforcement share these important facts with you? Why couldn’t you be trusted with the evidence? You don’t suppose it’s because you could have figured these things out for yourselves… do you? Because fear clouded your reason and race was used to bait your sympathies. Want the truth? Stop gossiping about all the falsehoods and the victims’ families. Question the words and the excuses they shared and do your homework! Follow the facts, not the facades.

Follow the guilt…follow the money and follow the clues.

Who populates these hearings in the gallery? Why are they still so afraid new conclusions might be made from their carefully crafted narratives? Prove their theories can be true or look for another answer to the obvious questions!

The truth, my dear readers will set you free…and maybe even those in prison too, who while not perfect by any stretch and perhaps guilty of committing other crimes– were still not the ones who killed your neighbors.

They know their time has run out…the truth is right around the corner!

Stay tuned…

(*All information on these and other cases in the book, have been turned over to the appropriate authroties, well in advance of the public release of the book.)

LORDS OF THE HARVEST: A TRUE CRIME INVESTIGATIVE MEMOIR now available in both paperback and Kindle format on

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