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So what does the universe have in store for me…

June 29, 2014


Something is afoot in the cosmos…

Why do I say this?

Because the cases that I am looking at are beginning to  pile up. The other day I thought about an Athens, Georgia  case that was brought to my attention by someone I work with. Shortly after that, I was in a doctor’s office and pulled  a magazine to read and low and behold, it was a story about this same murder. Months have gone by and while I am intrigued, I have several other cases ahead before i can approach hers. The case came up again a few days ago. Then out of the blue, the woman who had told me about it in the first place, sent me a message that had to do with Linda Ronstadt- her voice and mine are apparently very, very similar. Who knew? But it was more than that- it was a mental prompt to go back to this young girl’s murder and rape.

Hmmm… are you seeing a pattern here?

Then later on, on the same day– the son of an assassinated District Attorney and the subject of my Dixie Mafia case reached out, out of the blue to digitally reconnect. Then yesterday, I casually mention the Dixie Mafia case/book in my blog and less than an hour later, my sister randomly texts me at the lake. She  had walked into a local gas station near her lake home to pick something up and saw  a magazine with an article that reminded her of me.  She called and told me to hop in my car and go there. When I got there,  the  magazine in question  was on the counter waiting for me. The  minute I saw it, I smiled. The article was about this very same assassinated D.A., and the Dixie Mafia who had taken him out. Coincidence or cosmic prompt?

Now, obviously up to my proverbial neck in the cases of several victims—I feel concerned that I am not covering enough ground for all of them soon enough and yet there is but one of me.

This Columbus case came at me like a freight train and when the universe drops something in your lap like that, it is imperative that you take heed and listen. The Stocking Strangler  victims have captured my attention, true…but there is something about the assassinated District Attorney’s murder that has captured my heart. It wasn’t until I picked up that magazine and rifled through its pages that it hit me. The second I looked at his photo, I understood why. Could it be because the victim reminds me so much of Charley and his pain, that it felt like I had reconnected with an old friend? Very possibly.

As anyone who is trying to follow divine guidance, I struggle daily with doubt that I am doing the right thing. Am I faithfully and effectively following my chosen path? Am I even worthy of such a lofty and grueling adventure? And more importantly…can I serve these victims as they deserve to be served? Their needs are so great and the luxury of my time so small. It is one thing to have the opportunity to do something like this full time and have it support you both monetarily, as well as spiritually- but there are no  funds and a complement never bought a hamburger or a pack of cigarettes, as I always say. But its not even about money. I never charge for what i do. I already have a full time job with the theatre which feeds the soul, pays the bills. Then there is school- both fall and spring that eat away at my time and in between just plain old daily living, there are children and issues with ailing in-laws… so there is nothing left for the dead some days.  When in blue blazes can I accumulate enough time, research and energy to do them all justice?

Good question, huh? And how do you balance it all so that you don’t abuse or obsess about one and neglect another?

Timing is everything my friends.

Yesterday was my first official day of vacation and so what did I do? Relax on the beach, drinking margaritas and reading somebody else? Nope! I spent the early, early morning hours (before 8) doing laundry, getting some writing and research done for my trip…later helped move some of my oldest belongings into our attic and closet spaces and then even later, ran a few more errands to the store and Home Depot- ate a salad with my husband and then at 5:00PM donned my old swim suit and spent the next 2-3 hours painting our dock! All the while, looking and listening for signs that I remain on the right track and connected to Source.

This morning I awoke around 4:00AM, went to the restroom and then lay there in bed-eyes wide open, mind on fire. I spent the next 2 hours mentally  reworking the opening for my next production-which doesn’t even begin rehearsals until late JULY! Even my brain has trouble going on vacation!

So what does the universe have in store for me that my body and mind feel they cannot stop or find the luxury of blank space? What is it that the cosmos has me preparing for, that I do not know I am preparing for?

Something is afoot in the cosmos, my dear friends. You can feel it, but can you call it by name yet?


For you , RC Christian…

June 28, 2014


I am exhausted and yet exalted. Work now takes a back seat, as I am on vacation and moving forward on the current case of the Columbus Strangler of 1977. I know we promised that the Dixie Mafia book would take precedence after Charley’s book and yet the angels delivered this case in the middle of that book and I must have needs of following where they will lead. There was an urgency about this case; mostly because men sit on death row for these crimes and their innocence cannot be exclaimed unless the guilt of others is brought forth…spirit has a job fro me to do and I am compelled to do it.

I am being asked to trust the universe- to follow my divine calling which involves my intellect, my talents and my passions.

Shall we dive further into this case?

Recent readings with R have brought forth much information- some I will share, so that you understand spirit has the intention of bringing this case forward…

“…The speak of a man named Allen or Alan…Who is this? Do you understand this name? This is a person you have met or perhaps will meet  soon- be aware of their significance in this matter. They have information for you.”

I mention a name.

“…Who is this? They show me a man who is packing bags- he is about to travel. He took a trip then as well. October 17, 1977- look to this date around the times of the murders. This person went somewhere- where did he go? west…far west. It feels desert like–very hot—feels like Palm Springs. This person met another man. Another man- a mentor. He is non-reactive- a mentor associated with this cult. He is in charge. Looks the part- lots of money- keeps folks calm…”

She mentions another name- a full name which is not usual to receive…I record it and am told to beware of this person. The initials are G.F.

“…They mention a shape. They describe this to me. It is an inverted triangle- the numbers 7212 are mentioned. Again they mention 7212 Willow- an address perhaps? They mention page 42- read this! It is in a stack of papers on your desk- find this. Jeremiah 14:10. read this- they mention that an individual involved with this, uses this against people; a bible-thumper who uses this passage to justify their actions– to manipulate people…”

I recall the information for the occult, the Knights of the Golden Circle and the initiation rite mentioned in the diary of John Surrat-perhaps there- that is the page of reference they are pointing me to? The page where the initiate is blindfolded- chest pierced with ceremonial knife and they are forced to kneel on the chest of a corpse as they chant the three words over and over…

“…A light red scarf. Who wears this? They are different from the rest- what are they talking about this? They say- look at the lady with the red scarf. Look at her photos-look harder! The lady with the red scarf- one of them talks to her husband he [the killer] tells him bout his cold…”

“…They mention a hawk- find out abut the hawk. Who owned this? was into hawks- had them on the property? A taxidermied hawk…hunting is mentioned? Who hunted the rabbits?”

I record everything.

“…They are back to the man. The man who likes cyphers and symbols. He is packing his bags- he’s going on a trip again out West. It is important. This man is associated with a symbol; a circle with many lines. It looks astrological – it is the Zodiak.  His energy feels dangerous…be careful. They keep showing him packing his bags- seen as the old man he is now.”

This all I can share. This is all I will share.

A riddle for you!

If April showers bring May flowers…will it also bring May’s Folly?

For you , RC Christian.

Now do you understand the need for selective sharing of my findings?

June 21, 2014


Welcome to the Summer Solstice, on the officially longest day of the year. A day when night and day are equal…when the stars and sun will hold equal time in the sky. This, is a new beginning for all. For 2014, it was clear that the first half of the year was posed for introspection, for lessons and for learning the art of manifestation. If you have done your homework well, this next half of the year should bring you those manifestations–so I hope you were careful in what you wished for.

I have been so eager to write these past few weeks and yet it was more important for me to be completely in the moments of my life. As a writer, I spend so much time in my head. As a spiritualist, I spend equal amounts of time in discovery and so it has been very difficult for me of late to find time to simply communicate. Work, as always demands so much of my time and when I am working on a case in addition, the research binds up so much of the rest of it, that I can barely breathe. But with this case…a good bit of research has already been provided and it has become  more about waiting for spirit to help me flesh out earlier notes and plot my course.

This is a dangerous case.

To be true, the victims have all passed… but again as in Charley’s case- not all of the killers. Killers, as in plural? Yes… there was more than one person who committed these atrocities, though according to the Columbus police and it’s native communal media archives, they tout only one man committed these original 7 stranglulations and stabbings. That  man now sits rotting in a prison for these murders. His name is Carlton Gary. I will not say that this man is innocent of all crime, for in fact he is known as a convicted thief- but in this instance…DNA samples, dental molds and forensic footprint evidence can prove his INNOCENCE of these murders. That is if the current DA will honor professional obligations to preview and present ALL evidence to an unbiased jury for discovery and deliberation. NO evidence suggests he is one of the killers, save for a small partial fingerprint allegedly left at one of the crime scenes. This evidence however, smacks of being planted. Why? Because it was never identified as being there when the crime scene was  originally investigated, but suddenly appeared years later- after a CPD officer had visited Mr. Gary in another state. Amazing how it suddenly was discovered. Convenient, you say? You have no idea, just how convenient this evidence became.

Why? Because, just like in Valdosta and Charley’s murder, it gave the  local law enforcement and community officials, who may have been compromised otherwise… a most palatable scapegoat and a chance to end the digging into the private affairs of folks who could not afford to be outed. Remember, racial intolerance was at its peak of volatility in the 70’s, so the remedy was cheap and easy.  Also, it allowed for the continued protection of the twisted secret underground activities of Columbus’s misogynistic patrons of the 70’s, to continue in their private, perverted lives…especially in the face of  rising homophobia.

What does homosexuality have to do with the brutal rapes and strangulations of seven elderly straight white women in Columbus, Georgia in 1977/78?

Dear readers, this is such a guttural and sordid tale of power, money and sexual perversion… They say murder makes for strange bedfellows and in this case, where certain individuals could not allow the secrets and perversions of their underground lives to become public, its truth screams volumes. It was not a black vs white series of murders, as the current officials traditional spoon-fed interpretation suggests. This series of heinous murders had nothing to do with the disparity of wealth vs poverty, or the media ginned  racial intolerance your community law officials want you to believe it was.  These murders had to do with protecting the identities of a debauched underground  fraternity, whose perverse carnal appetites and occult rituals were so offensive and barbaric, that they chose these women as sacrificial lambs for initiation rites and ritual purposes.

Too bizarre for you to believe?

That’s what I thought, until…

The investigation of this case remains dangerous as the closer you look, the more you will come to recognize the killers’ collective actions and MO’s  demonstrate an intimate understanding and adherence to those MO’s of the Boston Strangler and the Zodiak Killer.

Now do you understand the need for selective sharing of my findings?

Enjoy the solstice, dear readers…and pray for the eventual light of truth  which can and will help to illuminate the real motivations of the Columbus Strangler’s slayings, the conspiracy to cover up the truth about those involved and the intimate details from each of its ethereal victim’s, as they  help me to bring justice and honor for their sacrifice.

Sometimes in what I do…

June 20, 2014


Sometimes in what I do, it is safer to keep quiet and fly under the radar…now is one of those times. You will learn why shortly.

Be safe…stay tuned.

What had I asked for?

June 8, 2014


As always when I hear my angle song there is a message, an answer to a question or a sign pointing the way. It took me  a day to recognize what it was, but it was finally received. After hearing the song, I kept my eyes and ears open for it. Never knowing how spirit decides to deliver these things, you must be ever vigilant, lest you miss it. Later in the day my husband and I went out to run an errand and we passed a church and the sign read, “God answers prayers.” I silently agreed and went back to concentrating on petty matters instead. Because I did not receive the message or the miracle in the package I desired it…I missed it for another 24 hours.

It wasn’t until R asked the next day if I had received an ah-ha moment that it hit me.  I actually started to say no, nothing had come through and then realized-I  am an idiot!

What had I asked for? “An undeniably recognizable sign that the angels were still with me, that I was still connected and on the right path.” But not just any old sign- I wanted something so specific to me that there was no way I could not recognize it. Then, just like a politician, I rolled in a bunch of other desires about the path of my writing, questions about real estate matters and like pork barreling, the message became convoluted with angst.

I had asked for a specific sign of connectivity, whether God was still listening to my prayers, if I was on the right path and what more specific sign could there be for me that the connection was both strong and real– than to have my angel song, Adam Lambert’s, “What Do You want From Me?”  blaring on the radio at a time I would normally have not been in a car to even hear it, followed by a direct quote later in the day on a huge sign  that said in bold letters-“God answers prayers!”?

When I finally realized the message had been delivered in plain English and rather direct, I laughed and felt as though spirit was probably jumping up and down, and with big red arrows pointing to the sign and yelling, “Hello! Over here kiddo…How much more direct do you need us to get?”

Some days I am remedial at best and greedy too! lol

Asking still for further guidance and understanding that it is necessary to get outside my head… I went outside  to clean the beach and walk  in the water. Reflecting on my recent myopic communications with spirit and other issues, I began picking up driftwood and debris and noted that for the first time in many, many months…the pure act of being present within the physical world allowed me to release silly anxieties over work and relocation decisions. Exercising muscles that have been way too dormant sitting at a desk, I took in deep breaths of fresh air and dug deeper into the shoreline with my rake. The sand shifted and released recent deposits and then suddenly a random wave reshuffled  the debris and I became frustrated with having just lost the results of my hard labor. Annoyed, I bent over to remove another clump of leaves and sticks and as I did, a beautiful gray and white feather floated through another wave of  lawn clippings, and driftwood fragments and landed at my feet.

Again, spirit was trying its best to remind me I have not been forgotten. A feather is alerting you that another important message is on its way!

So obsessed about my earthly concerns, I have ignorantly clogged my ability to appreciate the more subtle messages from spirit… or rather, so accustomed to this constant gentle repartee between myself and spirit now that I have forgotten the amazing reality of what has happened to me over the past few years.

Why do we do this? Why do we pray for a spiritual connection to Source…shock and awe at its arrival and then even as we awe at the unbelievable, we begin to see it as a new found commodity and forget how amazing it all is in the first place?

I was a schmuck. I had not only forgotten how amazing the conscious and physical realm connection to Source  was, I had forgotten just how incredible my own work resulting from it is—how it effects me and how it ultimately effects others through me. I had forgotten to appreciate the simple connection or how to allow myself to enjoy the accomplishments of my endeavors–to take time to let it do what it needs to do and to allow myself to rest and  recharge my energies in between projects–to recognize that there is a season to all things, all efforts and all outcomes.

So eager to change the world I had frustrated myself and others by demanding the world and I keep to the same pace. It does not and should not; thus the frustrations of an over achiever.

Allowing the world to revolve at its own pace, I went back to mine and tried to start over again the next day. Earlier I had  asked for inspiration  for this next book…and suddenly remembered what had come through in a reading with R that perplexed me about the killer’s behavior and something  heard in passing from a History Channel segment on the Civil War and Lincoln’s assassination.

So how do we tie the two together?

In the reading with R and the victims of the Columbus Strangler…each one commented on the killer(s), kneeling on their chest-fixating on the tremendous crushing weight on their chests- even so much so, that the sternum on several of these victims was broken. Once I opened up to receiving guidance and let the other daily nonsense of my personal dramas be set aside…I was directed back to the thought of this show. Though I could not find access tot he manuscript mentioned in the documentary, I was able to find something else, by following a trail of intuition. I found exactly what I needed through an antiquated document written by the co-conspirator to John Wilkes Booth, John Surrat…his diary as a co-conspirator and his induction into the Knights of the Golden Circle.

The initiation ceremony is described in great detail…it matches the killer’s MO.

I heard my angel song this morning…

June 3, 2014


I heard my angel song this morning…you all know what that means!

Stay tuned.

Here are just a few of the notes taken from the shorthand of the dead…

June 1, 2014


In 13 days it will be one year since the publication of the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE: A True Crime Investigative Memoir.

Where are we after a year of exposure?

Where am I after a year of exposure?


How many of you have read this book, agreed with its premise and then still held back from sharing your secrets and your information out of fear?

How many of you can identify the characters in the book?

Who is this Grim who still walks amongst you and laughs at your inability to pursue justice?

Who is Einstein who kicked and beat people…whose hands help strangle young girls and who now lingers waiting for death without consequence?

Who was the lawyer, then judge,  then lawyer again who knew Charley’s death was not suicide- but covered up for others in law enforcement because it would not reflect well on himself either?

Who was the MOT? The Man On Tape who spilled his guts about the porn circuit, the gambling and the other murders that went unnoticed by your masses and then became a victim himself?

Who were the two young women (Jessica and Roxanne) who lost their lives because of corrupt law? Because men in uniform and those in high state positions could not afford to have their wives know of their debauched dealings with them? Who  had them erased from this earth as inconvenient evidence…or impediments to their political aspirations?

What fishing lake just south of the border holds the evidence that will hang them all?

Ask me…I will confirm or deny your guesstimates.

This is why it is hard for me some days to move forward with other investigations. The work is done- the information shared and then law enforcement and society drop the ball and the guilty go free. Spirit asks that I keep my eye on the steps given and not on the end game-that is for someone else to move forward. My portion of this is only to bring the issue to light, help heal those in need and let the judgements come from Source.I confess it is very hard after so long and so much personal investment in the process.

This next case about the Columbus Strangler Serial Killer(s) is a horrendous gathering of brutal acts committed against elderly white women in the wealthy section of  Wynnton in Columbus, Georgia in 1977. Is this case racist in nature?


But it was meant to be portrayed as much by the killer, so that the wrong suspects might be incarcerated and the true villain(s) could continue to go free.

Let me ask you a question…

If either of these murders or series of  murders happened today, would you be as complacent about their banal outcome?

If Charley had been your father, friend or neighbor… would you be so quiet about the questions surrounding his murder?

If any of the 8 elderly women who were strangled in Columbus, Georgia  in 1977; brutally beaten and raped, were your grandmother… or even your elderly mother… would you be so lazy about investigating the evidence or prosecuting their killers?

Today is a day for me to give voice to my frustrations. I sit here at my desk and weep internally at the inhumanity of how these people were taken from us and marvel at the lack of interest  in their catastrophic passing’s. Are any of them relatives to me? No…I have no dog in this hunt. But have we become so disconnected, so jaded, so insensitive to death, that we no longer are capable of generating tears for those of no relation who have suffered such atrocities? Have we become so self-absorbed and ego oriented that we can no longer feel one another’s pain? How sad…how sad that our world’s have become so small and yet so distant from one another.

I have not published all of the interviews of the dead- but when I do, you will see that the last moments of these women’s lives are filled with the pains and confusion of what they felt and saw in those  final seconds… you will learn what they carried into eternity and relive over and over, while their killer(s) languish in their self proclaimed glory and their public innocence.

Here are just a few of the notes taken from the shorthand of the dead…

Victim: This victim opens her ethereal interview with her fixation on being cold…she’s so cold…is a window left open? A door? He says the 3 words into her ears as she dies.

Victim: She is still confused about why he has done this to her, but  left the jewelry on the floor beside her… she points to the hallway. Again, he whispers the 3 words into her ears as she dies.

Victim: She  cannot get over the pain in her foot…is it twisted? Is it broken? She is laying face down. He says the 3 words at the end.

Victim: Her  head hurts so badly, she cannot concentrate on anything else. Why did he do this? She was so gracious with him…went to prepare him a drink. He whispers the 3 words into her eras as she takes her last breath.

Victim: Her wrists hurt so bad- they are tied with cords- she is bound. She was getting ready to eat- he talks about her silverware. There is great pressure to her abdominal area- what is this? What is he doing and why?  He leaves- he has seen somebody outside. She survives.

Victim: She cannot breathe- her chest is so compressed- so much weight there. There is another bedroom association. She tries to crawl away–he drags her back by her ankles. He had the tennis racket with him that day.

There is more information…so much more.

These are just a few of  the thoughts and the emotions that continue to follow these woman across the veil.

It is my job to help bring healing to those on the other side of the veil through my investigation on this side.

Justice is coming. I must continue to keep this as my mantra, as I can ill afford to do otherwise in the light of such tragedies. Spirit asks that I leave my doubts behind, continue on my path and reminds me  that my efforts to ease another’s pain are worthy. Today, I shall hold onto that and pray that my intentions honor their sacrifice.

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