For you , RC Christian…


I am exhausted and yet exalted. Work now takes a back seat, as I am on vacation and moving forward on the current case of the Columbus Strangler of 1977. I know we promised that the Dixie Mafia book would take precedence after Charley’s book and yet the angels delivered this case in the middle of that book and I must have needs of following where they will lead. There was an urgency about this case; mostly because men sit on death row for these crimes and their innocence cannot be exclaimed unless the guilt of others is brought forth…spirit has a job fro me to do and I am compelled to do it.

I am being asked to trust the universe- to follow my divine calling which involves my intellect, my talents and my passions.

Shall we dive further into this case?

Recent readings with R have brought forth much information- some I will share, so that you understand spirit has the intention of bringing this case forward…

“…The speak of a man named Allen or Alan…Who is this? Do you understand this name? This is a person you have met or perhaps will meet  soon- be aware of their significance in this matter. They have information for you.”

I mention a name.

“…Who is this? They show me a man who is packing bags- he is about to travel. He took a trip then as well. October 17, 1977- look to this date around the times of the murders. This person went somewhere- where did he go? west…far west. It feels desert like–very hot—feels like Palm Springs. This person met another man. Another man- a mentor. He is non-reactive- a mentor associated with this cult. He is in charge. Looks the part- lots of money- keeps folks calm…”

She mentions another name- a full name which is not usual to receive…I record it and am told to beware of this person. The initials are G.F.

“…They mention a shape. They describe this to me. It is an inverted triangle- the numbers 7212 are mentioned. Again they mention 7212 Willow- an address perhaps? They mention page 42- read this! It is in a stack of papers on your desk- find this. Jeremiah 14:10. read this- they mention that an individual involved with this, uses this against people; a bible-thumper who uses this passage to justify their actions– to manipulate people…”

I recall the information for the occult, the Knights of the Golden Circle and the initiation rite mentioned in the diary of John Surrat-perhaps there- that is the page of reference they are pointing me to? The page where the initiate is blindfolded- chest pierced with ceremonial knife and they are forced to kneel on the chest of a corpse as they chant the three words over and over…

“…A light red scarf. Who wears this? They are different from the rest- what are they talking about this? They say- look at the lady with the red scarf. Look at her photos-look harder! The lady with the red scarf- one of them talks to her husband he [the killer] tells him bout his cold…”

“…They mention a hawk- find out abut the hawk. Who owned this? was into hawks- had them on the property? A taxidermied hawk…hunting is mentioned? Who hunted the rabbits?”

I record everything.

“…They are back to the man. The man who likes cyphers and symbols. He is packing his bags- he’s going on a trip again out West. It is important. This man is associated with a symbol; a circle with many lines. It looks astrological – it is the Zodiak.  His energy feels dangerous…be careful. They keep showing him packing his bags- seen as the old man he is now.”

This all I can share. This is all I will share.

A riddle for you!

If April showers bring May flowers…will it also bring May’s Folly?

For you , RC Christian.

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