So what does the universe have in store for me…


Something is afoot in the cosmos…

Why do I say this?

Because the cases that I am looking at are beginning to  pile up. The other day I thought about an Athens, Georgia  case that was brought to my attention by someone I work with. Shortly after that, I was in a doctor’s office and pulled  a magazine to read and low and behold, it was a story about this same murder. Months have gone by and while I am intrigued, I have several other cases ahead before i can approach hers. The case came up again a few days ago. Then out of the blue, the woman who had told me about it in the first place, sent me a message that had to do with Linda Ronstadt- her voice and mine are apparently very, very similar. Who knew? But it was more than that- it was a mental prompt to go back to this young girl’s murder and rape.

Hmmm… are you seeing a pattern here?

Then later on, on the same day– the son of an assassinated District Attorney and the subject of my Dixie Mafia case reached out, out of the blue to digitally reconnect. Then yesterday, I casually mention the Dixie Mafia case/book in my blog and less than an hour later, my sister randomly texts me at the lake. She  had walked into a local gas station near her lake home to pick something up and saw  a magazine with an article that reminded her of me.  She called and told me to hop in my car and go there. When I got there,  the  magazine in question  was on the counter waiting for me. The  minute I saw it, I smiled. The article was about this very same assassinated D.A., and the Dixie Mafia who had taken him out. Coincidence or cosmic prompt?

Now, obviously up to my proverbial neck in the cases of several victims—I feel concerned that I am not covering enough ground for all of them soon enough and yet there is but one of me.

This Columbus case came at me like a freight train and when the universe drops something in your lap like that, it is imperative that you take heed and listen. The Stocking Strangler  victims have captured my attention, true…but there is something about the assassinated District Attorney’s murder that has captured my heart. It wasn’t until I picked up that magazine and rifled through its pages that it hit me. The second I looked at his photo, I understood why. Could it be because the victim reminds me so much of Charley and his pain, that it felt like I had reconnected with an old friend? Very possibly.

As anyone who is trying to follow divine guidance, I struggle daily with doubt that I am doing the right thing. Am I faithfully and effectively following my chosen path? Am I even worthy of such a lofty and grueling adventure? And more importantly…can I serve these victims as they deserve to be served? Their needs are so great and the luxury of my time so small. It is one thing to have the opportunity to do something like this full time and have it support you both monetarily, as well as spiritually- but there are no  funds and a complement never bought a hamburger or a pack of cigarettes, as I always say. But its not even about money. I never charge for what i do. I already have a full time job with the theatre which feeds the soul, pays the bills. Then there is school- both fall and spring that eat away at my time and in between just plain old daily living, there are children and issues with ailing in-laws… so there is nothing left for the dead some days.  When in blue blazes can I accumulate enough time, research and energy to do them all justice?

Good question, huh? And how do you balance it all so that you don’t abuse or obsess about one and neglect another?

Timing is everything my friends.

Yesterday was my first official day of vacation and so what did I do? Relax on the beach, drinking margaritas and reading somebody else? Nope! I spent the early, early morning hours (before 8) doing laundry, getting some writing and research done for my trip…later helped move some of my oldest belongings into our attic and closet spaces and then even later, ran a few more errands to the store and Home Depot- ate a salad with my husband and then at 5:00PM donned my old swim suit and spent the next 2-3 hours painting our dock! All the while, looking and listening for signs that I remain on the right track and connected to Source.

This morning I awoke around 4:00AM, went to the restroom and then lay there in bed-eyes wide open, mind on fire. I spent the next 2 hours mentally  reworking the opening for my next production-which doesn’t even begin rehearsals until late JULY! Even my brain has trouble going on vacation!

So what does the universe have in store for me that my body and mind feel they cannot stop or find the luxury of blank space? What is it that the cosmos has me preparing for, that I do not know I am preparing for?

Something is afoot in the cosmos, my dear friends. You can feel it, but can you call it by name yet?


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