The message came through at 4:44PM…


Happy 4th…

The universe has been very kind to me this week. Even though this is my vacation- it has been a working vacation and this will be my first day of actual rest. Until this morning, I have been on highways and by-ways chasing down interviews, landmarks and research.

So what requires me to work so hard on my vacation? Murder, plain and simple. Because I have a full time job and occasionally a life- my hours are limited and of course once August descends…academics will come back into play and my moments for discovery diminished all together.

After a disappointment in regards to real estate- spirit has prompted that it was not the right place for where I will need to be later. A boatload of feathers and divine messages later- I am uncertain if my heart agrees, but that is ego talking and so I must continue to trust and surrender that the universe knows best. Now, back to my discoveries.

Last week there was such a build, that you could almost feel the steps being constructed beneath you. After a deliberate absence, Mercury retrograde was finally over on July 1st and I can tell you that when they said things would pick up then- they were right. As you know, random feathers appearing before  you signify divine messages are impending. I counted at least 8 in the many days leading up to the  end of the month. Friday I closed a show- Saturday I handled relocation issues for a child and readied property for a potential showing. Sunday I wrote and did research…and laundry …and painted a dock and…packed and…filled a refrigerator for the house sitter.

Again, more feathers appeared! On a more personal note; the picture of my parents on my bedside table will fall over when  messages or signs from them need to be recognized.  Last week it fell 4 times- including the moments before I left for Columbus. In addition- the number patterns were on fire. 555 and 999 where at the top of the list. The number 555 signifies huge changes are coming and the 999 signifies the end of a cycle.

So what did all this feather dropping, number crunching and picture falling signify? Well…

Just before I packed my computer, I checked my messages. Two of my contacts for Columbus were still coordinating personal agendas and so I was checking for late entries and requests. So what do you think was there instead? Think feathers! Among a myriad of the usual internet information fodder, stood out an email address that came through my web site. The address belonged to an individual who had been intimately involved in the beginning of my investigation of Charley’s murder; a person whom I had not spoken with in several years and was very uncertain how they would feel to engage, now that the investigation had led me somewhere I felt we both were not be happy it went. My heart simply stopped as I tried to assess the email’s implications. The book had just passed its first anniversary and for the life of me I could not understand why – if they had known of the book’s evolution for over 5 years, had they just responded to its information now?  Was this the important message the feathers had eluded to? My hands became unsteady as I loaded the computer into the car. Why was this person reaching out now? Had they not read the book yet? Scheduling issues did not allow for an immediate response- I had already been delayed by familial complications  for over 3 hours and so we hit the road rushed. Worried that I had misread another sign along the way, the message preyed upon my equilibrium for hours. As the rain poured and the roadway slipped under my wet tires rushing towards 1977 and the tormented citizens of Columbus, Georgia who lost seven matriarchs to a serial killer…I kept to myself  and waited to see what the universe and this courier had to say.

Synchronicity abounded throughout this trip and the information garnered for my Columbus case, invaluable. What was found in Columbus was significant and I will share some at a later date.

What was the message from the universe and the author of the email? What did this have to do with Charley?

I was actually in the middle of an interview and could not answer my phone as it vibrated inside my purse. The message came through at exactly 4:44PM. When the  interview was over, I gathered my things. Later when time allowed I listened and realized that for some, Karma came full circle.

Those of you well versed in angel numbers and numerology will understand the meaning of the number pattern 444 best.

To the author of the voicemail…thank you.

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