Who was buried, but perhaps never died?


Tomorrow holds great spiritual significance…July 7, 2014. Why?

July is the 7th month, 7th is the 7th day of the month and 2014 adds up to the number 7 = 777

In angel numbers that means that you are on track in every area of your life, and that is a beautiful thing. Today however, it is still the 6th and that comes with its own blessings. Again, why? Because now that Mercury retrograde and its shadow effects are waning, blissful and meaningful movement on all fronts is being achieved. This includes my research and findings on the Columbus Strangler case of 1977.

Oh Columbus…there is so much there that lies hidden to the untrained eye and yet, that is exactly what they are counting on. Who are they? Well, they are what’s left of an underground brotherhood who borrowed secrets, gold and rituals from the ancients and  a few of  history’s misfits and then pasted them on the sidewalks and backyards of your historic districts as decoration and distraction. They hi-jacked the movement of the ancients to provide vehicle for their own twisted perversions and then wrapped them up in fur and a new world order to give them sanction…but what did they really change?

They asked to reduce the world populous to a number befitting their needs…encrypted it in foreign tongue, aligned it with the stars and paid for it with Confederate gold. High atop another hill it sits as tribute, but whose population did they begin to decrease first? Yours- by 7…the women and several more of the queens of Wynnton who fell prey to consequence. As the ancients might say and the local gods would agree,  ‘As above, so below?’  Who traveled St. Elmo in the night  by foot and measured his steps by 9 and 1/2 ? Who not only bit the hand that fed him, but the breast as well? Who bought the lanterns from across the pond, when they could have been purchased down the street? Who could afford the authenticity of their perversion and understood the  connection of White Chapel Station, where Jack the Ripper plied his trade and then retreated to the underground get-a-way of the  Strangler’s route? Whose friend buries bodies, like gold in the basement of the local fool?

Who once wore a cap of brown to disguise his lack of masculinity, flew over the sand and used Spellcheck to hide his intellect?

Who was buried, but perhaps never died and who was buried before a shed without memorial?

The Trinity knows…

So shall we talk about your true history or shall we sing and dance about the streets of Broadway and try to hide the symbolism behind it all?


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