Now do you understand the need for selective sharing of my findings?


Welcome to the Summer Solstice, on the officially longest day of the year. A day when night and day are equal…when the stars and sun will hold equal time in the sky. This, is a new beginning for all. For 2014, it was clear that the first half of the year was posed for introspection, for lessons and for learning the art of manifestation. If you have done your homework well, this next half of the year should bring you those manifestations–so I hope you were careful in what you wished for.

I have been so eager to write these past few weeks and yet it was more important for me to be completely in the moments of my life. As a writer, I spend so much time in my head. As a spiritualist, I spend equal amounts of time in discovery and so it has been very difficult for me of late to find time to simply communicate. Work, as always demands so much of my time and when I am working on a case in addition, the research binds up so much of the rest of it, that I can barely breathe. But with this case…a good bit of research has already been provided and it has become  more about waiting for spirit to help me flesh out earlier notes and plot my course.

This is a dangerous case.

To be true, the victims have all passed… but again as in Charley’s case- not all of the killers. Killers, as in plural? Yes… there was more than one person who committed these atrocities, though according to the Columbus police and it’s native communal media archives, they tout only one man committed these original 7 stranglulations and stabbings. That  man now sits rotting in a prison for these murders. His name is Carlton Gary. I will not say that this man is innocent of all crime, for in fact he is known as a convicted thief- but in this instance…DNA samples, dental molds and forensic footprint evidence can prove his INNOCENCE of these murders. That is if the current DA will honor professional obligations to preview and present ALL evidence to an unbiased jury for discovery and deliberation. NO evidence suggests he is one of the killers, save for a small partial fingerprint allegedly left at one of the crime scenes. This evidence however, smacks of being planted. Why? Because it was never identified as being there when the crime scene was  originally investigated, but suddenly appeared years later- after a CPD officer had visited Mr. Gary in another state. Amazing how it suddenly was discovered. Convenient, you say? You have no idea, just how convenient this evidence became.

Why? Because, just like in Valdosta and Charley’s murder, it gave the  local law enforcement and community officials, who may have been compromised otherwise… a most palatable scapegoat and a chance to end the digging into the private affairs of folks who could not afford to be outed. Remember, racial intolerance was at its peak of volatility in the 70’s, so the remedy was cheap and easy.  Also, it allowed for the continued protection of the twisted secret underground activities of Columbus’s misogynistic patrons of the 70’s, to continue in their private, perverted lives…especially in the face of  rising homophobia.

What does homosexuality have to do with the brutal rapes and strangulations of seven elderly straight white women in Columbus, Georgia in 1977/78?

Dear readers, this is such a guttural and sordid tale of power, money and sexual perversion… They say murder makes for strange bedfellows and in this case, where certain individuals could not allow the secrets and perversions of their underground lives to become public, its truth screams volumes. It was not a black vs white series of murders, as the current officials traditional spoon-fed interpretation suggests. This series of heinous murders had nothing to do with the disparity of wealth vs poverty, or the media ginned  racial intolerance your community law officials want you to believe it was.  These murders had to do with protecting the identities of a debauched underground  fraternity, whose perverse carnal appetites and occult rituals were so offensive and barbaric, that they chose these women as sacrificial lambs for initiation rites and ritual purposes.

Too bizarre for you to believe?

That’s what I thought, until…

The investigation of this case remains dangerous as the closer you look, the more you will come to recognize the killers’ collective actions and MO’s  demonstrate an intimate understanding and adherence to those MO’s of the Boston Strangler and the Zodiak Killer.

Now do you understand the need for selective sharing of my findings?

Enjoy the solstice, dear readers…and pray for the eventual light of truth  which can and will help to illuminate the real motivations of the Columbus Strangler’s slayings, the conspiracy to cover up the truth about those involved and the intimate details from each of its ethereal victim’s, as they  help me to bring justice and honor for their sacrifice.

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