Here are just a few of the notes taken from the shorthand of the dead…


In 13 days it will be one year since the publication of the book, THE THIN GRAY LINE: A True Crime Investigative Memoir.

Where are we after a year of exposure?

Where am I after a year of exposure?


How many of you have read this book, agreed with its premise and then still held back from sharing your secrets and your information out of fear?

How many of you can identify the characters in the book?

Who is this Grim who still walks amongst you and laughs at your inability to pursue justice?

Who is Einstein who kicked and beat people…whose hands help strangle young girls and who now lingers waiting for death without consequence?

Who was the lawyer, then judge,  then lawyer again who knew Charley’s death was not suicide- but covered up for others in law enforcement because it would not reflect well on himself either?

Who was the MOT? The Man On Tape who spilled his guts about the porn circuit, the gambling and the other murders that went unnoticed by your masses and then became a victim himself?

Who were the two young women (Jessica and Roxanne) who lost their lives because of corrupt law? Because men in uniform and those in high state positions could not afford to have their wives know of their debauched dealings with them? Who  had them erased from this earth as inconvenient evidence…or impediments to their political aspirations?

What fishing lake just south of the border holds the evidence that will hang them all?

Ask me…I will confirm or deny your guesstimates.

This is why it is hard for me some days to move forward with other investigations. The work is done- the information shared and then law enforcement and society drop the ball and the guilty go free. Spirit asks that I keep my eye on the steps given and not on the end game-that is for someone else to move forward. My portion of this is only to bring the issue to light, help heal those in need and let the judgements come from Source.I confess it is very hard after so long and so much personal investment in the process.

This next case about the Columbus Strangler Serial Killer(s) is a horrendous gathering of brutal acts committed against elderly white women in the wealthy section of  Wynnton in Columbus, Georgia in 1977. Is this case racist in nature?


But it was meant to be portrayed as much by the killer, so that the wrong suspects might be incarcerated and the true villain(s) could continue to go free.

Let me ask you a question…

If either of these murders or series of  murders happened today, would you be as complacent about their banal outcome?

If Charley had been your father, friend or neighbor… would you be so quiet about the questions surrounding his murder?

If any of the 8 elderly women who were strangled in Columbus, Georgia  in 1977; brutally beaten and raped, were your grandmother… or even your elderly mother… would you be so lazy about investigating the evidence or prosecuting their killers?

Today is a day for me to give voice to my frustrations. I sit here at my desk and weep internally at the inhumanity of how these people were taken from us and marvel at the lack of interest  in their catastrophic passing’s. Are any of them relatives to me? No…I have no dog in this hunt. But have we become so disconnected, so jaded, so insensitive to death, that we no longer are capable of generating tears for those of no relation who have suffered such atrocities? Have we become so self-absorbed and ego oriented that we can no longer feel one another’s pain? How sad…how sad that our world’s have become so small and yet so distant from one another.

I have not published all of the interviews of the dead- but when I do, you will see that the last moments of these women’s lives are filled with the pains and confusion of what they felt and saw in those  final seconds… you will learn what they carried into eternity and relive over and over, while their killer(s) languish in their self proclaimed glory and their public innocence.

Here are just a few of the notes taken from the shorthand of the dead…

Victim: This victim opens her ethereal interview with her fixation on being cold…she’s so cold…is a window left open? A door? He says the 3 words into her ears as she dies.

Victim: She is still confused about why he has done this to her, but  left the jewelry on the floor beside her… she points to the hallway. Again, he whispers the 3 words into her ears as she dies.

Victim: She  cannot get over the pain in her foot…is it twisted? Is it broken? She is laying face down. He says the 3 words at the end.

Victim: Her  head hurts so badly, she cannot concentrate on anything else. Why did he do this? She was so gracious with him…went to prepare him a drink. He whispers the 3 words into her eras as she takes her last breath.

Victim: Her wrists hurt so bad- they are tied with cords- she is bound. She was getting ready to eat- he talks about her silverware. There is great pressure to her abdominal area- what is this? What is he doing and why?  He leaves- he has seen somebody outside. She survives.

Victim: She cannot breathe- her chest is so compressed- so much weight there. There is another bedroom association. She tries to crawl away–he drags her back by her ankles. He had the tennis racket with him that day.

There is more information…so much more.

These are just a few of  the thoughts and the emotions that continue to follow these woman across the veil.

It is my job to help bring healing to those on the other side of the veil through my investigation on this side.

Justice is coming. I must continue to keep this as my mantra, as I can ill afford to do otherwise in the light of such tragedies. Spirit asks that I leave my doubts behind, continue on my path and reminds me  that my efforts to ease another’s pain are worthy. Today, I shall hold onto that and pray that my intentions honor their sacrifice.

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