Are you listening Columbus, Georgia?


Forgive the disjointed entries, but it is year end for my program and so budgeting figures and other issues take conscious priority. As for Charley and Valdosta, I am still here- working behind the scenes with one or two more pieces of information. As for the Columbus Strangler of Columbus, Georgia… I am sifting through my notes, working with the shorthand of the dead and sifting through clues from the interviews of the victims: the seven women strangled, the only survivor and the last victim whose throat was slashed and whose  torso was stabbed  repeatedly. Her name is Mary Sue and she came through immediately to R when her crime scene photos were made present.

Let us begin:

“…Mary Sue rises from the grave and steps forward, signaling to R that she will help us from the other side of the veil. She begins by giving a description of the perp…

There is an association to the letter “T” with either the first, last or middle name  of the killer. He has thick hair, brunette- possibly a toupee it is so thick…dark thick hair at the time of the killing, it is combed over to the side- a sweep over to the side.

There is a toothpick in his mouth- this is a habit- a fixation with teeth- cleaning teeth all the time- obsessive compulsive…always a toothpick.

7166…this could be part of a victim or the perp’s address

Interesting…he always wore gloves…a  germ-a-phobe… he is very cautious about touching things- germs- leaving evidence behind

There is the mention of a name- Josephina…who is this?

Killer- he is very charming…woman are attracted to him…he draws you in…seems harmless…gets up close to you-his eyes…his eyes pull you in…very engaging.

 There is a tie to the nylons- fixated on the nylons- this is his calling card…he is a perfectionist… a public figure…very well known…this is his cover-

There is a two story home…there is a greenhouse there at the killer’s home…

He is well protected- they will ncall him out- hot e has something on them- they will not betray him-everyone will cover for him- they have to.

There is another name- a new name- Jessica-not Charley’s Jessica, but somebody else- a work association to the killer.

Focus on his hands- brown spots on his hands…the pinky nail on his left hand- there is something missing- something not quite right with it- the nail- perhaps it is missing or not reformed correctly…look to the left hand.

There is a schedule to the dates of the murders…astrological alignments- dates are significant…look to the stars…association with the occult.

 The pattern was broken…days, weeks …even months between killing- he was ill…didn’t feel well for several months…upper respiratory problems– he is coughing…too sick to kill.

There is something else…did any of the victims get tested for venereal disease? He is carrier…

He has a wife…he is married.

(Sent another photo of person of interest for R to review.)

She is drawn to his eyes-engaging…there is a lawyer association…an attorney reference…2 daughters.

Killings of older women are justified…they are closer to death…the occult…following the occult…the victims would not have lived a lot longer…they can be sacrificed.

There is damage to an eye of one of the victims…

To Mary Sue- there is a work association there…he is angry over a business issue…she is chosen…

The date October 11…

The word and/or name Jackson is mentioned.

Again, Mary Sue is brought out of her grave…she will continue to help…”


I tell R to tell Mary Sue I am grateful and we will call on her again. There is so much more…each day we will go through the victims accounts as related to R, one by one.

Are you listening Columbus? You have two people on DEATH ROW for these crimes. Spirit is very clear…the killer was NOT a black man.

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