Let’s go on a little scavenger hunt for justice!


The other night I decided to try and catch up with some of the shows I missed during my production cycle and one of them of course, is the show Castle. I know- so apropos, isn’t it? That being said, I watched the series of those episodes missed until I was current and was struck at the ending of one particular episode and wondered if indeed spirit wasn’t trying to send me a message.

Why would I suspect such? Well, the whole thing kinda reminded me of  Charley. In fact that whole day things kept reminding me of Charley, but  I digress.

For one thing, the episode revolved around solving an old cold case murder; to be specific, Beckett’s mother’s murder… but that was just the tip of the iceberg. The cold case revolved around corrupt officials- dirty law enforcement and political figures. In solving this case, a tape of evidence had been made at the time of the murder; a tape that a woman was murdered for…a tape that was made by a man who “spilled the beans” about who killed who and why. A tape that as Grim would say, “would bust this county wide open!” This tape was placed inside  a family heirloom and it’s location documented in code in a family journal…a hidden place inside a family heirloom that remained undiscovered for several decades, until someone cracked the code in the journal of where it was hidden. The person who cracked the code was a crime writer. And just when everything was thought to be over and forever lost- and everyone, from family to writer had given up hope of a miracle- this code was cracked- the tape was rediscovered- listened to and then the  guilty parties who were still alive, were placed under arrest. It brought a tear to my eye.

To this date, according to psirirt there is a copy of such a tape in Charley’s case still out there.

A tape made by the MOT (Man On Tape)- R. W. C. who, being held inside the Daniel Ashley Hotel against his will, was beaten to death when he couldn’t tell the four in flannel how many other copies Charley had made or where Charley had hidden them. That’s why they stole Charley’s house keys and searched his office that night. That’s where the watery footprints came from- not from Charley, but from the agents who were sent to his office to find the incriminating tape. The same folks who ripped through his house when the funeral was taking place in Millen and the only other person who could ID them all was being beaten to death in a hotel in Valdosta. Don’t believe me about a dead man being hauled out of that hotel in October of 1966? Check the local funeral home records for October 15, 1966. A man in his sixties was pulled from the hotel there-DOA at Pineview Hospital. They tried to imply that he died of a heart attack, but they never discussed why he was black and blue all over. That you have to ask Einstein about. Einstein had a thing about beatings- ask Roxanne. Her body was covered from head to toe with bruises too. Einstein likes to kick…like a girl. He’s too old now to do it, but he wasn’t back then. The hotel was right across from the police station back then…kinda cozy huh? In one room at the hotel you could bed a broad, go one flight up of stairs after and beat the crap out of a witness. Sharp bunch of thugs these folks were. Ahhhh…. the good old days- eh, Einstein? Too bad I hear you have problems with your feet now, old boy? Yep- you know what they always say…live by the sword- die by the sword. Or in this case…feet! Doesn’t God have  wacky sense of humor?

But back to the tape…

This tape the MOT made was where he “spilled the beans” about the illegal gambling, the money and moonshine on the rails, the porn ring- the films and who was on them! It talked about who slept and then killed the pregnant Jessica and the lovely blonde bombshell, Roxanne- and then of course how they had to take out Charley and who would be implicated in the murders and beatings in the rape/porn ring that engulfed Valdosta, and several other towns that surrounded that fair little burg. Men who had higher ambitions that just the state capital that year. Yes, that’s right…a tape. The one Grim has spent the last 47 years believing he had destroyed, still exists. The one that he and Einstein, along with the Shooter were certain a woman who worked for the courts was hiding from them. A tape that they killed Charley for…a tape that still resides in a space-hidden  inside a Maxwell House coffee can that would bring those men and 1 woman to justice.

Want the address Grim? The address where that tape can still be found?

Call the Police.  Better yet…have them call me and together we can go on a little scavenger hunt for justice!


Gotta love shows like Castle.  Sometimes it just takes a silly little television show to  trigger something deep  inside a person.

For Delores, with love.

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