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Still reeling from the Columbus Strangler victim’s readings…

April 22, 2014


Yesterday I heard my angel song in full, which I have not heard in months and so was looking forward to a message. This morning I got a message that a group was asking for the Moores Ford bridge Massacre of 1946  be re-opened. My first book, The Danburg Diary was about this unsolved FBI murder from Monroe, Georgia. Was this the message– the good news? That this case may finally see the light? That’s what I pray for Charley’s case as well– that light be shown into the darkest corners of their vile souls and justice brought to those still living.

Still reeling from the Columbus Strangler victim’s readings, I continue to  go over the impressions presented. There were 7 women who the police declared official victims of the strangler,an 8th survived, but there was another woman who was killed– violated and stabbed to death in her own home– a woman who has stepped from her grave to help solve this case. This woman too was a victim of the same killer- different MO, but tortured by the same killer…this is her Karma…to speak from the grave for herself and the others.

Shall I share with you Columbus some of the things these women whispered from the other side of the veil? Shall I tell you what and who you should still be looking for that was overlooked the first time? Some people perhaps still alive? Forget the crap about the man on DEATH ROW as your killer- he is not. The victim’s very clearly reveal that their killer was a white male and if the court officials handling this case would allow the DNA testing of semen found at the crime scene(s) to be tested against him- the public would know there is no match. No match to the dental mold created from bite marks on the breasts of one of the elderly victims. There it is again… the mention of teeth…dental molds… dentists.

So let’s focus on why those involved in the prosecution would not want such to happen? Why is there a protracted stall against this? Forget the legal hoops being swung about- ask the real question of why? Who is being protected or who profits most by this silence and public denial? Look at the history of the people involved in this case…go back, way back in this case. Who was there from the start? Who are their relatives… friends…colleagues? Who rose through the ranks suddenly after? Who became judges and lawyers? Who suddenly fell into other high profile positions in the rush of silence about the facts that followed the conviction of Carlton Gary?

Justice is blind, but the victims of this/these serial killer(s) are not.

What did the victims’ see?

From the reading:

“…A young male (not black) with dark brown hair, very thick hair combed over to the side…pleasant looking, charming personality…first, middle or last name beigns with the letter ___. (I will not share this just yet, but know the letter.) …there is an association with a tennis racket- very significant…he is obsessed with teeth…always with a toothpick in his mouth after eating…the toothpick was a habit…cleaning his teeth… afraid of leaving food in between them…a germ-a-phobe- always wore gloves at the crime scenes…very cautious about leaving anything behind- no prints…no prints…”

So who are we looking for?

“…Predominantly the young male, but on more  than one occasion another male assisted him, there were two males there– 2 times…they would meet at the end of a dirt road- no lights- no people there- they would murder and then go back to the house- sit on the brown couch of the two story house with a greenhouse in the back and smoke pot and relive the acts…”

Ask any forensic psychologist on this case and they will tell you the suspect would fit…a young white male–a sexual deviate with emotional issues involving women and/or sadistic tendencies towards women. Potentially sexually abused as a child. So where does the second person come into play? Another male, sexually inadequate perhaps who got off on watching… or got off on the act of violation–could not do it for himself, but wanted to watch…the strangulation.

What else did the women have to say?

“…The nylons were a fixation- a calling card, if you will…he was well protected– knew things about the others in the community–nobody would call him out- nobody could afford to call him out, lest he call them out…nobody could afford the public to know about what he knew about them…”

What did the women hear as their last breath escaped their crushed windpipes?

“…Always the same 3 words…each victim stepped forward…the same 3 words whispered as the male sat atop their sternum, breaking the brittle bones under his weight…the words he whispers…the words they whisper…it is of occult…sounds Latin or Egyptian in nature… they are meant as sacrifices… the older ones who are closer to death…their guilt is less for taking them out…”

Chew on this for a while Columbus, I will be back.

The killer(s) knew things about…

April 19, 2014


Ten days ago I asked the female victims of the Columbus Strangler to step forward and find a way to communicate.

Yesterday was Good Friday and yes…it was a good Friday because these women finally found their voice. Their collective voice was channeled through my dear friend and colleague R, and oh– the pain of what these women experienced at the hands of this man/these men is heartbreaking. Did I say men? Yes… why? Because even though several of the murders were committed by one man- another man accompanied on several occasions.

Now listen up, Columbus.

Were any of these men black, as the Columbus Police department charged?

No. Neither of these men were black.

Not one of these women expressed such, though they had much to say about them.

So where did the fingerprints come from that connected the black man now on DEATH ROW with this case? Not from the killer(s)…they wore gloves. Yes, gloves…he/they were very meticulous about leaving evidence behind: the main killer was a germ-a-phobe- obsessive compulsive- a perfectionist.

So again, I ask–where did the fingerprints from this black man come from?

I suggest you ask the Columbus Police from that era- they can tell you.

And why so many years later are we no closer to the truth?

Same as in Charley’s case…FRATERNAL PROTECTION.

The killer knew things about a great many powerful folk back then- saw things they participated in- knew of their particular sexual habits, perversions  and persuasions. Remember, 1977 was a very tough time for homosexuals to be open about their sexual bent. It was no different in Columbus- in fact, it may have been even worse for those who were tortured within their own skin. Most were married, while lusting after something or someone else.

So where did they go to scratch such itches…to hide such carnal desires…to dip into and explore their own debauchery?

Want the address?

Stay tuned…this is about to start heating up.

One of the killers is dead, so that leaves one still alive, Columbus!

He who is left likes riddles and ciphers…enjoys the occult…hides in plain sight and walks among you. Nay- glorifies himself among you and you celebrate his notoriety out of ignorance.

If you are reading this…what were the three words spoken as the victims were strangled and slipping into death?

That’s right- three words- every time. As you sat upon their chests, crushing the life out of them you whispered these words to each and each victim whispered them back to R.


Who could know such other than the dead and they that committed the murders?


Think the incantations and impressions and expressions of the ancient occult are only bantered about on the Discovery Channel?

Guess again, Columbus.

Here’s a clue for those truly in the know…

Who collected the porcupines?

The answer?

That’s for only a chosen few to know for right now…but in time, Columbus…as I build this case…all shall know.

What does all this have to do with solving a case?

April 9, 2014


The universe works in strange and mysterious ways and I am always amazed at the synchronicity in my life. Yesterday I felt the shift begin from inaction to action and when I made that internal decision to move forward and took a definite action- the universe responded. Last night I happily heard from R- without personal prompt. Just before I went to bed- I heard the very end of my angel song and knew the wheels had been finally released to move ahead. I have not heard my angel song in many months and my joy at hearing it was amplified by the hollow void left behind in its lengthy absence. Not that the universe has not been communicating its intentions to me all along, it’s just that maybe I was not listening as clearly as needed or that there were things necessary to revisit and clear before a new path could be carved into my mental landscape.

So here we are folks, at the top of the hill, looking out over the rail to the other side f the valley…many of you will begin to see 555, if indeed you have not been seeing it all along these past few weeks. Take note- it is the universe sending you a message-hinting and alerting you of the great impending change upon us, both within the world, as well as within your personal domain. Are you thinking of really doing something wonderful with your life? Are you more restless this Spring than other seasons before? Thinking of moving…changing jobs…changing your path, your partner…changing yourself? Look within for the next few weeks- discern what it is you truly want. Recognize the difference between what you desire and what you only tolerate. Be honest about what is no longer acceptable in your life and what it is that you wish. Go big or go home! You cannot complain about the lack of change or opportunities  in your life, if indeed you do not create the opportunities you seek and are not the agent of that desired change. Own what it is you what- your talents and your gifts- then share them with the world. Not every writer will achieve the fame of John Grisham or Stephen King of lore- but you have a story to tell and a truth to be heard, and you need to recognize that you were not sent to be a replacement for either of them- you were meant to usher in your own fame. Each of us has a mission. Though I had an inkling as a child, it took me half a century more to recognize mine. Now it is here and at 55, you could say that it may not be worth the effort- but I assure you it is because it is that very half a century more that brought me the experience and depth of character to be able to accomplish it. Be a late bloomer if you will- but bloom nonetheless!

Now-make the decision to go after your dreams and move forward and do not look back! Another series of numbers to look for is 999- this means the ending of one chapter of your life and the start of another! Embrace this new chance to bring yourself closer to who you really are and what it is that the universe has asked you to contribute to the world. Be authentic-without hesitation and without compromise.

Letting go of the past allows other things, people and opportunities to enter your life. I will not lie to you- some of these changes will feel like death and you will look to the stars and wonder what it is yo have done to deserve such. Simply take a deep breath and remember- you are the agent of change-not the victim of change. The universe can bring your dream job, only if the other is no longer occupying that space. The perfect home can only become available to you when you decide to sell and leave your current one…love can only enter an open heart.

What does all this have to do with solving a case? Everything, my dear readers…because if my attentions and my energies are being spent all over the map, I cannot focus on what spirit needs me to see and that is why I often speak to myself through you and this blog… to remind myself that I need only place the intention, divine a plan and then trust that my efforts will be rewarded or redirected as needed to achieve the highest good for all involved. I cannot affect what I refuse to work for and so it is important to clear the fog of daily living from my eyes, my heart and my head so that I can be of one mind with spirit. It takes everything to do what we do and to enter the ring unprepared, it to accept failure before the fight begins. Life is not for the meek…existence is! There is a process to everything…and I must trust in the process, trust in information I cannot readily see and defend what it is I wish to be eventually seen…justice! Soon the victim’s will have their collective say and can help direct to the true killer(s).

The game is now afoot Columbus and the men who sit in cells in Jackson, may now have a chance to have their truths known. Again, it is not my place to assign their guilt or innocence- but to tell you of what I have learned- what I can verify and perhaps even what can be proven in a court of law.

The dead have a right to their story and those seven women have a lot to say.

To them I say…

I am listening- you know how this works. Step forward and tell me what you know, what you saw, what it is you need the world to know.


How did the Columbus Strangler disappear through the streets of…

April 8, 2014


Today I struggle…in fact, I have been struggling for weeks now trying to find proper footing in this (1977 Columbus Strangler) case. I have scheduled interviews and picked up additional research this past weekend, but feel there is a block before me that keeps me from moving forward. Astrologically it makes sense, as this month is full of planetary pressures, detours and odd alignments amongst the heavenly bodies, but there is something more that keeps me feeling I am being held back.

This is a matter of timing- something is not ready to be known or to be discovered. Very often the universe places me in a holding pattern just before  a stream of information begins. Stuck in the 12th house, there are secrets that wait to be revealed or a sudden epiphany of sorts. I continue to do the metaphysical work required to keep up with it all and try to remain open, but there is something almost palpable that prevents information from flowing right now. Best guess is that I stand at the precipice of something lager than I may be able to take in all at once. I need to find the right door to walk through- the right key that unlocks the mysteries of the dead- the victims. They ask me not to over think things and if you know me- you know that that is not a possibility. This is my construction- my process…thus my eternal frustration! lol

I feel the need to reach out to R and see what’s happening in the cosmos. Dreams of late have been odd and revealing; parents and people from the past coming forward to revisit issues or dramas, or send messages.

Charley has been active lately as well, with numerous visitations and signs of his presence and it is comforting as I have missed his gentle  guidance. In fact, frustrated by recent delays, I had asked for him to make his presence known. Charley as always, answers my requests in the most unique and playful kind of ways.  Remember the  previously mentioned meeting to garner research? Well, there is someone who has done a great deal of research on this case and since we live in different cities, I suggested a more central location to exchange materials. So yesterday we drove to a large shopping  mall well over an hour away from my home. As I waited outside the specific restaurant, I realized we were 30 minutes early. Tired of standing in the wind and rain, I noticed a shop behind me which had a great sale going on. Since I had hinted about wanting a new purse for my impending birthday- I took great delight in searching  the window display and pointing out options to my husband. Being the consummate sweetie he is, my husband took note, noted  the sale sign and told me to choose which one I wanted for an early birthday gift. Somewhat soggy, I happily skipped through the door and since my contact was still 20 minutes away, I leisurely searched rack upon rack for just the right bag. Women understand this meticulous and ridiculous method of  scrutiny, as a purse is a very personal possession.

A purse, like a book cover says a great deal about what you do and who you are. You’ve seen my book covers- I am neither predictable nor canned. I’m also not the kitschy, flamboyant color or trendy kind of gal who changes bags each holiday or season…nor the teacher with the cutesy little flowery fabric bags or utilitarian satchel…I’m also not the woman who carries the bare essentials of her life in a wallet sized clutch. I live large and so need the larger, saddle bag carry it all with me kind of purse and just as designed-found the perfect bag to do so. Beautifully colored saddle leather, large and classic design with toggles- it fit the bill to perfection. Joyously I took my prize to the counter. Dutifully my husband puled out his wallet and paid, as I salivated over the new currier for my life went into a  large multicolored plastic bag.

Enter Charley…

It wasn’t until I got outside the store that I realized the name of the shop plastered across the bag and the top of the receipt: Charming Charlie!

How cute and wonderful at the same time that Charley was part of an early Birthday gift! Tickled that he had again found a playful way to remain constant- I smiled to myself and said a small thank you to him under my breath.

Grateful for the universal nod of eternal connections, my husband and I made our way back to the designated meeting spot and went from there. My contact arrived and over dinner delivered a plethora of information about this case and the research she has done thus far. It was an impressive docket and we discussed it over and over until I was satisfied I had it down. Back at home, I took the foundation of information needed to move forward and brought it into my office for further digestion.

I have done this enough to know that when the universe holds an unseen bar across my chest to delay…and/or a veil across my eyes to disguise or hide something, it is because there is something yet to come and I am being asked to wait and stay still till it arrives or makes itself known. Things in the cosmos are happening behind the scenes and actions now may only frustrate others or frustrate myself in the process. Everything in the tarot and astrology this month is about moving forward…that the worse is now behind us. It is a 6 month, so the universe begs us to move forward with confidence and speed after the 15th of the month. I do not know about you, but I am weary of petty drama and negative energies that swirled about and darn near swallowed folks in March. I am eager and fearful of the changes coming- but know that they are necessary to fulfill my dreams. I must listen to my intuition…

This second half of the year is meant for discovery, choosing between your ego and your higher self, standing in your truth and sticking with a decision or guided pathway. Once you have made a choice about the direction of your life- your path- once that decision is made- stand firm and do not look back. Stay true to your higher self and do not waste your energies on worries and other people’s drama, as they are ego’s umbilical cords to negativity and fear. Archangel Michael can help you cut the ties to ego and not to fear that  decisions made are wrong. The universe is bringing you something unexpected- a gift- something that you could not have anticipated or recognized from the point of ego.

This is why I feel I must wait until I have a more clear directive on this case…What is divine guidance and what is clouded ego or fear? I need to ruminate about what I have learned thus far about this case, track further what I need to discern and be at peace with the pace of this process. Experience has taught I  know what it is I need to do to get to where I need to be and how best for me to get there, but ambivalence blocks the way. Charley held my hand and was my guide the first time round- now he encourages that I stand on my own two feet and own the  process in this case.

While I have much-I patiently wait on a particular piece of information that takes this case from the histrionic narrative of the tome, The Big Eddy Club, to the darker shadows and mysteries of Jack the Ripper…what say you Columbus? How could the two possibly be related? Hmmm…that is what the book is for. So how many tunnels are burrowed and remain hidden beneath the dirt of your streets, Columbus?

Here is a riddle…

How did Jack the Ripper move so swiftly without being seen from crime scene to crime scene throughout London’s White Chapel Station? Who owned lamps from the same? How did the Columbus Strangler disappear through the streets of Wynnton without detection, Columbus?

Oh and here’s another hint… Anybody up for the opera?

I will explain all in the days to come, but something  tells me- I just found my path!

Thank you Charley.


Five years ago…

April 3, 2014

4/3 /2014

Five years ago today I lost my father.

Last night a black feather fell before my feet.

This morning I had a conversation with God…I thought it went well.

Like Alice, I have been down the rabbit hole…

April 2, 2014


With the full moon on the wane, intentions offered and voiced, life seems to be picking up and manifestations ignited. I cannot tell you the number of nostalgic moments that have abounded my daily travels, triggered by certain scents which initiate muscle memory responses from childhood; the calming effect of freshly mowed grass, hints of baseball games and the first sighting of fireflies… shallow waves gently kissing the shoreline in rhythm with the dancing flames  of lakeside bonfires meant to reduce the drudgery of winter’s deposits and my personal favorite…the first hint of wisteria tubers, clinging to anemic vines just waking from their slumber. This year I am ready-nay eager for change. Not always a warm weather aficionado, I am caught at how I am  impatient for the gift of Spring this year.It must be a pinnacle year…no longer blushing at 50, but owning where I am in the world and in my life, I no longer wish to wait to check the temperature of my feelings so that I can manage and/or compare them to others.

This year, 2014, is the year of the Green Wood Horse and many mental landscapes will be covered at a great clip now that April has been breached. Uncharacteristically, I remain an appreciative slave to the erratic joy celebrated in  its convulsive sunshine, where the Bronte in me would normally gravitate towards the broodier and darker bucolic moments to pull from deeper within. Perhaps it is the exhaustion of lengthy contrails of exasperation at the heady achievements of the last five years being left behind that inspires and has me anxious in search of the lighter side of life. I have toiled long and hard for Charley’s case, bared my soul in the process and no longer fear the reflection of that which brought me to such thresholds.

This new case promises to bring me back through such horrific mazes, but this time I am prepared. Like Alice, I have been down the rabbit hole and found my way back, older and wiser for the detour. Keep your eyes peeled, for the scenery is about to change- dramatically and so too my approach to this new case: the Columbus Strangler!

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