Like Alice, I have been down the rabbit hole…


With the full moon on the wane, intentions offered and voiced, life seems to be picking up and manifestations ignited. I cannot tell you the number of nostalgic moments that have abounded my daily travels, triggered by certain scents which initiate muscle memory responses from childhood; the calming effect of freshly mowed grass, hints of baseball games and the first sighting of fireflies… shallow waves gently kissing the shoreline in rhythm with the dancing flames  of lakeside bonfires meant to reduce the drudgery of winter’s deposits and my personal favorite…the first hint of wisteria tubers, clinging to anemic vines just waking from their slumber. This year I am ready-nay eager for change. Not always a warm weather aficionado, I am caught at how I am  impatient for the gift of Spring this year.It must be a pinnacle year…no longer blushing at 50, but owning where I am in the world and in my life, I no longer wish to wait to check the temperature of my feelings so that I can manage and/or compare them to others.

This year, 2014, is the year of the Green Wood Horse and many mental landscapes will be covered at a great clip now that April has been breached. Uncharacteristically, I remain an appreciative slave to the erratic joy celebrated in  its convulsive sunshine, where the Bronte in me would normally gravitate towards the broodier and darker bucolic moments to pull from deeper within. Perhaps it is the exhaustion of lengthy contrails of exasperation at the heady achievements of the last five years being left behind that inspires and has me anxious in search of the lighter side of life. I have toiled long and hard for Charley’s case, bared my soul in the process and no longer fear the reflection of that which brought me to such thresholds.

This new case promises to bring me back through such horrific mazes, but this time I am prepared. Like Alice, I have been down the rabbit hole and found my way back, older and wiser for the detour. Keep your eyes peeled, for the scenery is about to change- dramatically and so too my approach to this new case: the Columbus Strangler!

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