If you have done your homework…


So much information to assimilate and bring into focus…this Columbus case is almost as disconcerting as Charley’s, in that so many people were protected on this case as those poor elderly women lay tortured in their beds. What I find ironic is that both cases seemed to have used the safety  scapegoats of the time. In Charley’s case, they used the “suicide” over a love affair and the Columbus case- they claimed it was a black man after rich old white women.

Now, if you have done your homework, you will have looked up the columbus killings of ’77 and you will have read a bit about what has transpired. Then, you will say, ” Well… they convicted someone of the crime; what more do you want?” How about a little justice?  Yes, they did. They did try and convict a man. Too bad the evidence doesn’t quite match! But you know me- I’m so picky about those things. Things like DNA matching DNA and other silly pieces of trace evidence that maybe should match- but what the heck! This is Georgia and they wrote laws back then as they needed them!

I have many more papers and articles to get through, but we will begin to talk about this case and see what can be done. And once R has had a chance to review some things as well…we will hopefully hear from the victim’s themselves.

On a lighter note, my parents dropped by for a visit last night…it was good to hear from them.

Tomorrow I will have more for you- tonight I need to rest.

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