Are you willing to walk this road with me?


Ok… time to jump back into the fray.

The Dixie Mafia book is under outline and I will do my best to begin to piece it all together, but as stated before- we have a new and more immediate case that must be dealt with: The case of the Columbus Strangler. I have already created the cover art and the title for this book will be, “THE HARVEST: A True Crime Investigative Memoir of the Columbus Strangler” by T.A. Powell. This case is frightening by many standards as there is one man on death row and another serving life for these crimes- but they may be the wrong men. How so you ask?

Let’s begin at the beginning…

In 1977, a series of murders began in Columbus, Georgia began that would leave this Southern jewel traumatized for decades; the case of the Columbus Strangler. Along with strangulation by nylon stockings, some of these victims suffered other tortures, including brutal rapes and maiming—horrors which eclipsed the lives of seven elderly white women who had held court as the upper echelon of Columbus in its more innocent years. An eighth woman was able to survive and lived to share information, did—but it was ignored.  Information that was either ignored or conveniently perverted to fit whatever local officials needed to find the right scapegoat to calm the nerves of the Southern gentry and preserve the identities of those involved in the underbelly of Columbus’s hedonistic societies.

Sound familiar? Think Valdosta stood alone?

There was sex, booze, money, porn…only this time there was another twist! Secret Societies…and their secret practices. Personal secrets some local officials could not afford to have made public. Secrets about their peculiar habits…secret obsessions…sexual persuasions and sexual perversions. Ahhhh, the 70’s were a bitter time for those who felt they were too enlightened to be caged and ruled by mere local law or societal morality.

So lets look at some of the physical evidence known and documented in this case: DNA (semen) evidence, shoe imprints and bite mark evidence.

Let’s start with the DNA evidence left behind by the rapist and murderer on the nightgown of one of the victim’s. One would assume that they were able to garner a positive match from the DNA on this gown to the DNA of the man on Death Row, right? After all, a man’s life hangs in the balance…but what if I told you it was not a match? Now, let’s look at another piece of hard evidence. What if there was the imprint of a shoe left behind at one of the crime scenes- a size 9-1/2 to be exact? One would assume that this print size would match the foot of the convicted felon, right? But what if I told you he wears a size 13-1/2?

So what if I tell you the courts had the DNA, the shoe print, plus bite mark evidence left on the breast of one of these women to help convict the right felon- wouldn’t they use it? One would assume that the dental imprints of the felon and the details of the bite mark evidence surrounding the missing nipple of this victim would be a perfect match-if they have the right man. One would even be brave enough to assume that law officials and the District Attorney would allow nothing less than absolute compliance and documented verifications of all evidence testing and results be in tact before condemning a man to death and yet- they have not.

So what’s their game- what’s their agenda in this case? Who are pulling their strings?

One would assume that all the rigors of juris prudence are being met in this case, but we all know what happens when we assume things, don’t we?

Charley taught us about that! When we assume- people get away with MURDER.

This case is current…so current and on-going that its updates share the same name of this month, so one cannot truly call this a cold case- but in truth it is. Why? Because the women who suffered these atrocious endings are dead and can no longer speak for themselves. But is the man who committed them? Not according to the DA handling this case- she’s convinced she has the right men in prison- even though the evidence tells us otherwise-why? Folks, they even say they lost the original DNA evidence samples, but that cannot be used as viable defense, since we have mitochondrial DNA available through a female relative of our person of interest that will suffice, if need be… but has any been taken?

Does the DA even know where else she should be looking for the true murderer?

If not… then we shall begin to remind her. So let’s start!

Who is our person of interest? I will begin that tale next time.

Has the DA even looked at this person? Not as far as I know.

Who else is he connected to? Oh, you will not believe everyone in on this thing!

How do the Boston Strangler and the Atlanta child killings tie into this case? Hold onto your hats kiddos!

What does the evidence tell you? The men in prison are not guilty.

Who is being protected? Good question.

Is potential evidence being suppressed? We will show you…

What do have the victim’s have to say about how they died- what they saw as they lay crushed beneath this man’s weight- what other cues can they lead us to? Now, that should prove to be rather interesting.

Time to bring R out of retirement…time to walk and talk with the dead. Hopefully Charley will be there to help guide the way.

So, are you willing to walk down this road with me again? Are you willing to dig in the dirt and filth of another small Georgia town in order to set free  souls that have been condemned to a salacious limbo of injustice by the sovereignty of a bunch of backwoods miscreants and town officials who twisted the rules of  law to erase newspaper headlines?

Polish up on ancient history my dear readers, because this case goes places even the History Channel dares not to go.

Be open to discovery-embrace the bizarre as this epic journey begins!



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