The killer(s) knew things about…


Ten days ago I asked the female victims of the Columbus Strangler to step forward and find a way to communicate.

Yesterday was Good Friday and yes…it was a good Friday because these women finally found their voice. Their collective voice was channeled through my dear friend and colleague R, and oh– the pain of what these women experienced at the hands of this man/these men is heartbreaking. Did I say men? Yes… why? Because even though several of the murders were committed by one man- another man accompanied on several occasions.

Now listen up, Columbus.

Were any of these men black, as the Columbus Police department charged?

No. Neither of these men were black.

Not one of these women expressed such, though they had much to say about them.

So where did the fingerprints come from that connected the black man now on DEATH ROW with this case? Not from the killer(s)…they wore gloves. Yes, gloves…he/they were very meticulous about leaving evidence behind: the main killer was a germ-a-phobe- obsessive compulsive- a perfectionist.

So again, I ask–where did the fingerprints from this black man come from?

I suggest you ask the Columbus Police from that era- they can tell you.

And why so many years later are we no closer to the truth?

Same as in Charley’s case…FRATERNAL PROTECTION.

The killer knew things about a great many powerful folk back then- saw things they participated in- knew of their particular sexual habits, perversionsĀ  and persuasions. Remember, 1977 was a very tough time for homosexuals to be open about their sexual bent. It was no different in Columbus- in fact, it may have been even worse for those who were tortured within their own skin. Most were married, while lusting after something or someone else.

So where did they go to scratch such itches…to hide such carnal desires…to dip into and explore their own debauchery?

Want the address?

Stay tuned…this is about to start heating up.

One of the killers is dead, so that leaves one still alive, Columbus!

He who is left likes riddles and ciphers…enjoys the occult…hides in plain sight and walks among you. Nay- glorifies himself among you and you celebrate his notoriety out of ignorance.

If you are reading this…what were the three words spoken as the victims were strangled and slipping into death?

That’s right- three words- every time. As you sat upon their chests, crushing the life out of them you whispered these words to each and each victim whispered them back to R.


Who could know such other than the dead and they that committed the murders?


Think the incantations and impressions and expressions of the ancient occult are only bantered about on the Discovery Channel?

Guess again, Columbus.

Here’s a clue for those truly in the know…

Who collected the porcupines?

The answer?

That’s for only a chosen few to know for right now…but in time, Columbus…as I build this case…all shall know.

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