Still reeling from the Columbus Strangler victim’s readings…


Yesterday I heard my angel song in full, which I have not heard in months and so was looking forward to a message. This morning I got a message that a group was asking for the Moores Ford bridge Massacre of 1946  be re-opened. My first book, The Danburg Diary was about this unsolved FBI murder from Monroe, Georgia. Was this the message– the good news? That this case may finally see the light? That’s what I pray for Charley’s case as well– that light be shown into the darkest corners of their vile souls and justice brought to those still living.

Still reeling from the Columbus Strangler victim’s readings, I continue to  go over the impressions presented. There were 7 women who the police declared official victims of the strangler,an 8th survived, but there was another woman who was killed– violated and stabbed to death in her own home– a woman who has stepped from her grave to help solve this case. This woman too was a victim of the same killer- different MO, but tortured by the same killer…this is her Karma…to speak from the grave for herself and the others.

Shall I share with you Columbus some of the things these women whispered from the other side of the veil? Shall I tell you what and who you should still be looking for that was overlooked the first time? Some people perhaps still alive? Forget the crap about the man on DEATH ROW as your killer- he is not. The victim’s very clearly reveal that their killer was a white male and if the court officials handling this case would allow the DNA testing of semen found at the crime scene(s) to be tested against him- the public would know there is no match. No match to the dental mold created from bite marks on the breasts of one of the elderly victims. There it is again… the mention of teeth…dental molds… dentists.

So let’s focus on why those involved in the prosecution would not want such to happen? Why is there a protracted stall against this? Forget the legal hoops being swung about- ask the real question of why? Who is being protected or who profits most by this silence and public denial? Look at the history of the people involved in this case…go back, way back in this case. Who was there from the start? Who are their relatives… friends…colleagues? Who rose through the ranks suddenly after? Who became judges and lawyers? Who suddenly fell into other high profile positions in the rush of silence about the facts that followed the conviction of Carlton Gary?

Justice is blind, but the victims of this/these serial killer(s) are not.

What did the victims’ see?

From the reading:

“…A young male (not black) with dark brown hair, very thick hair combed over to the side…pleasant looking, charming personality…first, middle or last name beigns with the letter ___. (I will not share this just yet, but know the letter.) …there is an association with a tennis racket- very significant…he is obsessed with teeth…always with a toothpick in his mouth after eating…the toothpick was a habit…cleaning his teeth… afraid of leaving food in between them…a germ-a-phobe- always wore gloves at the crime scenes…very cautious about leaving anything behind- no prints…no prints…”

So who are we looking for?

“…Predominantly the young male, but on more  than one occasion another male assisted him, there were two males there– 2 times…they would meet at the end of a dirt road- no lights- no people there- they would murder and then go back to the house- sit on the brown couch of the two story house with a greenhouse in the back and smoke pot and relive the acts…”

Ask any forensic psychologist on this case and they will tell you the suspect would fit…a young white male–a sexual deviate with emotional issues involving women and/or sadistic tendencies towards women. Potentially sexually abused as a child. So where does the second person come into play? Another male, sexually inadequate perhaps who got off on watching… or got off on the act of violation–could not do it for himself, but wanted to watch…the strangulation.

What else did the women have to say?

“…The nylons were a fixation- a calling card, if you will…he was well protected– knew things about the others in the community–nobody would call him out- nobody could afford to call him out, lest he call them out…nobody could afford the public to know about what he knew about them…”

What did the women hear as their last breath escaped their crushed windpipes?

“…Always the same 3 words…each victim stepped forward…the same 3 words whispered as the male sat atop their sternum, breaking the brittle bones under his weight…the words he whispers…the words they whisper…it is of occult…sounds Latin or Egyptian in nature… they are meant as sacrifices… the older ones who are closer to death…their guilt is less for taking them out…”

Chew on this for a while Columbus, I will be back.

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