What does all this have to do with solving a case?


The universe works in strange and mysterious ways and I am always amazed at the synchronicity in my life. Yesterday I felt the shift begin from inaction to action and when I made that internal decision to move forward and took a definite action- the universe responded. Last night I happily heard from R- without personal prompt. Just before I went to bed- I heard the very end of my angel song and knew the wheels had been finally released to move ahead. I have not heard my angel song in many months and my joy at hearing it was amplified by the hollow void left behind in its lengthy absence. Not that the universe has not been communicating its intentions to me all along, it’s just that maybe I was not listening as clearly as needed or that there were things necessary to revisit and clear before a new path could be carved into my mental landscape.

So here we are folks, at the top of the hill, looking out over the rail to the other side f the valley…many of you will begin to see 555, if indeed you have not been seeing it all along these past few weeks. Take note- it is the universe sending you a message-hinting and alerting you of the great impending change upon us, both within the world, as well as within your personal domain. Are you thinking of really doing something wonderful with your life? Are you more restless this Spring than other seasons before? Thinking of moving…changing jobs…changing your path, your partner…changing yourself? Look within for the next few weeks- discern what it is you truly want. Recognize the difference between what you desire and what you only tolerate. Be honest about what is no longer acceptable in your life and what it is that you wish. Go big or go home! You cannot complain about the lack of change or opportunitiesĀ  in your life, if indeed you do not create the opportunities you seek and are not the agent of that desired change. Own what it is you what- your talents and your gifts- then share them with the world. Not every writer will achieve the fame of John Grisham or Stephen King of lore- but you have a story to tell and a truth to be heard, and you need to recognize that you were not sent to be a replacement for either of them- you were meant to usher in your own fame. Each of us has a mission. Though I had an inkling as a child, it took me half a century more to recognize mine. Now it is here and at 55, you could say that it may not be worth the effort- but I assure you it is because it is that very half a century more that brought me the experience and depth of character to be able to accomplish it. Be a late bloomer if you will- but bloom nonetheless!

Now-make the decision to go after your dreams and move forward and do not look back! Another series of numbers to look for is 999- this means the ending of one chapter of your life and the start of another! Embrace this new chance to bring yourself closer to who you really are and what it is that the universe has asked you to contribute to the world. Be authentic-without hesitation and without compromise.

Letting go of the past allows other things, people and opportunities to enter your life. I will not lie to you- some of these changes will feel like death and you will look to the stars and wonder what it is yo have done to deserve such. Simply take a deep breath and remember- you are the agent of change-not the victim of change. The universe can bring your dream job, only if the other is no longer occupying that space. The perfect home can only become available to you when you decide to sell and leave your current one…love can only enter an open heart.

What does all this have to do with solving a case? Everything, my dear readers…because if my attentions and my energies are being spent all over the map, I cannot focus on what spirit needs me to see and that is why I often speak to myself through you and this blog… to remind myself that I need only place the intention, divine a plan and then trust that my efforts will be rewarded or redirected as needed to achieve the highest good for all involved. I cannot affect what I refuse to work for and so it is important to clear the fog of daily living from my eyes, my heart and my head so that I can be of one mind with spirit. It takes everything to do what we do and to enter the ring unprepared, it to accept failure before the fight begins. Life is not for the meek…existence is! There is a process to everything…and I must trust in the process, trust in information I cannot readily see and defend what it is I wish to be eventually seen…justice! Soon the victim’s will have their collective say and can help direct to the true killer(s).

The game is now afoot Columbus and the men who sit in cells in Jackson, may now have a chance to have their truths known. Again, it is not my place to assign their guilt or innocence- but to tell you of what I have learned- what I can verify and perhaps even what can be proven in a court of law.

The dead have a right to their story and those seven women have a lot to say.

To them I say…

I am listening- you know how this works. Step forward and tell me what you know, what you saw, what it is you need the world to know.


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